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February 3, 2017

Nazi Killer Magic (AHC)

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I had a chance recently to watch a TV show on the American Heroes Channel, AHC, which was entitled “Nazi Killer Magic”.

Much of the show follows the typical AHC format.  It is made to look more “historical” by the flashing of a series of dates, which will be familuar to more sophisticated viewers. These dates are then followed by stock footage, which AHC seems to use again and again, in show after show.

I am particularly interested in Rudolf Hess and his relation to astrology and the occult.

Begin list of dates and players:

March 20th 1945 – Final assault on Berlin begins.  The show claims that Gobbles, the third Reich’s biggest skeptic turns to Astrology.

November 30th 1945 – Nuremberg trials, the show claims that any reference to the occult is forbidden from being admitted into evidence.

March 1917 – Story about how Hitler moved away from his fellow solders as if guided by divine providence, moments before a shell strikes.  (I have been trying to find the account of this incident in Mein Kampf but can’t seem to find it)

Erik Jan HanussenNamed as famous occultist in TV show.  Show claims that Hanussen was Hitler’s speaking coach. It is later reveled that he was a jew.

January 30th 1933 – Hitler comes to power.

Febuary 27th 1933 – Reichstag fire which the show claims Hanussen predicted.  He is killed soon after.

March 12th 1938 – Anschluss with Austria, first mention of the “spear of destiny“.

September 1st 1939 – given as the start of world war two, when England and France declare war on Germany.

November 1939 – Failed assassination attempt on Hitler.

Karl Ernst KraftAstrologer – the show mentions that Goebbels, with Kraft’s help, is using predictions of Nostradamus for propaganda purposes.

Alister Crowleymentioned as inventor of the V for victory sign used in England.

Minute 19 into the program

Here was one part of the show I actually found interesting.

The show claims that  British intelligence officers were targeting Hess, planting information that the stars were beckoning him to come to Germany.

Interestingly, the show claims that the name of the British “black ops” mission was “Operation Mistletoe.”

I had never heard these claims about British black ops astrologers targeting Hess before.  I am currently researching David Irving’s writing on the subject of Hess’s flight to Scotland.

Aktion Hess – The show talks about how after Hess flew to Scotland, all of the Astrologers in Germany were rounded up.  The show did have a good quip from Gobbles on the subject.  “Surprisingly not one of them predicted it.”

Hanns Hörbiger – World Ice Theory

June 22nd 1941 – Invasion of Russia, show claims timing of invasion based on Hanns Hörbiger .

December 1941 – Germans turned back at the gates of Moscow.  Lack of winter clothing recanted.

1943  World Ice Theory blamed, Hitler dreams that V2 rockets will hit Ice in space and supposedly cancels V2 program for a while.

Winter 1944 – Spring 1945 Werewolf program,  the show includes images of medieval Werewolves interspersed with actual Hitler Youth partisans.  It claims that the name of this program is rooted in the occult.

I think this part of the show might really appeal to Twitards.

March 23rd 1945, sound of wolf howling played on German radio.

Febuary 1945 -defeat inevitable, astrologers brought in.

Almost lastly, the show claims that Hitler’s death was a magical act, in view of the fact that he wanted his body to be burned.

April 25th 1945 – Show recounts Patton’s recapture of the spear of destiny in Nuremberg.  Claims that Patton believed in the spear of destiny.  Show recounts how the spear was placed six years earlier in a vault under the chapel in the castle in Nuremberg.

November 30th 1945. (again) Show recounts how Hess was not allowed to make a statement.  “Hess was silenced, and they Silenced forever” (at least they got that part right!)

That was the end of the show.

For those interested in further research it is interesting to note that Wikipedia currently takes a very skeptical view of Nazi occult theory.


  1. Alister Crowley. I’m surprised they didn’t mention more about him. He may be the one responsible for the “v” sign,but that’s not what he’s remembered for. “Thelema”. He was the founder of that belief. Has nothing to do with,satanism. It’s deals more with philosophy.

    I’m surprised the higher ups in the Nazi party,didn’t follow his teachings. There is no supreme being in his teachings. You’re the center of the universe.

    Then again who needs Crowley. All the Hebs think,they’re the center of the universe

    The werewolves were a nice touch. Did Vlad show up?

    Comment by Tim — February 3, 2017 @ 5:17 pm

  2. I know that watching these shows interest you…but personally I don’t watch any of them unless I’m looking for footage in my videos. Hard to waste hours of time on what I consider garbage. Having you watch then even saves me more time.
    Thanks for the update.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — February 3, 2017 @ 9:47 am

  3. And do the geniuses of AHC see no magic in Allied brutes setting foot on the beaches of Normandy at about 6 am (the amphibious invasions began at 6:30 am) on the 6th day of the 6th month in the year 1944 (1+9+4+4 = 18 = 6+6+6) ? What kind of Overlord needs to be worshipped with three “6” according to them ?

    Comment by hermie — February 3, 2017 @ 9:09 am

    • Food for thought there, Hermie. We’ve always been told that the invasion was planned for the 5th June, but was postponed due to stormy weather in the English Channel – after which the Overlord commander-in chief, Eisenhower, was “humming and ha-ing” whether to go-or-not the following day. The twaddle the public were fed with, was that if the weather hadn’t improved sufficiently by the 6th June then the operation would have to be put back for another month “until the new moon had made tidal conditions favourable again”. And thus Eisenhower made the agonising and reluctant decision to give the go ahead.

      Comment by Talbot — February 3, 2017 @ 9:53 am

      • Talbot wrote: “We’ve always been told that the invasion was planned for the 5th June, but was postponed due to stormy weather in the English Channel ”

        Yes, I know that. But is it true ? So many lies on WW2. Just a way to dramatize the invasion or to conceal a series of three “6” ? I don’t know.

        Talbot wrote: “So, the D-Day landings commenced during the 6th hour on June 6th. ”

        6:30 am is in the 7th hour, Tal. But it’s so easy to be delayed by half an hour. Especially in a rough sea. Doesn’t mean the invasion wasn’t originally planned at 6 am.

        Comment by hermie — February 3, 2017 @ 6:59 pm

    • So, the D-Day landings commenced during the 6th hour on June 6th. That is truly odd, because in the month of June, daylight occurs soon after 4 o’clock in the morning in northern France. And if the Allies were trying to invade a hostile beach, then wouldn’t the military planners ensure that the initial wave of battle-hardened spearhead troops would be disembarking from the landing craft at the very moment daylight broke in order to take the beaches and secure them before the enemy could re-act properly and launch ferocious counter-attacks.

      But it would appear that the Germans were allowed well over 2 hours of daylight to see what was happening and prepare accordingly. And it was on Omaha Beach where this period of grace proved deadly for US forces.

      For some unknown reason, one of the divisions that General Omar Bradley – who commanded American ground forces on D-Day – chose for leading the seaborne invasion was the US 29th Division ( 2+9 = 11 ) – a unit made up largely of untested National Guard soldiers who had never been in action before. In addition, Bradley had declined to use the modified armoured vehicles on Omaha Beach that the British and Canadians were deploying on their beaches to help clear the formidable German array of fixed defences.

      And whether or not the good General had anything to do with launching the “floating Sherman tanks” too early – well, that unfortunately is indeed what happened on Omaha, and consequently the men of the 29th had precious little armour in which to use against the Germans who were entrenched in blockhouses and pillboxes with artillery and machine-guns on the high bluffs that fronted the beach.

      And the Germans who manned these defences belonged to the 352nd Infantry Division, who were experienced combat troops, and were specially trained to fight off a seaborne invasion. This division had only been in Normandy a few weeks, and so Allied Intelligence and reconnaissance teams claimed they hadn’t had time to found out this vital information and pass it on to Bradley and his team ( In fact, Allied intelligence had already become aware of the location of the 352nd Division by June 4, according to Wikipedia ).

      Wikipedia goes on to say;- ” At 06:00 448 B-24 Liberators of the United States Army Air Forces, having already completed one bombing mission over Omaha late the previous day, returned. However, with the skies overcast and under orders to avoid bombing the troops which were by then approaching the beach, the bombers overshot their targets and only three bombs fell near the beach area. ” ( so, not much help from the air forces that morning! ). But what the about paratroop drops from the air – surely they were designed to help the men landing on Omaha Beach? But no – not at all, Eisenhower and Bradley had ensured that both the 101st, as well as the 82nd airborne divisions were allocated to Utah Beach ( thus duplicating each other’s efforts ), and leaving no paratroop forces whatsoever for Omaha.

      Now let’s see what Wikipedia says about the unsatisfactory assistance that the navy was able to offer Omaha Beach on D-Day;-

      ” Kenneth P. Lord, a U.S. Army planner for the D-Day invasion, says that, upon hearing the naval gunfire support plan for Omaha, which limited support to one battleship, two cruisers and six destroyers, he and other planners were very upset—especially in light of the tremendous naval gunfire support given to landings in the Pacific. ”

      ” Historian Adrian R. Lewis postulates that American casualties would have been greatly reduced if a longer barrage had been implemented”.

      ” Rear Admiral Hall strongly disapproved of what he considered to be the small amount of air and naval bombardment used, saying “It’s a crime to send me on the biggest amphibious attack in history with such inadequate naval gunfire support. ”

      After the war, Omar Bradley never publicly mentioned anything about Omaha Beach on D-Day. But it is a very strange set of coincidences that combined together to create such a disaster. Oh, by the way, Bradley was a lifelong Freemason, and belonged to “The Class The Stars Fell On”. This refers to the class of 164 military cadets from the US Military Academy at West Point who graduated in the year 1915. No less than 59 of them later went on to become full Generals in the US army ( including Eisenhower himself ). They were certainly a very fortunate class of young men – or were they helped up to their lofty positions by unseen, powerful forces acting behind the scenes ?

      Comment by Talbot — February 3, 2017 @ 5:44 pm

  4. Its no surprise that the despicable old charlatan – Aleister Crowley – should make an appearance in the above list. He certainly worked for Britsh Intelligence for much of his life, and they probably sponsored – or at least monitored – his occult activities. Mussolini did the world a favour by kicking him and his sick acolytes out of Italy for performing the most depraved and perverted rituals imaginable.

    It could well be that he was the originator of the “V – for Victory” sign. The following two websites give some interesting info. regarding Crowley’s activities on behalf of British Intelligence in two world wars;-

    ” … He continued with his various magical pursuits for the rest of his life, though it has been suggested that Crowley was a British spy as early as 1915, when he supposedly played a part in the sinking of the Lusitania. Richard B. Spence, author of “Agent 666″ came across files from a U.S. investigation into Crowley, which stated he was employed by the British government. He came to America during World War I and helped encourage Germans to sink the Lusitania, ultimately bring the U.S. into the war.

    ” … in World War II, Crowley claimed to have given Churchill the V symbol through his contacts in British Naval Intelligence and MI5 in order to create a magical ‘foil’ to the Nazi’s use of the Swastika. He also apparently passed the symbol to friends at the BBC, and, according to Churchill, the use of the symbol was approved for a psychological warfare campaign in occupied Europe.

    ” … Aleister Crowley worked to create propaganda for the Allies in other ways. For example, in 1942 he wrote a poem entitled La Gauloise (Song of the Free French), which he subsequently sent to the Free French headquarters in London. The reply he received was very complimentary:

    “Sir, I am instructed by General de Gaulle to thank you for your letter of May 12th. It is with a keen interest that we receive your song. We are touched by the fine sentiments, which you express in so charming a style.”

    This was recorded in 1942 and subsequently played on the BBC, and you can hear it in the following video. The music was arranged by Roy Leffingwell, and an unidentified French baritone was hired to sing.

    Comment by Talbot — February 3, 2017 @ 8:55 am

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