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February 8, 2017

Democrats want a resolution declaring that Jews were the primary victims in the Holocaust

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Osita Nwanevu

Ostia Nwanevu, editorial assistant at Slate Magazine.

House Republicans blocked a resolution advanced by Democrats on Tuesday declaring that Jews were the primary victims of the Holocaust.

Of course, the Jews were the primary target in the Holocaust. Who else? Why do we need a resolution, stating this, more than 70 years later?

The following are quotes from Ostia Nwaneve in  a Feb. 7, 2017 blog post on “the Slatest” :

Begin quote:

In the wake of controversy over the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, the White House defended it, saying that it had wished to be inclusive by acknowledging that other groups had been killed by Hitler’s regime as well.

End quote

Begin quote:

The resolution, a shrewd effort to pin Republicans down on something the Trump administration has needlessly made an issue, condemned the White House’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, which failed to mention Jews or the anti-Semitism that led to Adolf Hitler’s genocide against them.

It also called for the House to reiterate “the indisputable fact that the Nazi regime targeted the Jewish people in its perpetration of the Holocaust,” condemn Holocaust denialism, and demand acknowledgment from the White House that Jews were targeted.

End quote

This blog post from “the Slatest” quoted above referenced a news article in the Washington Examiner that you can read here:


  1. Typical. Some Jews dislike the not-Jewish-exclusive-enough speech of a country’s president. Then a half-crazed nobody of their tribe writes an angry paper against that president. And finally some of them pressure politicians for the passing of a law making it illegal not to care about their own ethno-narcissism.

    And if this kind of behavior was the reason for their periodic eviction from everywhere ???

    Comment by hermie — February 8, 2017 @ 4:14 pm

  2. I’m not interested in the fact that the Nazi regime targeted Jews, or at least not to the point of dedicating a day to the remembrance of that fact and other phantasmagorical non-facts.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — February 8, 2017 @ 9:00 am

  3. These political parties think they are being clever by using the “Big H” as a battering ram to attack their opponents. But in fact, what they are doing is cheapening the holocaust in front of the world’s gaze.

    But I’m not surprised that Jewish organisations and holocaust proponents have not condemned ( but actually support ) this kind of political theatre to unfold within the American Congress; because their policy has always been to encourage the “exterminated 6 million Jews myth” to be thrust into the public domain at each and ever opportunity. They imagine that by doing this, then everyone will be become so drenched in holocaustianity that no one will ever question it again.

    But they are blind to the fact that the more the holocaust is used in this way, then it is viewed by the public as nothing more than a tacky, “bargain basement” political football which is kicked from one side to the other when it becomes expedient.

    In addition, any independent-minded onlooker would immediately grasp the fact, that if the American Congress is in such disarray that it feels the need to issue a declaration that the Jews are the primary victims, then there is obviously some serious doubt about the official holocaust narrative itself.

    Comment by Talbot — February 8, 2017 @ 8:42 am

  4. Well, if this will embarrass Trump, Bannon and the Republicans I am all for it.

    Comment by brycesdaddy1105 — February 8, 2017 @ 8:02 am

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