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A blog post that I wrote 7 years ago is still being read all over the world

I wrote the blog post which is cited above, 7 years ago, and it is still being read today.  Why are people all over the world still interested in the Dachau shower room?

My 2001 photo of  the alleged Dachau gas chamber

The title of the blog post, cited above, is

The gas chamber disguised as a shower room in the crematorium at Dachau

You can read about the alleged Dachau gas chamber on my website at

The website page, cited above, was written before I became a Holocaust denier. That’s what happens to people who see too many fake gas chambers — they become deniers, and they might be thrown into prison in 20 different countries which now have Holocaust denier laws.

You can read more about the Dachau gas chamber on my website at