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March 20, 2017

The late Elie Wiesel is back in the news as a Holocaust victim

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I wrote about Elie Wiesel on my website, before I became a Holocaust denier:



According to this news article, Elie Wiesel is back in the news as a Holocaust victim, in spite of the fact that he finally admitted, on his death bed, that he was never in any concentration camp.

The news article begins with the following quote:

Begin quote

“HAND in hand we followed the crowd. An SS non-commissioned officer came to meet us, a truncheon in his hand.

“He gave the order: ‘Men to the left. Women to the right.’

“Eight words spoken quietly, indifferently, without emotion. Eight short, simple words.

“Yet that was the moment when I parted from my mother.

“I had not time to think, but already I felt the pressure of my father’s hand: we were alone.”

Those are the haunting words of Elie Wiesel, a survivor of the Holocaust who, as a young boy, was taken to the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and death camp.

End quote

The news article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

One million Jews, 64,000 Poles, 21,000 Sinti and Roma, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war and around 12,000 victims of other groups – murdered.

Who were these people? How did such a crime against humanity happen? How many others had to turn their heads or willingly collaborate in the process? And how do we ensure that in the future, the mantra ‘never again’ becomes more than just words?

These were just some of the questions going through the minds of 200 students from across the South West last month as they stood on the same spot where Elie Wiesel had been so cruelly parted from his mother more than 70 years ago.

End quote

Are there no fact checkers on newspapers any more? My first job on a newspaper, after I had graduated from Journalism school, was to check the facts in every news story before the paper went to press.

It was my job to yell “Stop the press” if I spotted a serious error. This is a serious error because Elie Wiesel finally admitted, just before he died, that he was never in any camp. He was hiding out in his home town, when the Jews were sent to camps.

I wrote this blog post about Elie Wiesel and his lack of a tattoo:

Elie always refused to show his non-existent  tattoo. The lack of a tattoo is proof that he was never in a camp.