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April 3, 2017

Finding Holocaust photos — there’s an app for that

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Hollow-eyed, emaciated male prisoners, victims of Nazi genocide against Jews of Europe & others, gripping barbed wire fence in wonderment at their liberation by Amer. forces from the cruelties of Buchenwald concentration camp. (Photo by Margaret Bourke-White//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

You can read about the new app that is available, in this news article:

The following quote is from the article:

Begin quote

Most kids learn about the Holocaust in school, through textbooks, still photographs, and grainy black and white videos. But now, activists are working to make it possible for people to learn about the horrors on their iPads.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, an intergovernmental group representing 31 countries, announced its plan to make an app with the help of Switzerland’s Center for History Education and Memory Cultures at an event in March. The app, which has now been demoed by over 70 students, is called Fliehen vor dem Holocaust, which translates to “Escaping the Holocaust.”

End quote

I wrote about this famous photo on my blog at

Margaret Bourke White was famous for composing her photos and passing them off as not being posed.

I have a section about Buchenwald on my website at

I have been to Dachau

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The title of my blog post today is a line from a news article which you can read in full at

I have been to Dachau several times and I have a whole section about the camp on my website at

The quote from the news article continues with this:

The site of the crematoriums and the chilling sculpture of humans entangled in barbed wire is a visual representation of an evil that condemned six million Jews to death for being guilty only of being Jews. The fact that six million innocent Jews were exterminated is verified by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum as well as innumerable other sources. Only Holocaust deniers refute that number.

My photo of the International Monument at Dachau concentration camp

My photo of the “chilling sculpture” at Dachau

The photo immediately above was taken during a light rain. It shows the back side of the monument at Dachau.

But to get back to basics, the news article begins with this quote:

Begin quote

Sen. Steve Fitzgerald recently was attacked by Planned Parenthood (PP), the Kansas Interfaith Action organization, and the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. The attacks resulted from a letter that Sen. Fitzgerald wrote to PP regarding a donation that had been made to PP in the senator’s name by a Prairie Village resident.

The pro-life senator expressed his “dismay” that someone would make a donation to PP in his name. He went on to state that “This is as bad – or worse – as having one’s name associated with Dachau.” Dachau was a Nazi concentration camp in which 41,500 Jews and political prisoners were exterminated.

End quote

Notice that Jews were always exterminated, like bugs, but never murdered nor killed. That is because Jews were allegedly killed with Zyklon-B, the same way that the lice in the clothing was killed.

I have a whole section on my website about the Dachau gas chambers:

My photo of the Dachau gas chamber