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April 24, 2017

Have you ever seen a gas chamber?

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I’m not talking about the gas chamber in Jefferson City, MO which is a two-seater, in which two people can be gassed at one time.  No, I’m talking about the famous gas chambers in the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, where a large room full of Jews were gassed at one time with Zyklon-B gas, the same gas that was used to kill lice in the clothing of the prisoners. [God forbid the Jews should die of typhus which is spread by lice.]

My 2005 photo of an alleged gas chamber in the main Auschwitz concentration camp

You can read about the Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chambers on these pages of my website:

You can read the latest news about the alleged Nazi gas chambers at

The following quote is from the news article cited above:

Begin quote

ROM to reveal architecture of the Holocaust with exhibit created at University of Waterloo
In 2000, Prof. van Pelt’s testimony was a key factor in a libel suit in which the false assertion that Auschwitz had no gas chambers and the Holocaust had never happened played a central role. The book based on his testimony was published in 2002.

Now there is another book, The Evidence Room, written by Prof. van Pelt and three colleagues – Donald McKay, Anne Bordeleau and Sascha Hastings – to supplement the exhibition.

“It is difficult to imagine the details of a gas chamber, where humans were locked in to die,” says one Holocaust survivor, quoted in the new book. Published by New Jewish Press, a Toronto firm, it will be available at select bookstores during the ROM run.

“One has to feel the double grates that protected the bucket filled with poison pellets from the desperate hands of the condemned, peer into the bucket, imagine the pellets melting away, the poison oozing out of them,” says the survivor. “Only then can real awareness arise in the soul and place the viewer inside the gas chamber.”


The exhibit provides a reconstruction of the steel mesh gas column through which the Zyklon B pellets were lowered into the chamber. Viewers also examine a reproduction of original architectural drawings. Among the details: the door of the gas chamber with a tight seal around the edge.

The entire exhibit is in white, the colour of innocence, which contrasts with the blackness of the evil subject matter.

The most compelling feature of the exhibition is its tactile character, says a survivor of the death camp at Dachau.

“By removing colour, sound and interpretation from The Evidence Room, we are forced to rely on touch to elicit its meaning.”

End quote


  1. Horst Mahler flees the German Gulag

    Comment by peter — April 24, 2017 @ 8:39 am

    • The video is subtitled in English and worth watching — Mahler is clearly an educated and well-spoken man (regardless of one’s opinion of what he is saying) — while not said in the video, rather than return to prison on April 19 as he was supposed to do (he is 81 y/o and had a leg amputated due to the health reasons), he apparently fled and is seeking asylum, or planning to:

      Horst Mahler: Holocaust „die gewaltigste Lüge der Weltgeschichte“ – Vater der RAF und späterer Holocaust-Leugner abgetauchtMahler hatte gestern in einer Videobotschaft angekündigt, dass er in einem anderen Land um Asyl bitten werde. Der einstige Linksextreme und spätere NPD-Anwalt sagte, er werde der „Ladung zum Strafantritt“ nicht nachkommen. Stattdessen werde er „in einem aufnahmebereiten souveränen Staat politisches Asyl erbitten“.

      But I watched the linked video, and in it he does not say he is planning to seek asylum — and the only concrete info in the above article is that he did not show up to re-enter prison when he was supposed to.

      Comment by eah — April 24, 2017 @ 9:59 am

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