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April 29, 2017

Don’t go denying that Zyklon-B was used to gas prisoners if you want to keep your job!

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My 2005 photo of  alleged Auschwitz gas chamber

In this news article, you can read about whether Zyklon-B was used to gas prisoners at Auschwitz.

New general delegate of the France’s far right party Front National (FN), Jean-Fran?ois Jalkh, attends a press conference given by their new president Marine Le Pen on January 20, 2011 about the party’s new organisation at party headquarters in Nanterre, west of Paris. AFP PHOTO / JACQUES DEMARTHON (Photo credit should read JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)

The following quote is from the news article:

Jean-François Jalkh reportedly said it was impossible for Zyklon B to have been used in mass exterminations [of Jewish prisoners].

Jean-François Jalkh will not become interim president of the far-right National Front party after reports emerged he had questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers, National Front MEP Louis Aliot told BFMTV Friday.

When asked about Jalkh’s reasons for refusing the post, Aliot said: “He thought there wasn’t the calm necessary” for him to take on the top job. Aliot added that Jalkh would “firmly and formally” contest the accusations of anti-Semitism made against him.

End quote

Jalkh should not have questioned the existence of gas chambers used by the Nazis.  Of course, gas chambers were used — to kill the lice in clothing. Zyklon-B was used to SAVE lives. Lice spread disease.

You can read all about the alleged homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz on my website at

It would have been far too dangerous to use gas to kill the prisoners; it would have been much easier to just shoot them.



  1. Nazis would have used the Zyklon gas distribution-blower apparatus that the disinfestation chambers used, would be stupid/dangerous, hard to clean-up to dump it through holes in the ceiling

    Comment by 666isMONEY — April 30, 2017 @ 11:05 am

  2. Jean-François Jalkh will not become interim president of the far-right National Front party

    If he’s too stupid to realize that if you aspire to such a job you should keep your mouth shut about that topic then it’s just as well.

    Comment by eah — April 29, 2017 @ 2:05 pm

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