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May 5, 2017

I just saw the new TV show entitled “Mississippi”

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A TV show with the title “Mississippi” has been heavily advertised for several days. I was really looking forward to seeing this show today because I though it was going to be about the 3,000 German soldiers who were captured during combat in World War II and were then sent to a POW camp in Mississippi.

I thought that the main theme of the show would be that the German soldiers acted badly. Bad Germans!

At this point, I have to tell you that, during World War II, captured German soldiers were sent to my home town to dig ditches along the railroad tracks. My house was only a few feet from the railroad tracks, so these German soldiers were working within a few feet of my house.

I was 12 years old at that time, and I didn’t know anything about the German people. I was completely and totally shocked when I found out that all these men could speak perfect English, and they were all very handsome. Why did America go to war against people like this, I wondered.

Later, when I was living in Germany, after World War II, while my husband was an army officer, I talked to some German men who had been POWs in America. They said that they had been served “pig food” in an American POW camp. They explained that they had been served corn on the cob, and they had to eat it with their hands. They claimed that they had been humiliated by this.

But, to get back to the TV show, it turns out that this was a show about buttons from military uniforms that were found in a former POW camp in Mississippi. This was not what I was expecting. The men in the show were acting very excited about finding some old rusty buttons. Big Deal!