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May 7, 2017

Who can identify this photo?

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This photo of prisoners, in the Buchenwald camp, was used in a news article, but the location  was not identified.

The photo above was used in this news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

NEW YORK — Building a clandestine sukkah; putting on phylacteries; seeking rabbinic counsel. Despite the risk of immediate death if caught, spiritual resistance — large and small — ran strong among religious Jews in the Nazi concentration camps.

End quote

I used the same photo on my website, but in a much smaller size. This photo was taken at Buchenwald. It shows prisoners who were brought from Auschwitz in Poland to the Buchenwald camp in Germany when the Auschwitz camp was abandoned.

You can see the same photo on this page of my website:

I wrote the following about the photo:

Begin quote

An American Army Rabbi, Hershel Schacter, held Shavuot service on May 18, 1945

Buchenwald was not set up as a camp for Jews, but there were 4,000 Jews among the 21,000 prisoners there when the camp was liberated. They had been brought to Buchenwald after the death camps in the East were abandoned.

End quote

So what am I complaining about now, you ask. This photo shows that the prisoners at Auschwitz were saved by the Nazis who took them to Buchenwald when they abandoned the Auschwitz camp, and they allowed the Jews to practice their religion.

The Stairs of Death at Mauthausen are back in the news

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When I checked the stats for my website this morning, I found that my pages  about the Stairs of Death at Mauthausen had gotten the most hits.

I did a search and found this news article about Mauthausen:

The news article includes two of my color photos of the steps, which you can see on my website. No photo credit was given.

I complained about this article when it first came out and wrote about the stairs in a blog post that you can read here.