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May 9, 2017

Be careful of posting anything about the Holocaust on Facebook

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Read this before putting anything about the Holocaust on Facebook:

You may think that you have free speech in America, but that does not apply to the Holocaust.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote:

The RCMP is reviewing a posting to a Vancouver buy-and-sell group on Facebook that made light of the Holocaust, but an expert cautions that securing charges in such cases could be difficult.

The post advertised a “Jewish bunk bed for sale” with an image of an oven, a reference to the gas chambers and crematoria used to kill Jewish people and burn their bodies during the Holocaust. The ad was posted to the group, which has nearly 50,000 members, on Thursday and had been taken down by Friday morning.

Facebook user Rory Richards reported the post to the Vancouver Police Department’s hate-crimes unit. She eventually received a response from the B.C. RCMP.

The following quote is from the response that she received:

“From our team’s perspective, this is exceptionally offensive commentary that has absolutely no place in any type of public forum, or civilized society, for that matter,” RCMP Corporal Anthony Statham wrote in an e-mail to Ms. Richards.

“Please be assured that we will be looking at the material very carefully, and reviewing all posts to determine if any criminal offences have been committed.”

End quote from news article.

Holocaust denial is against the law in 21 countries now, and will soon be agaist the law in America.

The Holocaust was the most important thing that ever happened in the entire history of the world

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On my blog today, I am commenting on a news article, about Bronia Brandman, which you can read in full at

The news article starts off with this quote:

Begin quote

In an emotional journey that served as her ultimate triumph over the Nazis, an elderly Borough Park resident [Bronia Brandman] who survived the horrors of the Holocaust paid a return visit to the infamous Auschwitz death camp — this time as a free woman.

It was the first time Bronia Brandman, 86, had seen Auschwitz since her liberation nearly 72 years ago.

End quote

Then Brandia’s story continues with her own story of what happened to her during the Holocaust:

Begin quote

“I came to Auschwitz in 1943 as a child of 12. My parents and four siblings were consigned to the gas chambers. The daily bestiality and dehumanization was beyond words, and the world’s silence was deafening,” Brandman said in a statement. “I never wished to return to that place of our degradation and annihilation, but to return in the presence of our noblest, the bravest of the brave — our IDF soldiers, allows my spirit to soar with pride and hope.”

Her journey back to Auschwitz was part of a 10-day trip to Poland and Israel sponsored by FIDF.

Israeli soldiers and FIDF supporters accompanied a group of Holocaust survivors across Poland and Israel. The trip began on April 24 and ended on May 3.

End quote

What am I complaining about now, you ask? I am writing about this woman because she has no conception of why the Germans put Jews into camps during World War II. She also has no conception of the reason why she was not killed, along with the 6 million Jews who were allegedly killed.

Why did the Nazis save young children who would live for years and tell the world about the Holocaust? Stupid Nazis!!!