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May 15, 2017

The “firing wall” at Auschwitz where prisoners were shot

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The black wall at the Auschwitz main camp where prisoners were shot after they had been convicted in a court of law

I am writing about the black wall at the Auschwitz main camp, shown in the photo above, where prisoners were shot. This wall is mentioned in the news article cited below:

The black wall at Auschwitz is shown on the left in my photo above

Begin quote from news article:

[The students] had walked quietly and in sombre mood through the camp as they saw the firing wall -where inmates were shot.

End quote


Oh no! Did those cruel Nazis shoot innocent prisoners for no reason? That must be what happened; if there was a reason that prisoners were shot, the person who wrote this news article would surely have included that in the news article.
The picture at the top of this page shows some artwork done by a survivor of the Auschwitz camp, after he had been liberated. He has depicted an execution scene at The Black Wall.
The picture shows a uniformed SS man shooting three prisoners while other SS officers look on. Two camp inmates will carry the bodies from the wall and add them to the pile in the foreground; it was the Jews who were assigned to this task.
To the left in the picture is an object made out of logs which was not at the wall when I was there. This is the portable gallows which was used to hang political prisoners who had been convicted in the Gestapo court in Block 10.

At the far end of a long, narrow courtyard between Block 10 and Block 11 at the Auschwitz camp is a brick wall which connects the two buildings. In front of this brick wall, the Nazis had placed another removable wall, constructed out of logs and covered with cork painted black; the ends of the wall were angled slightly toward the center. The purpose of the black wall was to protect the beautiful brick wall behind it.

The photo below shows what the brick wall looked like when the camp was liberated by the Soviet Union in January 1945. The Nazis had removed the portable wall that had protected the bricks.

The brick wall after the wooden had been removed by the Nazis

Many people have noticed that there are no bullet holes in the wall today. That’s because this is not the original black wall. According to my tour guide, this is a reconstruction which looks like the original.

The original wall was removed after Arthur Liebehenschel replaced Rudolf Hoess as the camp commander in November, 1943, and ordered the executions at the wall to stop.

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