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May 18, 2017

Who betrayed famous scofflaw Anne Frank?

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Why was Anne Frank a scofflaw, you ask?

During World War II, the Germans required Jews to register, so that the Germans could keep track of them. The Jews were the enemies of the Germans during World War II. The Germans didn’t want the Jews to be fighting, as civilians, against Germany. That’s why the Jews were sent to concentration camps.

Otto Frank was a criminal, who did not want to register, because he would have gone to prison, if he had registered.  Otto had been committing a crime by cheating his banking customers. Otto’s brother, who was also cheating his banking customers,  managed to escape to America before he was arrested as a criminal, but Otto didn’t make it.  Otto Frank literally “missed the boat”.

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

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Anne Frank’s father Otto—the only member of the family to survive their subsequent deportation to the concentration camps—was among the first to assert that a betrayal had led to their capture. The group’s hideout was located inside a warehouse he had once owned, and they were aided by several of his employees as well as other Dutch sympathizers.

Shortly after World War II ended, Otto Frank suggested that the culprit was Willem van Maaren, a warehouse employee who was not in on the secret. Van Maaren was later the subject of multiple investigations related to the betrayal—including one by famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal—but he always maintained his innocence, and none of the cases ever produced any evidence against him.

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Note that the news article suggests that Willem van Maaren  was a criminal because he allegedly betrayed Otto Frank, the criminal who cheated his banking customers.