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May 19, 2017

91 year old Richard Dutro remembers the liberation of Dachau

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91-year-old Richard Dutro is on the far right in the photo above

I have a section about the liberation of Dachau on my website at

Richard Dutro was among the American soldiers who liberated Dachau.

You can read about the liberation of Dachau in this news article:

Dutro’s unit, the 42nd Infantry under the direction of Gen. George Patton, had left France to head east toward Munich. However, along the way, his unit happened upon what they soon learned was Dachau.

“We came upon something that smelled like a slaughterhouse,” Dutro said. “I grew up in Zanesville, where we had slaughterhouses. But this was a slaughterhouse of human beings.”

The scene that Dutro described was gruesome and gut-wrenching. He recalled 114 train cars at the nearby train station full of dead prisoners the Germans did not have time to burn in the crematorium before the Allies invaded. Barrels full of personal items such as eyeglasses and teeth, things that do not incinerate in a gas chamber, were abundant and strewn about.

As it happened, one of Dutro’s fellow soldiers owned a Brownie camera. The soldier took photos of various scenes, and Dutro ended up with eight of those black-and-white photos. Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich assisted Dutro by holding each photo up so attendees at the commemoration could see them for themselves as the liberator spoke of them. Dutro said the photographs would be donated to a Holocaust museum upon his death.

Here is the full story of the liberation of Dachau:

The infamous Nazi concentration camp at Dachau was liberated on Sunday, April 29, 1945, just one week before the end of World War II in Europe. Two divisions of the US Seventh Army, the 42nd Rainbow Division and the 45th Thunderbird Division, participated in the liberation, while the 20th Armored Division provided support.

On the day of the liberation, Dachau consisted of a main camp just outside the town of Dachau and 123 sub-camps and factories in the vicinity of the town. The next day, on 30 April 1945, at around 9 o’clock in the morning, one of the major Dachau sub-camps at Allach was liberated by the 42nd Division.

On the day before the liberation of the main camp, the acting Commandant, Martin Gottfried Weiss, had turned everything over to a group of prisoners called the International Committee of Dachau and had then fled along with most of the regular guards that night. According to Arthur Haulot, a member of the International Committee, German and Hungarian Waffen-SS soldiers were then brought to the camp in order to surrender the prisoners to the U.S. Army.

Both the 45th Thunderbird Division and the 42nd Rainbow Division were advancing on April 29, 1945 toward Munich with the 20th Armored Division between them. Dachau was directly in their path, about 10 miles north of Munich.

The 101st Tank Battalion was attached to the 45th Thunderbird Division. According to this source the 101st arrived in the town of Dachau at 9:30 a.m. on April 29th.

According to Lt. Col. Felix Sparks, the commander of the 157th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Thunderbird Division, he received orders at 10:15 a.m. to liberate the Dachau camp, and the soldiers of I Company were the first to arrive at the camp around 11 a.m. that day.

Nerin E. Gun, a Turkish journalist who was a prisoner at Dachau, wrote that “The Americans were not simply advancing; they were running, flying, breaking all the rules of military conduct, mounting their pieces on captured trucks, using tractors, bicycles, carts, trailers, anything on wheels that they could get their hands on. The Second Battation, 222nd Reigment, 42nd Divison, was coming brazenly, impudently down the highway, its general in the lead.”

On their way to Munich, the 42nd Division soldiers had met some newspaper reporters and photographers who told them about the camp and offered to show them the way. Lt. William Cowling was with Brig. Gen. Henning Linden when the first soldiers of the 42nd Division arrived at the camp and were met by 2nd Lt. Heinrich Wicker who was waiting near a gate on the south side, ready to surrender.



  1. Yeah I know. Pretty much 2 of the same comment. I’d try to post my comment,but kept getting a “can’t establish a secure connection ” message. It don’t matter if it’s my satellite internet,a wifi connection,or the Internet at the libary or neighbors house9 out of 10 times,that message pops up ( I say they’ll never pass a holo denial law in this country,but it looks like they got other ways to silence people . This is the only site,I have problems like that with ). I thought I lost my original post,so that’s why I rewrote it. I guess my original post got through after all. Sorry about two postings

    Comment by Tim — May 20, 2017 @ 12:28 am

  2. It never fails. There’s always one asshole with a camera. When I did my tour in Nam,I don’t remember anyone in our platoon,toting a camera around. I’m not saying there wasn’t any guys over there with cameras,it’s just none of our people had one. We carried what we needed to survive. Nobody was worried about happy snaps,when there was a chance you could end up dead. Back in the rear,people would break out cameras. Out in the field,you just try to survive.
    This knucklehead grew up in Zanesville near a processing plant. He knows what death smells like . I’m gonna let this hammerhead in on a little secret. Everybody in a combat zone knows what death smells like. The entire field of battle,is one big ass slaughterhouse. What? This moron thinks he has the monopoly on that? I’d love to be able to forget that smell.
    Here’s the part that gets me. If this were in fact an actual crime scene,don’t you think someone would’ve seized his camera and film? Don’t you think they’d need it to put a case on someone? It’s evidence. Not Kodak Moments for the scrapbook.
    This shits getting old. Listen to the Jew talk about swallowing diamonds (talk about greed. If the Jew did in fact do that,then that’s one stupid mutha f–ker. I’d be willing to say those stones could do some major damage,if the Jew was as malnourished,as we’re led to believe). I actually like this one. The Jew said she would swallow the diamonds,then shit them out the next day. If you’re not getting anything to eat,why would you need to shit. If you did eat anything,how would you keep it from going through you non stop?
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    Comment by Tim — May 20, 2017 @ 12:20 am

  3. Why is it one of them always had a camera? When I did my tour in Nam,we just carried what we needed. I imagine some guys from other units carried them,but none of us did.
    Every time I see a story like this,someone always has a camera. I didn’t want a camera in Nam. You think I want pictures of dead Zips? I got enough nightmares to remind me of shit over there. Yet we’re led to believe these idiots ran around with their brownies,popping off happy snaps. Why?
    The man said he’s from Zanesville. He’s an expert on what a corpse smells like. Anybody in a war is gonna know what death smells like after awhile. Trust me,it’s a smell you don’t forget. Yet there always has to be some asshole who’s an expert on the subject.
    How come we never hear anything about us liberating POW camps,that were run by Niponese. My bad,I forgot. Those were soldiers we liberated. What happened to them in lockdown,don’t matter. Instead we got to listen to stories of Jews swallowing diamonds,then shitting them out (talk about greed. Those morons didn’t realize they could’ve f–ked up their insides with those stones). The ones I like are where they talk about surviving on a teaspoon of piss each day (or something close to that). People are actually stupid enough to believe that.
    This is one that really don’t make sense. There’s been other groups beside the Jews,that people have wanted to wipe out. As bad as Christians were despised,wouldn’t it make sense someone would’ve tried this stunt.
    What about the inquisition? Those were some sick f–ks. Don’t you think after awhile someone would’ve said,”f–k it. They ain’t gonna convert. Let’s round em up and bump em off”.
    Let’s go with something that their isn’t going to be a problem proving. The Highlanders ( Montagnards). I mentioned we worked with them a couple times on long range patrol,when I was in Nam. Hell. Hanoi gave their blessing to the mass murder of these people. That shit would’ve been open and shut.
    I’ve mention before I have a full blood Mayan who works for me. He had to split from his home country of Guatemala. The idiot running the show down there,has it in for Mayans.
    Why is everyone so damned concerned with the Jews and their cry baby plight. These other races don’t matter? I guess not.

    Comment by Tim — May 19, 2017 @ 11:39 pm

    • Tim

      Pretty funny stuff….you should be a comedian on stage talking about this stuff.
      There has to be an audience that would love it…..Living on a teaspoon of piss….LOL


      Comment by Jim Rizoli — May 20, 2017 @ 9:19 am

      • Serious as a heart attack Jimbo. I read something like that on here. Shit like that,finally got me to thinking the holo is BS. The Jews come up with all these bizarre ass stories. People actually believe the stories.
        If the Hebs wanted me to go on believing their holo story,they shouldn’t have thrown all this BS into the mix. I just can’t believe people fall for this shit. Surviving the train ride,because they were able to reach through the floorboards on the train and pick grass that is growing on the ground beneath where their boxcar is parked. That had some long ass arms. Do people not realize how high off the ground a boxcar sits? No way in hell that Jew could’ve reached the ground.
        If either one of us tried to turn this into a comical act,we’d both go to lockdown . Either that or one of the Jews from the Jew defense league would try to take us out. That would be okay by me. The minute they hit lockdown,they’d end up dead. Just like the dumbshit Earl Krugel. He didn’t even last 3 days at the Phoenix Federal pen. An Aryan Brotherhood member found out there was a Jew boy in there. That AB took ol Earl out of the picture real quick. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t weep for Earl .
        FG wrote an article on here. She talked about the Jews and prison guards playing soccer. That one is more believable than some of this other shit the Jews talk about.
        She had an article on here that mentioned these nazi soldiers shooting people at a wholesale level. The article said,they had to find another way to kill these people,because the firing squad members couldn’t handle killing unarmed people. So they’re gonna be able to handle gassing people. Gimme a break please.

        Comment by Tim — May 20, 2017 @ 3:28 pm

  4. [“We came upon something that smelled like a slaughterhouse,” Dutro said. “I grew up in Zanesville, where we had slaughterhouses. But this was a slaughterhouse of human beings.”]

    Even the most deceitful exterminationist historian no longer calls Dachau a slaughterhouse these days. This soldier just saw a tragic epidemic climax in a collapsing country, like every one of us. A terrible sight for sure. But not proof of mass murder.

    Pics of Dachau and Belsen prove a Nazi extermination policy as much as pics of the Great Barrier Reef prove the existence of life on Mars.

    Comment by hermie — May 19, 2017 @ 7:59 pm

  5. Since I’m here… just have to read or watch the video on youtube about Major Jordan who kept an extensive being the lead shipment person/supplier to Russia with the Lend Lease program with Russia. If you want to see when our country was sold out this was it. How a thing like this is hard to believe!
    The Russians Got it all and there was no one there to stop them.
    You can search for the approx 50 minute video on youtube or download the pdf of the book online in several places or just copy it from my site listed below. Maybe FG has posted something about the Lend Lease program here??


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — May 19, 2017 @ 6:26 pm

  6. Dachau was just another camp where Americans got away with horrible War atrocities against the Germans. This is where they got off their frustrations on innocent German soldiers who were surrendering.

    If there was any Holocaust you want to talk about it was against the Germans not the Jews.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — May 19, 2017 @ 10:43 am

    • Right on Jimbo!

      Comment by Tim — May 20, 2017 @ 12:34 am

    • I wouldn’t think so Jim. The only stuff up the Yanks made, was their molly coddling of the Huns that remained; civilian and military. Stalin had the right idea…which Roosevelt agreed with…He wanted to summarily execute 50,000 of what was remaining of the Hun military/political/industrial machine. starting at the top of the Hun excreta pile and work downwards.

      Do gooding Churchill wouldn’t have a bar of it. Ike was to be commended for allowing a million plus of the Hun garbage – prisoners of war, to starve and rot in open, barb wired enclosed paddocks. The Hun felt aggrieved by the surrender treaty of WW!….(for another war he instigated), as to then unleash WW2 and its’ accompanying 60 odd million innocent deaths. Every last Hun; military and civilian, should have been hunted down and totally destroyed…as they did with Jews, Roma and Slavs. Germans did this Jim….compliantly and willingly led by a handful of Nazi’s….by capita percentage….i.e. less than 8% of the German population being card carrying members of the Nazi Party.

      Just saying Jim….as to what would have been a more just, and equitable demise for the blood lusting Hun!

      Comment by Graham Coffey — May 23, 2017 @ 8:42 pm

      • Graham

        You need to read the Myth of German villainy by Ben Ben Bradberry.
        Best book out there on all the nonsense that demonizes the Germans.

        Comment by Jim Rizoli — May 23, 2017 @ 9:17 pm

        • its like that old adage goes,”a lie will be half way around the world,while the truth is just getting out of bed”. Sometimes a lie is easier to believe.
          I’ve mentioned on here before,I thought we had a right to be in Nam. It was our patriotic duty. Then when I finally got to Nam,I found out it was one big lie.
          This person wants to believe what the liberal assholes write in the history books. Even though the liberal douchebags write lies when it comes to history,they do happen to do a damn good job. The sheep ( or like Ted Nugent calls them,”sheeple”) go right along with it.

          Comment by Tim — May 23, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

          • Like they say ….when the lie becomes accepted as truth then print the lie.


            Comment by Jim Rizoli — May 23, 2017 @ 9:42 pm

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