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May 27, 2017

Kushner’s luxury underground condo?

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Kushner’s Grandmother Rae complaining about her accommodations in her Luxury underground condo.

Kushner’s grandfather and grandmother actually lived in a luxury underground condo, located within the huge Bielski  bunker complex, with more than 1000 other Jews.  Nowadays, it is refereed to as a “hole in the ground”. You can read a little bit more about the luxury bunker complex by following the link below.

Begin quote from Wikipedia

The partisans lived in underground dugouts (zemlyankas) or bunkers. In addition, several utility structures were built: a kitchen, a mill, a bakery, a bathhouse, a medical clinic for the sick and wounded and a quarantine hut for those who suffered from infectious diseases such as typhus. Herds of cows supplied milk. Artisans made goods and carried out repairs, providing the combatants with logistical support that later served the Soviet partisan units in the vicinity as well. More than 125 workers toiled in the workshops, which became famous among partisans far beyond the Bielski base. Tailors patched up old clothing and stitched together new garments; shoemakers fixed old and made new footwear; leather-workers laboured on belts, bridles and saddles. A metalworking shop established by Shmuel Oppenheim repaired damaged weapons and constructed new ones from spare parts. A tannery, constructed to produce the hide for cobblers and leather workers, became a de facto synagogue because several tanners were devout Hasidic Jews. Carpenters, hat-makers, barbers and watchmakers served their own community and guests. The camp’s many children attended class in the dugout set up as a school. The camp even had its own jail and court of law.

Some accounts note the inequality between well-off partisans and poor inhabitants of the camp.

End quote from Wikipedia

I wonder if the Kushners were among the well-off partisans.

In addition, the partisans stole food from local starving villagers, according to the next quote from Wikipedia.  They subjected local villagers to violence and murder, though some of the villagers willingly gave up their food rather than being murdered.  This is explained in the same Wikipedia article cited above.

Begin quote from Wikipedia

Like other partisan groups in the area, the Bielski group would raid nearby villages and forcibly seize food; on occasion, peasants who refused to share their food with the partisans were the subject of violence and even murder. This caused hostility towards the partisans from peasants in the villages, though some would willingly help the Jewish partisans.

End quote from Wikipedia

Slate article about Kurshner’s holocaust experience

The following is a quote from the news article in the link above.

Begin quote

…miraculously, Kushner, her father, and her sister did [Escape the Ghetto]—and were eventually rescued by the legendary Jewish partisan Tuvia Bielski. For a year, they lived in the forest with Bielski’s brigade of more than 1,000 Jews until, in the spring of 1944, “he brought us out from the woods.” Novogrudok had been liberated by the Soviets.

End quote from Slate.

Rae Kushner.

Fat faced Rae Kushner was a cook in the Bielski luxury bunker complex, and might have prepared food stolen from local peasants murdered by the partisans.

The following is a quote about Kushner on the US holocaust museum web site.

Begin quote

Shortly thereafter [escaping from the ghetto], the Bielski partisans took in the escapees from Novogrodek—including Rae and her family. In the Naliboki encampment where the Bielskis had managed to shelter over 1,200 people, Rae regularly stood guard and often cooked the camp meals—mostly potatoes, soup, and small pieces of bread.

While in the partisans, Rae reconnected with Joseph Kushner, whom she knew prior to the war. They married a year after the Bielski camp was liberated by the Russian army in July 1944.

End quote

So it turns out that the Kushners had it relatively easy in their bunker complex.  They had whole bunkers filled with underground dairy cows.  Probably much easier than the poor local villagers whom they sometimes murdered and and from whom they stole food.

The FBI may soon be coming after Kushner  — maybe he should dig himself a new “hole in the ground” and hide in it.


  1. F–k Daniel Craig. He makes a shitty ass James Bond. If he’s gonna act in fictional movies,this is the right one for him. His Jew bitch wife,probably pushed his pussy ass into taking the part.
    Tell the stupid ass Jews that the,”throwing babies in the air and catching them at the end of a rifle bayonet”,was reserved for the Niponese soldiers .
    Here’s another one. Why would a soldier walk around,with his bayonet fixed to the end of his rifle? The bayonet serves only purpose. You’re right in someone’s face fighting them.
    I had a bayonet for my M16 in Nam. Did I ever use it? No. I never wanted to get that close to a live Dink.
    So why is a soldier that is efficient and organized as a Kraut soldier,going to want to walk around with a bayonet at the end of his rifle,if he’s not in combat? Sorry. I’m not buying this one.

    Comment by Tim — May 28, 2017 @ 1:50 am

    • Bayonets were frequently used by German Infantry Units in close combat especially on the Eastern Front, when no other weapon was allowed for the so-called ‘Aufrollen’ action, which was done silently and usually at dawn. The ‘Nahkampf Spange’ was handed out after the fifth participation, in bronze
      The blade of the German bayonet was twice as long as Us Army issue and believe me extensively used
      No, I did not ever take part, but was trained to use a wire garotte behind American lines

      Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — May 28, 2017 @ 9:58 pm

  2. 4 months ago, we were said that Grandpa Kushner had lived in “a literal hole that he had dug — for three years, foraging for food, staying out of sight and sleeping in that hole for the duration of the brutal Russian winter” ( And now we are said that he in fact lived in the Bielskis’ luxury bunker complex. I guess that the story of 3 brutal Russian winters in a hole that he had dug, was just too big, even for dumb Gentiles…

    Comment by hermie — May 27, 2017 @ 6:27 pm

  3. Nothing happened to Aaron Beilski and his wife after they bilked their Miami neighbor. I recall researching the Beilski bros “partisans” when the movie about them came out and there’s an alternative narrative in which they are more like freebooters than partisans and responsible for multiple murders in a village they looted. The movie was based on a book and the book’s author gussied their legend up considerably according to a Polish patriot who deconstructed it at a Polish website I don’t want to go searching for right now. Kucher is a Chabad Lubivitcher. This is a Dutch TV documentary about the international Lubavitcher crime syndicate asociations of Kucher and his father-in-law Donald Trump.

    Partisan hero accused of kidnapping ‘scam’
    As a boy he fought the Nazis. Now a woman says he stole her money and put her in a nursing home

    Richard Luscombe in Miami

    Saturday 13 October 2007 19.33 EDT First published on Saturday 13 October 2007 19.33 EDT

    As a young Polish orphan during the Second World War, Aharon Bielski and his three older brothers fled the Nazis and set up a remarkable secret village deep in a Belarus forest that became a refuge for 1,200 Jews.
    The Bielski Partisans waged a campaign of armed resistance against the occupying forces while providing a refuge for the old and the weak who fled the massacres of Novogrudok. Their tale of courage is to be made into a film entitled Defiance, set for release next year and starring Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, Liev Schreiber and 15-year-old British actor George MacKay as the brothers, and directed by Edward Zwick.

    Comment by who dares wings — May 27, 2017 @ 2:15 pm

  4. Protected Jews adjust what they are protected Jews nothing will happen to them they can get away with anything because they know how to play the system. These people probably killed or harmed more Jews than any Germans did because of their Elite Class


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — May 27, 2017 @ 1:15 pm

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