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May 28, 2017

How the Holocaust started — the Dachau gas chamber

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On April 29, 1945, the day that Dachau was liberated, the soldiers of the 42nd Division arrived at the Dachau gatehouse with the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign, then walked north to the crematorium area which was outside the Dachau prison compound.

The first thing that the soldiers saw was the piles of clothing outside this building, waiting to be deloused. In this same building, the soldiers saw the crematory ovens at the north end and what they thought was a homicidal gas chamber in the center.

When the soldiers of the 45th Thunderbird Division of the US Seventh Army arrived separately on the same day, they entered the camp complex through a railroad gate at the southwest corner of the SS Training Center and approached the new crematorium from the west side.

On the branch railroad line that ran to the SS camp at that time, the American soldiers first saw an abandoned train with bodies of dead prisoners, before coming upon this building; they then proceeded south to the gatehouse entrance into the prison compound.

The photograph below shows three of the disinfection gas chamber doors on the outside of the building. These doors are as wide as the rooms, to provide plenty of ventilation; the manufacturer of the Zyklon-B pellets recommended that the rooms be aired out for 20 hours after gassing the clothing. The American soldiers thought that these small rooms were the homicidal gas chambers, which had already been reported in American newspapers.

Disinfection chambers for clothing at Dachau concentration camp

┬áThe door into the alleged homicidal gas chamber at Dachau is shown in the photo below. The sign over the door says “Brausebad” which means shower bath. Showers in American homes were not common back then and the American soldiers did not know the meaning of the word Brausebad.

My photo of the door into the alleged Dachau gas chamber

My photo above shows the alleged gas chamber at Dachau

From this humble beginning, the story spread to include claims that there were gas chambers in all the Nazi concentration camps.

The Holocaust is the story of the gassing of the Jews.

Tomorrow is “Decoration Day”

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You can read here about the origin of Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day:

When I was a child, Memorial Day was not a holiday. It was called Decoration Day and it was the day that women and children put flowers on the graves of dead American soldiers. Men did not take a day off from work on that day.

I recall the day that I participated, for the first time, in the celebration of the “Memorial Day of Decoration” when I was four years old.

The cemetery in the town where I lived was up on a high hill. I walked up that high hill with my mother, carrying a small American flag to put on the grave of an American soldier. I was very proud of myself for being able to walk up that high hill, carrying my little flag to put on a grave.