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June 2, 2017

“the evidence room” is back in the news about the Holocaust

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Door into Auschwitz gas chamber has a glass window

My photo of the gas chamber at Auschsitz

I have visited the Auschwitz gas chamber several times. On my visits, I took photos of the reconstructed holes through which the Zyklon-B gas pellets were allegedly poured.

Gas pellets were allegedly poured into the gas chamber through this reconstructed hole in the gas chamber

Side view of reconstructed hole through which gas pellets were allegedly poured

A grate in the ceiling of the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber

Another hole in the ceiling of the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote:

Now there is another book, The Evidence Room, written by Prof. van Pelt and three colleagues – Donald McKay, Anne Bordeleau and Sascha Hastings – to supplement the exhibition.

“It is difficult to imagine the details of a gas chamber, where humans were locked in to die,” says one Holocaust survivor, quoted in the new book.

Published by New Jewish Press, a Toronto firm, it will be available at select bookstores during the ROM run.

“One has to feel the double grates that protected the bucket filled with poison pellets from the desperate hands of the condemned, peer into the bucket, imagine the pellets melting away, the poison oozing out of them,” says the survivor. “Only then can real awareness arise in the soul and place the viewer inside the gas chamber.”

Most people are aware of the Holocaust, but to be taken inside the obscene killing machine is by all accounts an overwhelming and unforgettable experience. The Nazis killed about six million Jews, including three million in gas chambers (one million in Auschwitz and two million elsewhere).

“I touched the gas column – a reproduction of the device that inserted Zyklon B into the gas chambers at Auschwitz,” says the same witness to the 20th century’s worst nightmare. “As a Holocaust survivor, I felt the cold hand of history on my spine. I knew a good deal about the Auschwitz-Birkenau murder factory, but the gas column really shocked me. Because of what I had read about people thinking they were going into a shower room, I had always imagined the gas being dispersed by sprinklers.

Touching that construction had a profound effect on me – a new visceral recognition all these years later.”

The plans behind the killing machine are at once simple and obscene. The designers, engineers and architects who created it came up with a cheap and shocking solution.

The exhibit provides a reconstruction of the steel mesh gas column through which the Zyklon B pellets were lowered into the chamber. Viewers also examine a reproduction of original architectural drawings. Among the details: the door of the gas chamber with a tight seal around the edge.

End quote

Koreans are not taught about the Holocaust in school

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The title of my blog post today is a quote from this news article:

Begin quote

In a no-holds-barred battle of replies on Facebook, a foreign friend of mine pointed out that Koreans are not taught about the Holocaust in school. I don’t remember what the subject was but he rested his case, when I pointed out White House spokesman Sean Spicer’s controversial Syrian vs. Nazi comments. My rationale was that education is important but it doesn’t always have the intended effect.

That got me thinking about why Westerners and Middle Easterners are sensitive in different ways about Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Holocaust and other atrocities committed by Nazi Germany, but less so about the comfort women, the corps of sex slaves under Japanese colonial rule here, and Unit 731, which specialized in barbarous experiments on living people.

Other Asians also suffered from Japan’s invasion so they often commiserate with Koreans.

True, it goes the other way as well, as Koreans are still at pains about the misdeeds committed against their ancestors, but less so about Jewish victims.

End quote

In America, there are news articles, every day, about the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. In my humble opinion, the Holocaust can in no way be compared to the “comfort women” who were forced to have sex with soldiers. Nothing compares to the Holocaust.