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June 8, 2017

Dachau Survivor Steve Ross is back in the news

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In this undated World War II-era photograph provided by Many Hats Productions, Holocaust survivor Steve Ross wears a Nazi prison camp uniform. The Holocaust survivor’s life is recounted in a new documentary titled “Etched in Glass: The Legacy of Steve Ross,” premiering in Newton, Mass., Wednesday, June 7, 2017. The film recounts the former Boston youth counselor’s five years spent in Nazi concentration camps as a child and his decadeslong search for the American soldier who gave him a U.S. flag handkerchief during the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp in Germany. (courtesy of the family via Many Hats Productions via AP)


The photo and text shown above are from this news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Ross’ search for the benevolent soldier and his life after the war is recounted in a new documentary screened in the Boston suburb of West Newton on Wednesday evening.

“Etched in Glass: The Legacy of Steve Ross” focuses on the five years Ross spent in concentration camps to his life as a war orphan in America, his career helping at-risk youths in Boston and his successful efforts to erect the striking glass New England Holocaust Memorial in downtown Boston.

Ross, now 90 and his speech limited by a stroke, attended Wednesday’s screening with his family, the filmmakers and members of the soldier’s family.

“It’s not your typical Holocaust film,” said Roger Lyons, the director of the nearly hourlong film. “Steve is a unique person. He took his second life and he really ran with it.”

End quote

Steve Ross is the boy on the far left

I wrote about Steve Ross in this previous blog post:

and on this previous blog post:












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  1. The American troop gave him a “flag hankie “? I don’t think so. During times of war (with the exception of Nam and Korea),patriotism swells to a fervent level. Do you think anybody would be blowing their nose on a American flag hankie? Somebody was caught doing that,they’d get their ass kicked. American flag bandana. Possible,but highly unlikely. I’ve never seen a ww2 trooper wearing one.
    Once again. For totally abused prisoners,they don’t look no worse for the proverbial “wear”. Most of the cry baby liberals will probably say,”look at their sunken eyes. Dark circles under their eyes. Their thin”. They were locked down. They were in prison. Trust me. Prison will do that shit to anyone.
    They were thin,because their nutritional needs were probably not being met. At that time,I don’t think anyone’s “nutritional needs”,were being met in that country. They’re waving their hands and smiling at their liberation. Juxtapose those Jews,with our boys we liberated from the Niponese POW prisons. Cracking a half assed smile is about all they’d be able to do. How many would be carried out on stretchers? Those “were” the picture of abused prisoners.
    Why do they keep making movies about these individual prisoners? It’s like doing a remake of “Gone with the Wind”. Characters might change up a little,but the story line is gonna be the same . Geez Louise. Let’s move on.
    Let’s make a movie about the Horten Brothers. Hey them ol boys were some smart cookies. Building stealth aircraft,decades before it even crossed our minds. They designed a long range bomber that would make the B29 look like a commuter plane. Look at the people that designed and built the King Tiger tank. That thing was a rolling Fort Knox. The only way to destroy it,was by shooting it in the ass. It made everyone else’s tanks look like toys. That’s who they should make movies about.
    Tell Jimbo the movie opens up there in Mass. He can go to the theater and get into it with all the bleeding heart liberals,that are stupid enough to believe all the Jews got f–ked over.
    I still like what it said in here. “It’s not your typical holocaust movie”. All the holocaust movies are “typical”.

    Comment by Tim — June 8, 2017 @ 11:07 pm

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