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June 8, 2017

(LCVP) Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel

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A few days ago, I asked people to identify this boat.  It is, of course, a (LCPV) Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel,  also called a Higgins boat.


For my younger readers, the photo hint is of a character named Higgins from an old TV show called Magnum PI.  This picture was posted by Hermie. Nice job!

The LCVP was made famous in WWII by the many amphibious landings in which it participated.  These landings included the D-Day invasion of occupied France.

The LCVP could carry 32 men plus a four man crew.

A less well known use of the LCVP was on March 8th, 1965 at Da Nang in Vietnam.  On that date, the first American combat troops landed in Vietnam.  You can see some nice pictures of the LCVP, in the photos that go with the ABC news article, including the one that I copied from the article below.

LCVP Da Nang, March 8th, 1965

That date brings back bad memories for some of the Vietnam vets, who comment on here, including Tim who first identified this boat.

You can read an article about the Da Nang landing by following the link below.

You can read all the comments and my earlier “name that boat” contest blog posts by clicking on the link below.


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