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June 10, 2017

The background of the Jews currently in the White House

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The Jews in the White House today are Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kuschner.

Jared Kushner and Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi at the Harvard Chabad New York Alumni Reception, June 2013. (Harvard Chabad)

Here is some background on Jared Kushner, copied from an article in the Times of Israel newspaper:

Begin quote from news article:

… in Novogrudok — a picturesque city of 30,000 in western Belarus, about halfway between Minsk and Bialystok, Poland — Trump’s election is especially celebrated because it adds [Jared] Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and key advisor, to the city’s short list of international success stories.

“Of course I am very proud that there is someone from Novogrudok in the White House,” said Boris Semyonov, a 57-year-old businessman, when asked about the subject last week in Lenin Square — a wide, clean space in the city center featuring a bust of the communist leader. “I am waiting for him to visit us.”

In Novogrudok, the Kushners are remembered and revered — not for their Trump connections or their sprawling real estate empire, nor for the scandal that engulfed Kushner’s father, Charles, or the recent allegations that he proposed a back channel for communication between the Trump administration and Russia.

Rather, the Kushners are known for the daring escape from the local ghetto in one of the most famous acts of Jewish resistance to the Nazis.

The Kushners’ story features prominently at Novogrudok’s humble Museum of Jewish Resistance. The two-room museum, which opened in 2007, features pictures of Kushner’s paternal family — his great-grandfather, Zaidel; his wife, Hinda; their daughter, Rae; and her two siblings. The museum also displays the bunk beds where the family was forced to sleep when the Germans rounded up the local Jews into the Novogrudok ghetto.

In addition to Novogrudok’s wartime Jewish population of 6,000 — about a quarter of its total population — the Nazis crammed an additional 24,000 Jews from neighboring towns into a ghetto that was built around around a courthouse.

“The Kushners were a well-off family that, before the war, owned several shops in the center, and were known to many people here,” said Marina Yarashuk, director of the Museum of History and Regional Studies in Novogrudok, which operates the Jewish museum. “So it’s natural that they should feature in the display.”

But what really makes the Kushners’ story stand out, Yarashuk added, is how they stuck together through a remarkable escape. Their plan seemed doomed to fail, but ultimately enabled them to survive the Holocaust and fight the Nazis alongside Jewish partisans.

The Kushners’ unlikely survival centers upon the actions of Rae Kushner — Jared’s steel-willed paternal grandmother, who was 16 when the Germans placed her with her parents, sister and brother in the ghetto.

Having survived at least five “selections” for murder by machine gun — including the one in which her mother was killed — Rae joined her brother in leading a daring escape through a tunnel that was dug underneath the heavily-guarded ghetto, which was surrounded by electric wire.

In what became one of Belarus’ best-known Holocaust stories, Rae helped lead prisoners through the weeks-in-the-making escape tunnel, which was the longest of its kind in Nazi-occupied Europe and facilitated the biggest escape through a tunnel by Jews.

The diggers — who concealed the earth they removed inside double walls and attics — led 350 men and women to freedom through the tunnel and into the woods. There, the survivors joined the Bielski partisans — a group of some 1,000 Jews named after the three brothers who led them, and whose bravery was the subject of the 2008 film “Defiance.”

End quote

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  1. Comment by hermie — June 11, 2017 @ 9:56 am

    • Listen to the way that Hitler speaks in these videos. He went to a great deal of trouble to learn to speak this way, as I have said before. He is speaking like an upper class German person.

      Comment by furtherglory — June 11, 2017 @ 12:37 pm

      • speaking like an upper class German person

        Do you understand German well enough to follow what he is saying? — if not, how do you know if he is “speaking like an upper class German person”?

        Perhaps what you mean is that Hitler possessed above average intelligence (not to mention his exceptionally high personal drive), and his way of speaking reflected this — there is nothing particularly outstanding about Hitler’s word choice/phrasing — it is what you would expect from a person of (significantly) above average intelligence; someone with high political ambition — I speak German, and have listened to several of his speeches; they are usually 75:25 — meaning 75% well-phrased and well-reasoned rhetoric (albeit very nationalistic) that you can imagine most Germans of the day agreed with — the other 25% was the more aggressive rug-chewing type stuff — the latter was meant as red meat for his SA type followers from the working class.

        He speaks with a noticeable, but not heavy, Austrian/south German accent — most Germans would not associate this with being “upper class”.

        Comment by eah — June 11, 2017 @ 1:25 pm

        • You wrote: “how do you know if he is “speaking like an upper class German person”?”

          Hitler is speaking Hoch Deutsch or High German, which was spoken by upper class people in Germany back then. This is German, as taught in American schools back then. The lower class people in Germany spoke the regional dialect in the part of Germany where they lived. When I lived in Germany for 20 months, while my husband was in the Army, I learned to speak the local dialect. When I came back from Germany, I took a college class in German and learned to speak High German.

          Comment by furtherglory — June 12, 2017 @ 7:51 am

          • Hello you guys
            I think you are both a bit muddled up when it comes to spoken German:
            To start with, all schools from primary school onward, only HHochdeutsch (High German) is taught, yet in most cases the regional accent is prevailing. This can be said of Uncle Adolf, he did have a Bavarian/Austrian background which came to the surface when he was at the peak in any of his speeches. He started very slowly with: Volksgenossen………….(one minute delay)……und Genosinnen—
            I myself do speak Ober-Deutsch (or Schrift-Deutsch) without any regional accent when tested as a News Reader.
            Martin Luther spoke and wrote in Mittel-Deutsch, which is culturally crude by today’s standards. A typical quote which is often given by teachers, while Luther asks his Dinner Guests: ‘Warum furzet und rülpsed Ihr nicht, hat es Euch nicht geschmecket? (Why don’t you fart why don’t you burp doesn’t it taste nice?)
            There is no ‘Upper Class’ German language!

            Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — June 12, 2017 @ 8:24 pm

  2. Oy Vey! Here we go, another HoloHuxster story to make us all teary eyed and sympathetic to the Goooooz, especially rich ones.

    Like I believe this….LOL And how exactly did that survival happen?

    Having survived at least five “selections” for murder by machine gun — including the one in which her mother was killed — Rae joined her brother in leading a daring escape through a tunnel that was dug underneath the heavily-guarded ghetto, which was surrounded by electric wire.
    Oh please……there is a sucker born every minute and we have plenty who will believe this crap.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — June 10, 2017 @ 3:51 pm

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