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June 10, 2017

Trump’s proposed cuts to America’s Holocaust Museum

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You can read about Trump’s proposed cuts to our nation’s Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC in two recent newspaper articles:

Perhaps the most angry article is from the Jerusalem Post; you can read the article in the link below:

But today I feel like quoting from my own web site.

My photo of the “eternal flame” which is dedicated to the Jews in the Holocaust Museum

My photo of the entrance to our nation’s Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC

The “Hall of Witness” at the entrance into the Museum

Here is the story on the Washington Museum, on which Trump wants to cut funding, taken from my web site:

Begin quote from

Sixty years after Hitler’s reign of terror began in 1933, the long awaited US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, was dedicated by President William Jefferson Clinton on April 22nd, 1993.

The date commemorated the 50ieth anniversary of the month-long battle in Poland’s Warsaw ghetto uprising, between the Nazis and the Jewish resistance fighters. Ironically, on the opening day of our national museum, which memorializes the genocide of the European Jews, another genocidal religious war was taking place in Europe between the Bosnians and the Serbs.

The Holocaust museum building, shown in my photo above, which incorporates symbolic design features that are intended to be evocative of the Holocaust, was done in a modern architectural style, which Hitler would have called “degenerate.”

Museum exhibit shows the “eternal flame” dedicated to the Jews

The USHMM was not designed to be a dull, boring documentation of historical fact, but rather it is intended to be an intensely personal experience in which the building itself is part of the exhibit. Nothing is spared to convey the horror of the Nazi tyranny and the annihilation of the Jews in Europe.

For visitors, who know little or nothing about the Holocaust, this is a gut-wrenching experience which could cause nightmares; it is not recommended for children under 11 years of age. However, a special exhibit in the museum, called Daniel’s Story, which is based on a book of fiction, is designed to introduce children as young as 6 to the Holocaust.

Located at 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place in Washington, DC, the Holocaust museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day except Christmas Day and Yom Kippur, the Jewish religious holiday which falls on a different day each year, usually in the month of September.

Every day, time-stamped tickets to the permanent exhibit are given out free; the line for tickets starts forming around 7:30 in the morning. However, no ticket is necessary for the special exhibits, Daniel’s Story, and other parts of the museum, including the Wexler Learning Center where visitors can use touch-screen computers to learn about the Holocaust.

At the beginning of 1933, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, there were 9 million Jews in all of Europe, including 568,417 in Germany, approximately 250,000 in Austria and 3,028,837 in Poland. On January 30, 1933, after he had received 38% of the popular vote in the three-way 1932 German presidential election, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by newly-reelected President Paul von Hindenburg. Two months later, Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn in as the president of the United States.

In 1933, both America and Germany were in the throes of the Great Depression, caused by the stock market crash in 1929, but Germany was worse off because of its defeat in the first World War and the devastating terms of the Treaty of Versailles which Germany was forced to sign. Hitler blamed the loss of the war and all of Germany’s subsequent economic, social and political problems on the Jews.

Hitler’s grandiose plans included the systematic extermination of all the Jews in Europe, and after that, he wanted to establish a museum in Prague where visitors would be able to see artifacts related to the vanished Jewish culture. A valuable torah scroll from the Pinkus Synagogue in Prague, which Hitler was planning to display in his museum of Jewish history, is now one of the exhibits at America’s national Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Hitler’s first priority was to unite all the ethnic Germans in Europe under one government and one leader, himself. (“Ein Folk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer”) There would be no place for Jews or Gypsies in Hitler’s new Germany; only the Volkdeutsch (ethnic Germans) would be citizens.

Hitler planned to take back German land given to Poland after World War I, as well as the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine and other territory lost as a result of Germany’s defeat in World War I.

Hitler’s new Germany would be called Gross Deutschland (Greater Germany). Historians would call Hitler’s regime “the Third Reich.” The first Reich was the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation and the second Reich was the unification of the German states in 1871.

The capital of Gross Deutschland was to be Germania, which was Hitler’s new name for the city of Berlin. Hitler and his state architect, Albert Speer, began designing magnificent new state buildings in the classic style of Greek and Roman architecture, but none of these buildings were ever built. Hitler envisioned that his nationalist empire, which he called the Thousand Year Reich, would defeat the Communists, and after the demise of the Communists, Germany would be the dominant country in a Jew-free Europe.

Twelve years later, at the end of the World War II, both Hitler and Roosevelt were dead, along with 6 million Jews, which was two-thirds of the total number of Jews in Europe in 1933. Berlin had been reduced to a pile of rubble and Washington, DC was now the undisputed capital of the free world. Hitler’s Third Reich will be remembered for a thousand years, but as the empire which tried to destroy the Jews and failed, not as the glorious empire that Hitler had envisioned.

In the aftermath of World War II, Germany was divided into two new countries and Austria became independent again. Germany lost more territory and the ethnic Germans were scattered more than ever before.

Soon after the defeat of Germany and its Fascist allies, the eastern half of Germany and all of Eastern Europe came under the control of our allies and Germany’s arch enemies, the Communists. In order to hold back the threat of Communism to America, West Germany was made our new ally in 1948 and the Cold War against our former ally, the Communist Soviet Union, became the prime source of anxiety for Americans. During this period, Americans were mainly concerned with building bomb shelters in their back yards, in preparation for the anticipated nuclear war; they had no interest in learning about the destruction of European Jewry in the last war. The word Holocaust was not yet in general use.

Although Palestine was still a British protectorate after World War II, survivors of the Holocaust emigrated there by the thousands. By 1948, the population of Jews in Palestine had reached 600,000 and the new Jewish state of Israel was created. Many Holocaust survivors had emigrated to the United States after World War II, and by 1990, there were 5,981,000 Jews in this country, more than in any other country of the world, including Israel.

For most events in history, memory fades as time passes, but for the Holocaust, it is just the opposite, as American Jews strive to bring the Holocaust to the attention of the public by building museums all across the country. At the year 2000, there were 59 Holocaust museums in America, and more were in the planning stage. Every major American city, including Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and St. Petersburg, has its own Holocaust museum. By 2000, seven states in America had passed laws requiring students to study the Holocaust in public schools.

In 1978, the subject of the Holocaust became popular among Americans when a television mini-series, entitled Holocaust, was seen by 120 million people in this country. A few weeks later, the announcement was made that a national Holocaust memorial was being planned in Washington, DC.

A few heartless anti-Semites have complained that a Holocaust Memorial Museum, built in the shadow of the Washington Monument, is not appropriate for our nation’s Capitol, arguing that the Holocaust didn’t happen in America; it was not Americans that died in the Holocaust and that Americans were not the perpetrators of the Holocaust in which 6 million European Jews were killed. America has no Museum for the Japanese Americans and German Americans who were put into internment camps during World War II, in violation of the American Constitution. Nor does America have a Museum for the Native Americans killed when Europeans settled in this country. There is not even a Museum in honor of the American soldiers who fought in World War II. So why does America have a Holocaust Museum? The answer is that the Holocaust was the most important event in world history.

End quote from my Scrapbookpages,com web site.


  1. Nitpicking but Hitler never demanded the return of Alsace Lorraine or any lands awarded to Poland after WW1. He publicly renounced claims to Alsace multiple times as late as 1939. He never asked for Posen Province or even Eastern Upper Silesia (which voted to remain in Germany but was given to Poland anyway).
    He did demand Danzig (league of nations mandate) be returned to the Reich and an extraterritorial highway and rail line connection to Danzig and East Prussia.

    Comment by Schlageter — June 11, 2017 @ 4:48 pm

    • Schlageter wrote: “Hitler never demanded the return of Alsace Lorraine or any lands awarded to Poland after WW1. He publicly renounced claims to Alsace multiple times as late as 1939.”


      Schlageter wrote: “He never asked for Posen Province or even Eastern Upper Silesia”

      Also true. He even offered to guarantee the Versailles borders of Poland himself. Any country in Poland’s situation (i.e. stuck between 2 powerful neighbors) & sincerely wanting peace would have seized an offer so profitable (i.e. a powerful neighbor offering protection against the other powerful neighbor) in the minute. But the Polish military junta heading Poland at that time had other ambitions and the means to get what they wanted from Germany (i.e. more German lands) through the military guarantee of Britain (March 1939) and the U.S. (January 1939).

      Schlageter wrote: “He did demand Danzig (league of nations mandate) be returned to the Reich and an extraterritorial highway and rail line connection to Danzig and East Prussia.”

      Hitler offered to preserve the Polish economic prerogatives in Danzig. And with the return of Danzig, the extraterritorial highway and rail line connection to East Prussia was really a very minor concession. More symbolic than anything else. But he couldn’t ask less than that. Hitler was being criticized in Germany for asking so little. No Weimar politician had gone as far as Hitler in his offers to Poland.

      Comment by hermie — June 11, 2017 @ 6:16 pm

  2. One old decorated WWII combat veteran who didn’t like the idea of a Holocaust museum in the nation’s capital was James Wenneker von Brunn (July 11, 1920 – January 6, 2010). He didn’t like the idea of a private banking consortium, The Federal Reserve, charging interest on the U.S. currency it prints, either. He thought the U.S. Treasury Department should print it at cost so he walked into The Fed one afternoon and attempted to make a citizen’s arrest of one of it’s governor’s. He thought the publicity from this act would wake American’s up to the fact the country’s banking system had been secretly privitized in l913, but of course it didn’t and he went to prison.

    James wrote a book that presents a “money-centered” view of the causes of World Wars One and Two and all subsequent wars that have destroyed Europe and decimated the protections of the US Constitution. It never made onto The New York Times Bestseller List because it’s title is all wrong. If he titled it FOLLOW THE MONEY instead of KILL THE BEST GENTILES! it could have been a contender:

    Comment by who dares wings — June 11, 2017 @ 12:08 am

    • Thanks — I had not heard of him.

      The Federal Reserve, charging interest on the U.S. currency it prints

      Perhaps you are familiar with this well-known quote from Thomas Edison:

      If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%. Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way. It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People.

      When I ask people why the US, a sovereign nation with its own currency, has to sell bonds (go into debt) when the federal government runs a deficit, rather than just spending the money into circulation, they never have an answer.

      Comment by eah — June 11, 2017 @ 9:07 am

    • The Federal Reserve does not print U.S. currency – the Treasury does. And it, The Federal Reserve, therefore does not charge interest on this thing that it does not do. The banking system is a little more complicated than to say that the Federal Reserve charges interest on banking. Most profits of the Federal Reserve in its banking activities that might relate to what you are misrepresenting are forwarded to the Treasury.

      The low IQ von Brunn was the nutter involved the USHMM shooting that killed a black security guard. Did you get the weird idea that the Federal Reserve prints money or that it charges money for this from von Brunn’s book or are you simplifying things with these statements, WDW?

      Comment by blake121666 — June 11, 2017 @ 2:18 pm

      • Typo: “that it charges money” should read “that it charges interest” above.

        Comment by blake121666 — June 11, 2017 @ 2:19 pm

      • The Federal Reserve does not print U.S. currency – the Treasury does.

        Why be a pedant about it? — rather than focusing on what is today, essentially, the less meaningless concept of ‘printing money’ (actual paper, bills), instead admit the reality that the Federal Reserve can and does — eg most notably the recent periods of ‘quantitative easing’ — create money out of nothing (albeit electronically), and then uses this money to buy interest bearing government debt (government bank accounts are credited) — the so-called ‘primary dealers’ also do this — then generations of US taxpayers must carry the cost of this debt — read the above quote by Edison (was he also a ‘low IQ nutter’?) — any sane person ought to object to the current system of (exclusively) debt-based money: it’s crazy that the federal government has to issue debt rather than just spending money into existence — the Federal Reserve is the lynchpin of this immoral system.

        The low IQ von Brunn

        Simple question: how do you know his IQ?

        killed a black security guard

        Another simple question: why is it important to mention the security guard was black? — was there any evidence he targeted the guard only because he was black?

        On the other hand, the reality of crime in America, which the media does its best to hide, is quite different: The Color of CrimeIn 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time. This meant a black person was 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. A Hispanic was eight times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa — In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely — If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent — In an all­-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.

        Comment by eah — June 11, 2017 @ 3:25 pm

        • You misinterpreted my post. I wanted to know if the Brunn wrote the incorrect statement about currency or if WDW was speaking loosely on the matter. From what was related about what Brunn said, thought, and wrote when he was in all the news he was a very disturbed individual with an obviously low IQ. I pointed out his killing of a black guard at the USHMM to highlight that fact. The moron wanted to kill Jews and he killed the black guard. That is, unless the whole thing (including he himself) was some sort of false flag or something by Jews. From news accounts I suspect he was genuinely retarded – as in meaning very low IQ.

          That banking more times than not involves interest is just how it is currently done. The profits generally go back into the system. It is a shame that there are so many Jews involved.

          And Edison was not any type of authority on banking or currency. His word isn’t much better than any random person in the country. Do you have evidence otherwise?

          I suggest WDW read the book again a bit more skeptically. Did he or did he not write so sloppily as to state that the Federal Reserve prints currency and charges interest on it? I’m guessing the idiot probably did. So much for his book!

          Comment by blake121666 — June 11, 2017 @ 5:58 pm

          • And I meant “idiot” quite literally there.

            Comment by blake121666 — June 11, 2017 @ 6:12 pm

          • Of course von Brunn could have just been a loose cannon drunkard. Probably got drunk and said, wrote, and acted in retarded-like ways. This is probably the case after thinking about it a little more. I doubt his book shows anything significantly different to this. IOW, I bet he wrote it drunk (or was genuinely retarded per my first speculation).

            Comment by blake121666 — June 11, 2017 @ 7:49 pm

      • >less meaningless

        less meaningful

        Comment by eah — June 11, 2017 @ 3:33 pm

  3. Who would have guessed that a properly-sold fictitious foreign mass slaughter could have so successfully concealed all the very real rivers of blood & tears caused by the U.S. and British figureheads of Globalism throughout the world and centuries? History is such a politically-biased joke…

    Comment by hermie — June 10, 2017 @ 5:06 pm

    • I thought you were Belgian, Hermie? The Congo ring a bell with you, glass house dweller?

      Comment by blake121666 — June 10, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

      • I am indeed Belgian. The Congo rings a bell with me, but only a bell of standard (if not commonplace) British atrocity propaganda for the grabbing of Katanga and its huge resources as just another jewel intended to adorn Her/His Gracious Majesty’s crown of blood and tears. Unfortunately the propaganda operation failed and King Leopold II of Belgium finally lost his colonial toy to the benefit of the Belgian government instead of the British land grabbers. The trick worked much better a few decades later with the British grabbing of German Namibia and the fictitious Herero genocide, as well as with the crass BS about Brave Little Belgium’s alleged martyrdom during WW1. I’m not against the idea of appalling atrocities in Leopold’s Congo. But I need to see something more convincing and reliable than a “report” (a “report” very similar to the ludicrous Holohoax “reports” of WW2*) by a gang of compulsive liars before accepting such atrocities as an established fact. In any event, the alleged Belgian atrocities in Congo don’t invalidate my previous statement since the Holohoax makes the [alleged] Belgian atrocities in Congo sound like a barely audible background noise too. And Belgium is also in the hands of filthy Globalists.

        * Mere compilations of testimonies and miscaptioned pics can successfully convince only gullible morons and the people who want to be convinced by such stuff.

        Comment by hermie — June 11, 2017 @ 7:26 am

  4. The USHMM was not designed to be a dull, boring documentation of historical fact…


    …but rather it is intended to be an intensely personal experience in which the building itself is part of the exhibit. Nothing is spared to convey the horror of the Nazi tyranny and the annihilation of the Jews in Europe.

    Such an admission ought to be plain enough for even the dumbest goy — but it won’t be.

    Comment by eah — June 10, 2017 @ 11:28 am

    • Comment by eah — June 10, 2017 @ 11:29 am

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