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June 20, 2017

Famous photo of Holocaust child survivors leads to reunion

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Famous photo taken at Auschwitz when the camp was liberated

During World War II, German soldiers were allowed, and even encouraged, to carry cameras. American soldiers were not allowed to carry cameras, but many of them took the cameras from the cold dead hands of German soldiers, and used them to take photos of the concentration camps.

Soviet soldiers were lucky to have a rifle, and most of them had probably never even seen a camera.

Auschwitz was “liberated” by Soviet soldiers on January 27, 1945, but it was not until February 1945 that the Soviets finally got around to filming the Auschwitz survivors. Because of this, the only images of the Auschwitz survivors, that can be seen today, are still shots from the Soviet film. Unfortunately, these still shots show the Auschwitz inmates as being in good health.

For example, the photo above shows the child survivors of Auschwitz as being in good health.

Now there is a news story, which shows the photo above. You can read the story at

The news article shows this photo:

Photo of Auschwitz children was included in news article cited above

As shown in the news article, the photo above makes the children look as bad as possible, not as healthy children.

Many years ago, I worked as a photographer on a small town newspaper. I knew how to make photos look worse in order to get across a lie about the subject.

There is an old saying that “photos don’t lie.” Sometimes, a photo can be changed in the darkroom so that it tells a lie.