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June 25, 2017

Should Trump stop tweeting?

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You can read here about whether Trump should stop tweeting:

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

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Lots of people want President Donald Trump to stop tweeting. Mitch McConnell wants him to stop tweeting. Carly Fiorina wants him to stop tweeting. Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins and other Republican members of Congress and some Democrats in Congress and Jeb Bush and many of Trump’s advisers and attorneys and even some of his supporters (although not all of his supporters) want him to stop tweeting. His wife wants him to stop. A majority of business leaders want him to stop, and a majority of millennials, and a majority of voters, period. His tweeting, they all believe, is unseemly and incendiary, legally risky and chaotic, undiplomatic, demoralizing, destructive, and distracting, too—for everybody, but especially for Trump.

The people, though, who want Trump to keep tweeting are the people who rely on his words to do their jobs—reporters, biographers, political scientists and strategists, and presidential historians. They often are appalled by the content of the tweets, just plain weary like everybody else of the volume and pace of the eruptions and deeply worried about their consequences as well—but still, they say, the more Trump tweets, the better.

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“it’s somewhere that everybody should visit to see what happened there”

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The title of this blog post is a quote from a news article, which you can read in full at

This quote is also from the news article:

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Members of England U21s squad use their day off to visit Auschwitz concentration camp


The group were taken on a guided tour of two main sites at Auschwitz, seeing the cramped conditions in which prisoners were held and the piles of human hair and clothes which were taken from the murdered victims.

That was followed up with a walk into the death chambers and the yard where prisoners were tortured or executed, before heading into the gas chambers at a location where an estimated 1.1m people lost their lives.

End quote

So the prisoners at Auschwitz were “tortured or executed, before heading into the gas chambers”.  The Nazis were the worst — the worst Jerry, the worst!

Imagine executing people BEFORE heading [them] into the gas chambers. Obviously, those mean ole Nazis wanted to make sure that those Jews were dead. Gassing them was not enough — they had to be executed before being taken into the gas chamber.

The photo below shows elderly and crippled Jews waiting to be taken to the gas chamber. Note that they are not being executed first. No, they are resting while they wait to be gassed.


Adolf Eichmann look-alike Ben Kingsley will star in new movie

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Eichmann, Adolf.jpg

Adolf Eichmann

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Eichmann look alike Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley will play the part of Adolf Eichmann in a new movie entitled “Operation Finale”.  These two men definitely look very much alike, as you can see by looking at their photos above.

You can read all about this in the recent news article, to which I have linked below:

Begin quote from news article

Oscar Isaac is already producing and starring in Nazi-hunting thriller Operation Finale. Now his target has been cast, as Ben Kingsley will play Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

… It tells the story of a group of Israeli spies from Mossad who work to track down general Eichmann in 1960s Argentina so he can be brought to justice for his many crimes during World War II.

Isaac will be Peter Malkin, the operative who led the mission to find the man who was one of the main architects of the holocaust. Weitz should be starting the cameras rolling in the autumn.

End quote from news article

According to Wikipedia, Kingsley’s maternal grandfather was either Russian-Jewish or German-Jewish.

According to my research, Kingsley’s mother Anna was the illegitimate daughter of an English woman.  A Jew impregnated Kingsley’s grand mother, on his mother’s side, and then abandoned both Kingsley’s mother and grandmother.

In other words, Kingsley’s mother was a half Jew.  But Kingsley was not a Jew according to Jewish law because his Jewish blood did not follow the matriarchal line.

This will be a very interesting movie, which I can’t wait to see!