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July 10, 2017

Auferstanden aus Ruinen

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I like this rendition of the song.  Unfortunately, I have not been able find a version with both English and German subtitles.  This version has no subtitles at all, but I really liked the black and white historical video that accompanies the song.

What did the door into the Auschwitz gas chamber look like?

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I have just recently discovered Quora and I found this photo which was copied from my website, and credit was given to my website.  Note however, that the link to my site is broken in the Quora article.

The photo above shows the door into the oven room at the Auchwitz main camp

The photo below is my original photo of this door taken in 1998 on my first visit to the Auschwitz camp.


My photo of the door into the oven room at Auschwitz

The original Holocaust story is that the Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz entered the alleged gas chamber through the front door which was across the street from the hospital where German SS soldiers were being treated for war wounds.


My photo of the front door into the gas chamber

Allegedly, the entrance, shown in my photo above, was changed so that the suffering German soldiers did not have to look at Jews marching into the gas chamber.

I have met some aging German soldiers who survived the war. They impressed me as being very nice people who would have been horrified to see Jews marching into a gas chamber.

The photo at the top of this page shows an original entrance door into the crematorium building at the Auschwitz main camp. This is the door that tourists now enter to see the gas chamber, and it is the same door that the Jewish victims allegedly entered.

According to the detailed construction plans for the air raid shelter, the windows shown in the photo were added in 1944.

Here is the quote from Quora, written by

Stephen Charbonneau, Political activist, in 2004

Not the exterior ones [doors].  Most of the doors in the facilities were destroyed by either the retreating SS or advancing Russians. 

The SS and concentration camp guards converted gas chambers into makeshift air raid shelters as the Russians drew nearer, and replaced the doors with ones that could be opened from the inside.  Few of the original doors in these structures survive– but here’s one. [see photo at the top of this page]

End quote from Stephen Charbonneau


The following is a quote from a page on my web site which you can read in full here.

Filip Müller, a prisoner who worked in the crematorium in the main Auschwitz camp, testified at the Auschwitz trial conducted by the German government at Frankfurt in 1964. A few years later, he wrote a book about the Auschwitz gas chamber, entitled “Eyewitness Auschwitz, Three Years in the Gas Chambers.”

The door shown in the photo above was described by Müller, who wrote that “after the victims were herded through this door, two SS men slammed shut the heavy iron-studded door which was fitted with a rubber seal and bolted it.”

In his book, Müller described how Max Graebner, the head of the Political Department, a branch office of the Gestapo, which was located next door to the gas chamber building, stood on the flat roof of the building and addressed the victims who had to assemble outside in the yard in front of the door shown above. He would tell the Jews that they had been brought to Auschwitz to work, but first they had to remove their clothing and then enter the building to take a shower, after which they would be given hot soup.

My photo of door into oven room at Auschwitz

My photo of inside the door into oven room

Now I understand what Quora is… (updated)

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I was mystified by Quora, but someone explained it to me. Quora is the Jewish Wikipedia.

Anyone can put up something on Wikipedia, and anyone can put up something on Quora, but anything put up on Quora must follow the Jewish version of the truth.

Here is an example of something put up on Quora:

If you click on the link above, you will find an article which includes a photo that is very similar to a photo that I took at Hartheim castle. The photo, which was taken by someone else at Hartheim Castle, was claimed, on Quora, to be a photo of a gas chamber.


This photo, taken by an unknown person, is not a photo of a gas chamber at Hartheim Castle.


My photo of the same ramp at Hartheim Castle is also not a photo of a gas chamber. The place at the end of this ramp is not a gas chamber.

End of story