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July 14, 2017

Germans agree to give Jews even more money!

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Jews asking Germans for still more money.  Photo credit Marco Limberg

The following quote is from a news article written on July 12th, 2017, which you can read in full by following the link above.

Begin quote from news article

The negotiators agreed to reduce the amount of time a person has to have lived “in hiding or under false identity” in order to be eligible for a pension, from six month to four months, which will affect an estimated 1,000 people who were not previously eligible. The budget for 2018 funding for partner agencies that provide in-home services for survivors was also increased by more than $60 million, and an agreement was reached to allow an estimated 5,000 people who in the past received smaller one-time payments for hardship to receive new payments that would make their compensation more commensurate with the amount provided nowadays.

End quote from news article.

It seems like I blog about this almost every day, but then more money is awarded to the Jews.

I just wrote about this subject a few days ago.  It is hard for me to keep up with all this news about holocaust victims constantly being awarded more money. You can review my last article about the Germans paying more money, that I wrote on July 13th by clicking on the link below.

The news article concludes with the following quote:

Begin quote

“When you’re talking about compensation for the Holocaust, there is no justice. Nothing is perfect,” Schneider says. “But it was a good piece of work.”

End quote



  1. None of these so-called survivors will probably ever see the color of this money. The racket organization called “Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany” has always been an Israeli fundraising tool. Since its inception in the early 1950’s, the Claims Conference used the huge sums of money extracted from Germany and other states as a funding source for the state of Israel and other Zionist activities. The only way these ‘survivors’ can take advantage of this money will be in the form of new Israeli infrastructures.

    Memoirs of Nahum Goldmann (the founder of the World Jewish Congress and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany)

    “Without the German reparations that started coming through during its first ten years as a state, Israel would not have half of its present infrastructure: all the trains in Israel are German, the ships are German, and the same goes for electrical installations and a great deal of Israel’s industry … and that is setting aside the individual pensions paid to survivors. Israel today received hundreds of millions of dollars in German currency each year. When [Israeli Minister of Finance and Minister of Trade and Industry] Pinhas Sapir made a great speech in my defence to the WJC (World Jewish Congress), he said: ‘Goldmann has brought Israel eight billion dollars.’ In some years the sums of money received by Israel from Germany have been as much as double or treble the contribution made by collections from international Jewry. Nowadays, there is no longer any opposition to the principle — even some members of Herut draw reparations. ” – Nahum Goldmann

    Comment by hermie — July 15, 2017 @ 8:11 am

  2. It was a good piece of work if you like scamming money away from the public givand then give it to the en to the Holoaxers who have done nothing to deserve it except lie.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — July 15, 2017 @ 6:18 am

  3. At this point, the identity of the German state and the elites who run it is based to a large degree on proving their moral soundness — and therefore fitness to lead — by wallowing in ‘Holocaust’ guilt and groveling before the Jews.

    Comment by eah — July 15, 2017 @ 1:04 am

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