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July 16, 2017

Girls und Panzer — Panzerlied

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Now the truth comes out — how the Donald won the election

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Read it and weep!

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

In some ways, his [Trump’s] position has evolved: from saying that the story of Russian interference was spread (and possibly invented) by sore-losing Democrats to conceding that Russia was behind the hacks of Democrats’ computer systems, and ultimately to confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin about the allegations.

But in other ways, Trump’s position has remained consistent: He maintains that even if Russia did interfere, that had no impact on the election’s outcome; he has repeatedly expressed doubt that Russia was behind the hacks (even after publicly saying it was); he has insisted that his campaign did not have any back-door dealings with Russia, calling claims to the contrary part of a political “witch hunt”; and he has defended those close to him as they have been accused of colluding with Moscow.

End quote

It doesn’t matter — he is “the Donald”. He’s rich and he can do whatever he wants.