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July 26, 2017

Russia and Comey — Hillary Clinton has said these 2 are the two biggest contributing factors to her loss

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According to a recent news article in “theHill” published on

Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book will double down on Russia’s interference and James Comey’s involvement in her stunning election defeat, according to sources familiar with the memoir. 

Privately, Clinton has told friends and longtime associates that she “wants the whole story out there” as she rushes to tweak and put the finishing touches on the book due out in September.

“She really believes that’s why she lost, and she wants to explain why in no uncertain terms,” one longtime ally said. “She wants the whole story out there from her own perspective. I think a lot of people are going to be really surprised by how much she reveals.”

The ally said the book of personal essays will be a “bombshell.”

The memoir’s focus on how Russia and Comey, the former FBI director fired earlier this year by President Trump, cost Clinton the White House would run counter to recent messaging from Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats about the party’s disappointing 2016 results.


  1. The Hill is a hack rag.

    Comment by eah — July 27, 2017 @ 4:28 am

  2. I’m sick. Sick,sick,sick. Sick and damn tired of hearing about the ruskies being involved in this shit. Right here is a good place to interject the ol,”excuses are like assholes,everybody has one,”adage. Shut the hell up people. Someone. Anyone. Give me hard,cold,irrefutable proof,the Reds were involved. Don’t wait for the CIA to give it to you. Those morons couldn’t find their ass with both hands. The Dems lost,because they suck. It’s that simple. What does Russia stand to gain,by Clinton losing? No,don’t say it’s because Putin hates women. That shit don’t fly. Bottom line. There’s nothing to support Russia interfering . I read stories that pop up in the liberal rags. Russia interfered . Yet the ignorant libs writing the articles,can’t give any solid evidence. They yammer on with senseless BS and their sheeple readers are stupid enough to buy it. It’s just like these pussy ass bitches crying about impeaching trump. Okay. What are the charges? They don’t have any. Okay. Then,SHUT THE F–K UP! Mindless libs that don’t have the first clue. It’s just like with Palin. Why was she a bad person? No she didn’t lose the election. That cheesedick McCain did that shit all on his own. No they hated her long before that. If someone has something to show me she’s an evil asshole,then bring it on. Once again,nobody has anything. Here’s what it comes down to. We’re a nation of dickless,spineless,easily confused,inbred moron, liberal yuppies. They’re gutless. They don’t have the first clue what it means,to lead. Clinton lost,because she sucks. If it’s a slow day at the news desk and the only thing available,is crybaby liberals,with their pathetic conspiracy theories,let’s make up rumors of our own . Try this one on. Minnie and Mickey are into beastiality. Their screwing Pluto. Scrooge McDuck (AKA Donald Duck),is a pedophile. He’s screwing his 3 duck nephews,”Huey,Dooie and Louie”. Snow White is banging all the dwarfs and last but not least,Pluto is gay. Why not talk about that. It makes as much sense as Clinton losing,because Russia fixed the election. Please. The idiot libs are killing me.

    Comment by Tim — July 26, 2017 @ 10:55 pm

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