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July 31, 2017

A new museum will soon open at the Treblinka death camp

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You can read here about the new museum that is going up at the site of the Treblinka death camp:,Poland-to-open-new-museum-at-German-Nazi-Treblinka-death-camp

Recent photo of Treblinka death camp

When I started studying the Holocaust, and going to the sites of the former camps, the first place that I went, was to Treblinka. I put up a section on my website about Treblinka:

My 1998 photo of the stones in the Treblinka symbolic cemetery

You can read all about Treblinka on my website at

The pages on my website, which are cited above, are strictly kosher. No Holocaust denial! When I went to visit Treblinka, I was a Holocaust believer. I did not start on the path to Denial, until after I saw Treblinka.

To understand what caused me to get on the path to Denial, start by reading this page on my website: