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August 5, 2017

Forgive the Nazis and make some money doing it

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Eva Kor is a Holocaust survivor who has made a career out of forgiving the Nazis.

You can read about it in this news article:

Why does Eva Kor advocate forgiving the Nazis? She’s alive, isn’t she? She could have been killed by the bombs that were dropped during World War II.  The camps were relatively safe from bombing.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote from article written by Eva Kor

Many of the people who survived the Holocaust have the “victim mentality,” which is to me a poor me mentality with too much focus on what was done to me. They have extreme difficulty in getting rid of that feeling, that I was used as a human guinea pig, or I was used in slave labor, or I was not treated like a human being. It is understandable, of course. I was a good victim for many years. There is a lot of anger that comes with that. The question is, what does the anger do to you? Does it help you? Who are you hurting when you are angry? You are not hurting the perpetrator – you are HELPING the perpetrator by remaining the victim. You are only hurting yourself.

In my experience, anger is a seed for war. Healthy, happy people do not start wars. Some people take out their anger on their children, or on themselves. But if you look at people who forgive, they are at peace with themselves. Therefore, forgiveness is a seed for peace. When I forgave Mengele, and then all the Nazis, and then anyone who had ever hurt me, I felt a tremendous burden lifted from my shoulders. I realized that although I was liberated in 1945, I was not free until I forgave in 1995.

I have spent a lot of time and effort promoting the idea of forgiveness because it helped me to heal. I am willing to do anything I humanly can to convince survivors to at least try it. I joke about it, but it’s a fact: forgiveness is free. Therefore everybody can afford it. It has no side effects. It works. If people do not like how it feels to be free, they can always take their pain back and remain victims. But I have not found a larger platform where I can advocate it. If some organization would adopt the idea and help me advocate it on the world scene, I think it would help some survivors. But maybe it is too late. They have lived like victims for 70 years. What are the chances they will try something new?

End quote

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  1. Best illustration of what Chutzpah is…

    The rapist forgave the raped. Ô, so magnanimous !

    Er…thank you?

    Comment by hermie — August 5, 2017 @ 3:27 pm

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