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August 11, 2017

Muslim refugees in Germany try to deal with Germany’s past

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Osman Jamo, left, a Syrian refugee, and Nina Coenen, right, an actor who produces films with migrants about German history social issues, stand at the main gate on the site of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. (Alexandra Rojkov/Alexandra Rojkov/The Washington Post)

The first thing that you have to understand about Germany is that Germany isn’t  Germany any more. It is now a place for refugees from any and every country in the world, but especially non-whites.

My 1999 photo of the entrance into Sachsenhausen

As you can see, by comparing the two photos above, the trees inside the camp have grown considerably since I took my photo of the camp in 1999.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

He [Osman Jamo] walked across the bleak expanse of what was once the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, toward the gas chamber that had been stocked with liquid Zyklon B, and posed the question that still strains the conscience of modern German society.

“How was it possible?” Osman Jamo asked.

Yet he also wondered why the site [Sachsenhausen], where barbed wire and guard towers stood dark against the brilliant sunshine of a summer afternoon in this town north of Berlin, had been preserved at all.

“Maybe the Jews want to keep these places going so they can be seen as victims forever,” he said of Sachsenhausen, which was mainly used for political prisoners but by the beginning of 1945 held 11,100 Jews.

End quote

Yes, that is correct. The Jews “want to keep these places going so they can be seen as victims forever.” But more importantly, the Jews want Germany to be destroyed and the space to be occupied by non-white and non-Germans. Angela Merkel has pledged to make that happen. Thanks to her, Germany has now been overrun by non-whites. Will Germany ever be a German country again? No, that ship has sailed. Germany will soon be completely non-white.



  1. “how is it possible”?
    You mean mass extermination plan of Jews? it’s not, they are dispersed all over the world and are fake Jews, the just practice a hateful religion. But if you mean how is it possible the Germans would expect the Jews and lock them in ghetto labor camps like Auschwitz? well 150 nation states had expelled the the Jews in the last 1500 years. Germany is simply the most recent. But if you mean gas Chambers well that never happened. However about gas Chambers we know that the Bolshevik Jews had just used them to murder 60 million Christian Russians, and since the Germans saw they were infiltrating Germany they had no choice but to arrest all Jews, just like after pearl harbour America had no choice but to arrest all Japanese living in the US.

    Comment by Jake benjamin — August 12, 2017 @ 5:57 pm

  2. The newspaper article states: “He [Osman Jamo] walked across the bleak expanse of what was once the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, toward the gas chamber that had been stocked with liquid Zyklon B”

    The “liquid Cyklon B” gas chamber at Sachsenhausen was even too ridiculous for the Soviets, so ridiculous that they (the Soviets) destroyed it in 1952 or 1953…

    Soviet photo from May or June 1945, of the gas chamber at Sachsenhausen, with showerheads and a window.

    “The gas chamber was installed in 1943 in a tiled room with worked showers. SS men placed small bottles filled with liquid Cyclon B into a ventilation system fitted next to the door that is visible in the photo. When the bottle was broken with a spike, the gas was forced together with warmed air into the gas chamber. The ventilation system cannot be seen in the photo because it was hidden by the SS in the Industrial Yard and was not rediscovered in the transformer shed until shortly after this picture was taken.”

    “The showers were not only installed as a deception. As an SS man later testified before a court in the Federal Republic of Germany, the warm water was supposed to enhance the effect of the gas.”

    Former inmate Paul Sakowski demonstrating to the Soviet Commission of Investigation how the gas chamber worked. (From the film “Todeslager Sachsenhausen” (Death Camp Sachsenhausen), 1946-47/Berlin, Progress Film Distribution)

    From August 1945 to 1950, the Soviets established the NKVD special camp Nr. 7 there, and Roman Rudenko, the Soviet Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg mock trials, was one of the camp’s commandants ( .

    German colonel Gerhart Schirmer

    “I was held by the Russians in Sachsenhausen, and made to build a gas chamber there; this is what I saw…”
    – Gerhart Schirmer.

    “Sachsenhausen – Workuta, Zehn Jahre in den Fängen der Sowjets,” By Gerhar Schirmer (Grabert Verlag, Tübingen, 1992)

    Extracts from pages 10, 13 and 37: “There exists a notarized, sworn affidavit about the construction of a gas chamber and a shooting facility [at Sachsenhausen concentration camp] in October/November 1945 by eight prisoners, of whom I was one. Briefly described, this ‘gas chamber’ was a shower room with 25 showerheads in the ceiling. This was supposed to give the impression that the gassing was conducted in it. Adjoining this, we erected a separate chamber with an opening, in front of which the offender would sit facing the opposite side in order to receive a shot in the back of his neck. At least this was what the guide had to explain [to Soviet visitors]. This [guide] was our Fritz Dörbeck who, as a translator, had to act out this piece of theatre because – born in Russia – he spoke perfect Russian.”

    Schirmer was a prisoner at the NKVD Special Camp No 7 and he was released by the Soviets in 1956.

    In 1986, he stated:

    [begin quote]… in early October 1945 I was placed in Oranienburg [i.e. Sachsenhausen] concentration camp (barrack room 19) which continued to be used by the Soviets. After about fourteen days I was brought into the ‘Steinbau’ (stone buildings) and there, together with seven other prisoners, presented to the political officer of the camp, Lieutenant-Colonel Kolowantienkow. From him we received an order to carry out certain construction work in the so-called Front Zone (Vorzone) of the camp.

    Among the seven other prisoners was Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Dörbeck. He was the son of a German geologist who in about 1905 had been tasked by the Tsarist administration to carry out some geological research in the region of Vladivostok. Dörbeck grew up there and spoke fluent Russian. In 1918 the Dörbeck family returned to Germany via China. After his release in 1956, Fritz Dörbeck became the sales director of AEG-Telefunken in Ulm and I remained a close friend of his till his death in 1982.

    The seven prisoners also included one Emil Klein, a Sudeten German who also spoke fluent Czech and some Russian. He supervised our construction work and then disappeared from the camp after its completion. We suspected at the time that this Klein was the intermediary [Vertrauensmann] for the Soviets. The seven also included four construction workers and a plumber. I no longer remember their names.

    In the middle of October 1945 we were taken to the construction site. There, in the so-called Front Zone of the Camp, was a large shower room with an ante-room. The shower room was about 8×10 square metres and contained about twenty-five shower heads. In the ante-room were about fifty coat hooks.

    When we arrived, the material required for the construction work was already there. Under the directions of Klein, we now connected pipes from outside the building to the water supply pipes [Wassernetz]. Outside, on the outside of the wall, taps were attached. Only now was Dipl.-Ing. Dörbeck the first to understand what this work was apparently about.

    We built an additional concrete cell adjoining the bathroom measuring about 4×2 square metres with an opening into the ante-room of the shower room. The new opening from the ante-room to the newly built so-called ‘execution room’ [Erschießungsraum] was about 20 cms wide. It was made to look as if the offender who was to be shot would have stood at the entrance facing the concrete wall enabling the person with the gun to fire a shot into the back of his head.

    The construction works went on for about 14 days. When Dipl.-Ing. Dörbeck and I realised what was being built, we went to the political officer and told him that we refused to undertake any further work. The political officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Kolowantienkow, spoke – often heatedly – with Dörbeck for about fifteen minutes in Russian. Dörbeck later told me that the political officer had said that we would be summarily shot if we ceased to do any further work or let slip one word about it. The political officer said furthermore that we were receiving good rations (which was true) and that he – Dörbeck – would later be required to explain the installation to groups of Soviet visitors. The political officer also said that we would be well-treated in the future and receive good rations. As we were unable to prevent the construction of the installation, it seemed to make sense to us that we should continue the work and, in this way, learn what was being made there.

    After completion, at about the end of October 1945, Dipl.-Ing. Dörbeck was brought before the political officer alone and received precise instructions about the explanations he was to give to Soviet groups of visitors. He had to say the following: “This installation, which was built by the Nazis, served to kill [Vernichtung] Jews and Soviet officer prisoners. Each day some 200 people were gassed and about twenty-five were shot. This went on from 1943 till 1945 (April)”.

    From about December 1945 until the end of 1947 an average of two tours a week, each consisting of some thirty to forty Soviet men, mostly soldiers and people from the GPU, and women, were escorted by Dörbeck round the installation. There were often officers amongst them who quite openly expressed doubts about the age of the installation because they saw that the concrete was new, that there were no bullet holes from the executions in the concrete wall and that the blood stains (red paint) were very meagre and unconvincing.

    Dörbeck reported to me after each tour. … After Oranienburg concentration camp was closed down in January 1950, Dörbeck and I were sent first to Lichtenberg (Berlin) Prison and then in September 1950 to Vorkuta in the northern Urals.

    Signed Gerhart Schirmer
    Rastatt, 16.12.86 [end quote]

    Comment by hermie — August 11, 2017 @ 1:59 pm

  3. Rubbing out the Holocost is a refusal I won’t do. The world needs to keep understanding these Horrors are Horrors. Murders of 6million on purpose by some idiot whom was a drug addict is ridiculous to a beautiful human race, whom by the way we could all have been born into. Least not people forget, by the Grace of God stands I. Susan E. Myer

    Comment by Susan Myers — August 11, 2017 @ 11:08 am

    • You wrote: ” Least not people forget, by the Grace of God stands I.”

      I think the expression is as follows: There, but for the grace of God, go I.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 11, 2017 @ 11:12 am

    • Susan

      You might want to do more research into the things your are talking about.
      The problem with people like you is you think you have all the answers and you refuse to look at the other side. All topics are debatable EXCEPT…the Holy-Cost, why is that?
      What do they have to hide? You might want to try to deprogram yourself from your past and start learning the truth about what really happened during this time period that is called the Holocaust.
      Have you noticed there are NO debates anywhere on the topic? The Pro Holohoax lobby refuses to debate the issue. Reason being they will lose the debate hands down because they couldn’t produce the information that they are saying they have.
      They depend on people like you to not check the sources they promote and guess what you don’t and have yourself the lies they want you to believe.
      If you really care about the topic start by doing some homework.

      Recommended truthful sites…Honestly I don’t have too much hope for you because people like you feel they have all the answers and can’t be told anything….
      Hopefully you can prove me wrong….I’ve been waiting for people to come along and do that with bonafide truthful facts but that hasn’t happened as of yet.
      How about doing your homework and prove me wrong. There is enough information below to keep you pretty busy. For some reason I don’t think this is your first trip to this site….

      Comment by Jim Rizoli — August 11, 2017 @ 12:09 pm

    • Well said Susan.

      Just kidding.

      Now for another point of view:

      Comment by eah — August 11, 2017 @ 12:47 pm

    • Susan E. Myer,
      Adolf Hitler was ignorant in believing you Jews are a race, and therefore he always protected the Jews. See “David Irving talking frankly”.

      If he had understood that Jews are simply people who follow the criminal religion of Judaism, which forbids compassion- “Lo Sichonaym”

      “Recently I asked two major poskim whether it is permitted to
      send an unsolicited donation toward tsunami relief.
      In the case I posed to them, the recipients would not know a
      Jew was sending the donation.
      There would be no Kiddush HaShem if it were sent nor would
      there be a Chilul HaShem if it were withheld.
      Both eminent authorities ruled that in such a case it was clearly a violation
      of the negative prohibition of “Lo Sichonaym”,
      we are not permitted to do a gratuitous act of kindness for a non-Jew.”

      , which forbids the saving of the Non-Jew from death
      -It is forbidden to break the Sabbath to save a Non-Jew from death within Rabbinic Judaism,
      but allowed if it is a public relations trick, according to
      Jewish humanist Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman:

      ” If you intended to save the patient’s life so as to facilitate
      good relations between Jews and non-Jews,
      your actions were permissible. But if,
      to the contrary, you intended to save the patient out
      of universal morality, then you were in fact guilty of
      violating the Sabbath,”

      -Religious endorsement also for deceiving the Non-Jews.
      The professor writes further down:

      “Later, in class, the teacher apologized to us students for what he said to the doctor.
      His comments, he said, were inappropriate — not because they were wrongheaded,
      but because non-Jews were present in the audience when he made them.
      The double standard of Jews and non-Jews, in other words, was for him truly irreducible:
      it was not just about noting that only Jewish lives merited violation of the Sabbath,
      but also about keeping the secret of why non-Jewish lives might be saved. ”

      Jewish humanist Rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg, confirms the lethal criminal conspiracy and the deception and lies of Rabbinic Judaism

      Page 112
      “The spiritual state in all circles brings sadness and hopelessness.
      I have bitter thoughts about the very existence of the nation and its hopes for the future.
      The entire world hates us. We assume that this hatred is due to the wickedness of the nations,
      and so no one stops to think that perhaps we also bear some guilt. We regard all the nations as similiar to an ass.
      It is forbidden to save a Gentile,
      it is forbidden to offer him free medical treatment,
      it is forbidden to violate the Sabbath to save his life,
      his sexual intercourse
      does not render a woman forbidden to her husband according to R. Tam, because their issue is like the issue of horses.
      Can the nations resign themselves to such a deprivation of rights?
      It is permitted to deceive a Gentile and cancel his debt as well as forbidden to return his lost object!
      What can we do? Can we uproot our Torah teaching with apologetic formulae
      or clever deceptions. God knows that I have written this with the blood of my heart, the blood of my soul”

      and where the very climax of the the criminal religion of Judaism is the extermination of the Non-Jews who refuse inferiority and the enslavement of the rest,


      then Adolf Hitler The Great, the Champion of the Goyim, would have exterminated all followers of the criminal religion of Judaism, and he would have been right to do so in respect of self defence for his people, the Goyim.

      Even your own Talmud says: “if you know that somebody is planning to kill you, then you kill him first”.
      From this we conclude that the Torah She Bal Peh, concludes that there can be wars in self defence.
      Hence the Goyim have the moral right to exterminate all followers of the criminal religion of Judaism.

      Now, before the intifada goes global, we wait and see if the Jews will eventually denounce the criminality of Judaism, because we are not satanists who kill innocent children.
      This work of denouncing the criminality of Judaism has already started among Jews, See here

      So we wait until it is clear who the people are who reject that all people are made equal, and when this is clear, we will hunt them down, stab them and hack them to death in the streets, Rwanda style, and we will also build Gas chambers for the first time, then your fantasies will come true at last.

      Comment by Lasse Karagiannis (@Amalek_) — August 11, 2017 @ 5:04 pm

  4. How to destroy the WHITE race…there is a plan and the goyim whites aren’t paying attention


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — August 11, 2017 @ 10:41 am

      • Who the f–k is the band ? They suck ! They should have Blackie Lawless and WASP play there. They could do,”animal”. From the lyrics,”White Anglo Saxon,violent reaction”. If they don’t like Blackie,they could always book,”Skrewdriver”. They can do their song,”White Power”. For some reason,the sound wasn’t to good on the video . I heard that lil shit say,”we are a corrosive people”. I’m guessing he’s a jew.

        Comment by Tim — August 11, 2017 @ 3:57 pm

        • Yes, he’s a Jew, Tim. His name is Douglas Rushkoff.

          Tim wrote: “I heard that lil shit say,”we are a corrosive people””

          He also said that Jews “don’t believe in the boundaries of nation-states,” that they “smash things that aren’t true,” and that the anti-Semites are right to regard them as enemies (“our detractors have us right”). And given that they “smash things that aren’t true,” what they labelled as “artificial constructions,” no surprise Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev openly advocates the annihilation of the White race after calling it a mere social construct.

          Comment by hermie — August 11, 2017 @ 9:32 pm

          • Arrogant,snot nosed lil bitch. Think we can guide him down a dead end street with a bunch of ABs and Klansmen at the end of it? I don’t like Dynamite Bob from the Alabama KKK. Four little black girls were killed at the church he planted dynamite at in Birmingham,Alabama . Hes dead,but we could sure use him right now. He’d make light work of Jew boy. I’m not gonna apologize . That piece of shit has no concern for human life,so his is of no import to me.

            I’ll admit,I wasn’t totally in line with all the talk of Jews wanting to take over the world. For me it was along the same lines as Area 51 . Conspiracy theories . However when I see a Jew dog talking like that. His condescending attitude. F–k you,we’re better than the rest of the world,it’s an eye opener. With that kind of attitude he had,it makes it that much easier to accept the holo is Jew BS. Although I don’t laugh when someone dies,I take a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing Earl Krugel and his bitch Irv Ruben got bumped off in lockdown. They say Irv offed himself in the L A County Jail. I say with his racist attitude,he probably pissed off some Bloods and Crips that were locked up in there at the time. At least ol Earl made it to the federal pen. He survived 3 whole days before an AB member got his ass in the prison yard. No pity for either one from me. It’s easy to see why people hate Jews . I mean people hate blacks. I can’t see a legitimate reason there. The people that loathe Jews,I understand completely. Like I said,the Jews I’ve known,I’ve no problem with them. It’s the collective I have a problem with. Then again Dougie was probably the kid that got his ass kicked every day in school. Now he gets to act like a big man. I got a friend who rides with “The Sons of Silence”. He’d say,”it’s time to educate that lil shit”.

            Comment by Tim — August 12, 2017 @ 1:33 am

            • Tim wrote: “Then again Dougie was probably the kid that got his ass kicked every day in school. Now he gets to act like a big man. I got a friend who rides with “The Sons of Silence”. He’d say,”it’s time to educate that lil shit”.”

              Perhaps Douglas Rushkoff was the kid that got his ass kicked every day in school. But I think that such a view amounts to exculpating him (to some extent, at least) and, worse, to doing Jewish a very big favor. From my knowledge of the Jewish problem and the goals of Jewry, Dougie’s only fault was his frankness. He just exposed what Judaism is really about, most of time behind the scenes. He’s not a lunatic guy with weird ideas. He was a naive young man who had not yet understood that the final success of the Jewish plans (see the link to a website dealing with “tikkun olam” posted above) and Jewry’s safety are based on secrecy. Blaming him for saying that is like beating a Muslim guy for talking about the dhimmi system (that makes second-class citizens of the non-Muslim people who live in a Muslim country) in a country with a rapidly growing Muslim population. Better to listen to his words as a warning.

              I know that most Americans dislike the very idea of blaming an entire group for its faults, harmful activities and evil plans. I also know that most Americans have been trained to believe that no people ever banded together in order to reach secret purposes and that only crazy paranoid guys can believe in such a thing. But some human beings actually band together, plan things (conspire, plot), and work together for the achievement of their plans, though under other avowed pretexts. I don’t think that the rebellious colonies that later became the United States of America, would have been able to get rid of the mighty British Empire without a certain amount of planning, secrecy and coordination. And Stauffenberg and his buddies are, of course, not the only guys who ever plotted and implemented a conspiracy (almost the only conspiracy not labelled as a crazy conspiracy theory in the West these days) in human history, far from it. For a fuller grasp of the Jewish problem, Jewry should be regarded as some kind of mafia with strip clubs as a cover-up but with more than mere lucrative ends. You can sometimes hear some Jews say that Jewry’s famous Chosenness is not only about special rights but also about special duties. They are right. And when one is beginning to look into these duties, one is entering the forbidden zone with the study of what the Jewish problem/question is really about…

              Comment by hermie — August 12, 2017 @ 7:25 am

              • He’s still an idiot. Okay,so he’s not researched everything. He’s repeating what he’s been told. So you’re saying he doesn’t have all the facts? He reminds me of this one episode of Penn and Tellars “Bullshit” show. They wanted to prove how stupid people are. They got a petition going,to ban water. They sent an intern from the show out with a petition (you wouldn’t believe how many people out there,don’t know what h2o stands for). This gal went to where there was another protest. She’s walking up to people asking them to sign the petition. She’s telling them,”h2o is present in our water supply. Please sign the petition”. In the words of George Carlin,”people are f–kin dumb.” These morons were signing shit,that they didn’t have a clue about. They wanted to be hip and go along with the crowd. That’s what this cheesedick reminds me of. He’s not acquainted with the proverbial,”facts”.

                I’m the type person,I don’t make disparaging remarks about an entire group condemning them. Not all wetbacks are bad. Some want to come over here and give their children a better life than they had. Not all blacks are bad. Some think leeching off the welfare system. In the case of the Jews,I condem the entire collective (they’re starting to remind me of the Borg from Star Trek ). I’ve only known 2 jews I would classify as “decent”. Fran and my Sgt. from Nam. You might hear a lot of blacks saying ,they’re “owed” something. The Jews on the other hand not only say it,but they get it. I think it’s fair to say,”Germany has been given to them”. Shitload of other things I can think of. So yeah,I’m more than willing to condem the collective on shit like that.

                So Jew boy just repeats what he’s heard. He’s part of the problem then. Just like the people signing the h2o ban,he’s just going along with the crowd. Like I said,I used to think Jew world domination was BS. Now it looks like it’s not conspiracy. You know, I’d rather see blacks get the money over the slavery issue,than the Jews get dime one. Slavery was a very “real” part of history. Funny thing about that,you don’t hear the blacks cry about it hardly.

                Comment by Tim — August 12, 2017 @ 12:52 pm

                • You wrote: “You wrote ,” I eat “lost” of potatoes”.”
                  Yes, I spotted this error and corrected it. I did not make this error because of poor memory. This was an error caused by typing too fast.

                  Comment by furtherglory — August 12, 2017 @ 1:02 pm

                • Okay. Pop used to always tell me,now slow down. No ones got a gun to your head. You’re a journalist. You’re used to typing fast. I’m of the “hunt and peck” variety. That’s what my typing teacher called it in high school. I’m not even sure if they offer typing in school anymore.

                  Comment by Tim — August 12, 2017 @ 2:38 pm

                • Tim wrote: “He’s repeating what he’s been told. So you’re saying he doesn’t have all the facts?”

                  No, I’m saying that his young age made him say things Jews usually keep hidden from Goyim.

                  Tim wrote: “In the words of George Carlin, ”people are f–kin dumb.” These morons were signing shit, that they didn’t have a clue about. They wanted to be hip and go along with the crowd.”

                  The essence of democracy. Not freedom, the illusion of freedom. Nothing like chains most people can not see…

                  Tim wrote: “I’m the type person,I don’t make disparaging remarks about an entire group condemning them. Not all wetbacks are bad. Some want to come over here and give their children a better life than they had. Not all blacks are bad. Some think leeching off the welfare system.”

                  It’s not about the badness of all the individuals in a specific group or another. It’s about the need for group strategies of self-defense against the nefarious actions of a specific hostile group. Can’t blame Geronimo and Sitting Bull for understanding that the continuation of their way of life and freedom went together with victory over the European settlers. And saying this, of course, doesn’t amount to saying that all Whites [or even many Whites] were/are bad. Roughly, Hitler was the Sitting Bull of Central Europe, starting a rebellion against the Jewish rulers of Germany and their treacherous collaborators, with 6 other Braves (Hitler was reportedly the 7th member of the D.A.P. (later N.S.D.A.P.)) and then tens of millions more. Freiheit über alles !

                  Comment by hermie — August 12, 2017 @ 5:28 pm

              • edit: read “to doing Jewry a very big favor” instead of “to doing Jewish a very big favor.”

                Comment by hermie — August 12, 2017 @ 7:16 pm

                • However you word it,it’s from the same pile of shitty ass lies,right?

                  Comment by Tim — August 12, 2017 @ 8:55 pm

                • Irv Ruben . There’s that lil bitches name again. Where was his boyfriend Earl Krugel at? I know that Lyin ass Jew “was” involved in that shit,in Canada . He and boyfriend were the ones that the Feds popped,because they were planning to blow up that mosque in California and conspired to mail a letter bomb to a U S Senator .

                  Poor Irv. Couldn’t handle life in the L A County Jail,so he offed himself. I say the Bloods and Crips were probably passing his fat ass around for cigarettes . Well black men do love their bitches to have fat asses. As for his boyfriend Earl ,we can thank an AB for taking his Jew ass out at the Phoenix Federal Pen. I don’t know about Earl,but Irv saying he wasn’t involved in that shit in Canada,is BS. The JDL is just as violent as the ABs,Skins or the Klan.

                  Schermer. I knew I recognized that name. He had nice things to say about that gentleman? Schemer runs the “Skeptics Magazine”. He’s skeptical of everything,but the holo. He wrote a book ( I’ve never read it). The description of the book is that,he debunks every claim,a holo denier can make.

                  Then there was something else I saw one time. It was called,”debating the undebateable;the Weber-Shermer clash “. You’ve probably heard of it. Sherberts a real piece of work. He has an arrogant ass attitude. He debunks everything that people say could possibly exist ( Area 51, Bigfoot,lizard man. Shit like that). So why is it so easy for him to say the holo exists? Mikey’s an ass.

                  Comment by Tim — August 13, 2017 @ 1:44 am

                • Tim wrote: “However you word it,it’s from the same pile of shitty ass lies,right?”

                  What do you mean?

                  Comment by hermie — August 13, 2017 @ 6:34 am

                • You changed it to “doing jewery a big favor ” from your original,”doing Jewish a big favor”. I figure as long as the word “Jew” is in there,it’s gonna be nothing but lies when people start talking about helping the Jews . Something like that. I guess it’s like.if the Jews or their supporters say something to help out the Jews ,it’s all from the same BS pile of lies. Sad part,nobody wants to question them. Since no one wants to question the lies,the Jew cause just keeps moving forward

                  Comment by Tim — August 13, 2017 @ 5:53 pm

                • OK. I see, Tim. I hadn’t understood your last comment because my edition was that of a sentence about YOUR help to Jewry when you were dealing with rare whistleblowers as some kind of lunatic fringes speaking only for themselves.

                  Comment by hermie — August 13, 2017 @ 8:13 pm

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