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August 30, 2017

Photo of Trump shows him giving a Nazi salute

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A person holds a copy of the ‘Stern’ news magazine in Berlin, Germany, Friday, Aug. 25, 2017 showing U.S. President Donald Trump draped in the American flag while giving a stiff-armed Nazi salute.

The magazine article says “Germans must surely know that by misappropriating” Nazi symbols “they belittle and becloud” past crimes.

The following quote is from the news article which shows the photo above:

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This week’s cover of a popular German news magazine depicting U.S. President Donald Trump draped in the American flag while giving a stiff-armed Nazi salute is drawing sharp criticism from a prominent Jewish group.

Stern magazine’s illustration is part of a cover story headlined “Sein Kampf,” which translates as “His Struggle” and is a play on Adolf Hitler’s infamous “Mein Kampf.”

Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center says it’s been “outspoken in criticizing President Trump for failing to make a distinction between Nazis and KKK protesters and those who opposed them.” But it said “the depiction of the president as a latter-day Hitler by a major German publication is untrue and beyond the pale.”

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A Holocaust memorial is not the place for a Pop Star to pose

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Xonia, 28, posed suggestively in hotpants, a low-cut top and thigh-high boots at the Bucharest Holocaust Memorial

The following quote is from the news article which includes the photo above:

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The stunning blonde, [in the photo above] whose real name is Loredana Sachelaru, was widely criticised after sharing the provocative photographs with her army of followers on social media.

And many fans questioned her choice of venue for the photoshoot, wondering whether she understood that it was a memorial to Jews killed in Nazi death camps.

Xonia was born in Australia but her parents are Romanian and she has dual citizenship.

Many also questioned why the security guards who protect the memorial around the clock allowed her to pose for the raunchy photographs there.

Netizen said: “Those people were gassed and you chose the monument that commemorates them to show your a** there?! Very ugly!”

Xonia did not reply to her critics but she has left the photographs on her social media page and is also reportedly planning to use one of them on the cover of her new album.

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What a revolting development this is! Imagine posing this way where people were gassed to death! People today have no respect for anything.  The people who were gassed would be turning over in their graves — if they had a grave.