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September 19, 2017

What the USHMM does not want you to know about Syria any more

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These three videos were suggested in an outstanding comment made on my blog by Hermie.  They were in response to a recent blog post I made that you can read here:

The video above was filmed at the USHM and the other two I believe Hermie provided for balance.

You can read all about it in the article titled:

Reporting on the Holocaust Museum’s Retracted Genocide Study

in Tablet Mag that I provided a link to above.

Begin quote from Tablet Magazine

Number of dead in Syria since the beginning of the war: 500,000.

Number of days since the Obama administration has been in power: 241.

Number of pages in a controversial United States Holocaust Museum report on Obama’s decision not to intervene to stop the genocide in Syria: 193.

Number of days it took the museum to pull the report: Eight.

Number of museum board members contacted by The New York Times: 63.

Number of them who commented on the record: 0.

Number of lawmakers who are museum trustees: Eight.

Number of them who would comment: 1 (“Of all the monuments and symbols in our nation’s capital, none has a more important message than the Holocaust museum,” [Orrin] Hatch said in a statement. “It would be a tragedy for that message to be even slightly diminished by partisan politics.”)

Number of words in the New York Times piece about it: 1,358.

Number of those words that are “Jew” or “Jewish”: 0.

End quote

New York Magazine published some links to the papers that have been taken down on September 7, 2017.  You can see them by following the link to their article below.

Here Is the Syria Report Withdrawn by the US Holocaust Museum

Begin quote from September 7th New York Magazine article

Last night, a source outside the Holocaust Museum sent Daily Intel the study, which consists of six separate papers. Below are links to PDFs of the six, with the first being a brief summary of the entire effort by Lawrence Woocher, who is the Simon-Skjodt Center’s research director.

1. Lawrence Woocher, “Missed Opportunities for Prevention?: A Study of U.S. Policy and Atrocities in Syria since 2011.”

2. Mona Yacoubian, “Critical Junctures in US Policy toward Syria: An Assessment of the Counterfactuals”

3. Andrew Kydd, “Subsidizing Rebels, Taxing Atrocities: Saving Lives in Civil Wars”

4. Ian Lustick, Miguel Garces, and Thomas McCauley, “An Agent-Based Model of Counterfactual Opportunities for Reducing Atrocities in Syria, 2011 – 2014”

5. Daniel Solomon, “Evaluating Counterfactual US Policy Action in Syria, 2011 – 2016: A Review of Empirical Evidence from Related Cases”

6. Lawrence Woocher, “A Survey of Expert Judgments on the Effects of Counterfactual US Actions on Civilian Fatalities in Syria, 2011 – 2016”

End quote



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