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October 14, 2017

Auschwitz survivor draws the horror of the Nazi death camps

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This is what Auschwitz survivors allegedly looked like

In this news article, you can read about what the survivors of Auschwitz allegedly looked like:

If the survivors of Auschwitz really looked like this, why did the Nazis allow them to live? Why not kill them and burn the bodies, so that no one would know what had happened in the camp?

Could it be that this drawing of the survivors is not accurate?

I have some photos of the Auschwitz survivors on my website; you can see these photos below:

Men who survived Auschwitz

Women who survived Auschwitz

Child survivors walk out of Auschwitz

Women who survived Auschwitz

Could it be that these photos are fake, and that the survivors were not in good condition, as shown in these photos?

National Holocaust Monument opens in Ottawa

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The monument’s entrance. Photography by Doublespace Photography.

You can read about the new monument in this recent news article:

For those people who do not understand why the Jews were Holocausted, take a look at the photo above.

Hitler was an amateur artist; he enjoyed painting pictures. But he did not paint pictures like the one shown above. If Hitler had a grave, which he does not, he would be turning over in it at the thought of the monument shown in the photo above.