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October 30, 2017

Halloween customs — then and now

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When I was a child, there were no treats on the night of Halloween — only tricks. Little children did not dress up in costumes and go door to door asking “Trick or treat?”

People stayed home so that they could protect their house from being the target of tricks.

When I was a child, the favorite trick that was done in the small town where I lived, was putting a large piece of farm machinery on top of a building where it would be very difficult to get it town.

This was done during the dead of night. The building was on Main Street very close to the Catholic church where Catholics would see it the next morning on their way to Mass.

In my town, instead of saying “better call Saul” the townspeople would say “better call Bill”.

Bill was my father. Bill could neither read nor write, but he was very smart — he knew how to get a piece of farm equipment down from a roof without breaking the machinery or the roof. He would bring ropes and direct the men in the town in the art of bringing a tractor safely down.

old farm tractor

One year, my mother took me out in the cold, just after day break, so that I could watch as my father climbed up on the top of the building where there was a large piece of farm equipment, and then directed the safe removal of the machinery by several men in the town.


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  1. The kids in my town would always do funny things with the school the night before Halloween, called cabbage night.
    One time they went and took the local farm animals and put them in the school middle courtyard, another time they lined the 500 ft long flat roof with all the pumpkins they stole from all the neighbors.
    They would put objects that were pretty unusual on the flag pole. Most everything was done for fun and not destructive. Except for time to get the areas back to normal people laughed at the antics. Things done at the school were looked at as pretty creative and funny.
    I remember they put a Volkswagon car on the roof. Considering the roof was a good fifteen foot high or so, not an easy task.
    Now in regards to the rest of the town on cabbage night, thats when the more destructive things happened to the towns peoples property. So if you were not liked this was the time for the kids to get back at you. You actually had to keep watch to make sure your property was protected. Cars and homes were egged, windows broken, toilet paper littered the trees, you get the picture.

    I don’t think the kids do these type of things today because most of them are not rebellious and couldn’t take the heat for doing these type of things today, or at least the newspaper doesn’t report these type of things happening.
    My town would protect all the important peoples kids anyway. I live in a town that one of the Keefe Technical School committee members was caught with drugs and actually involved in an accident or something related to that and guess what, he’s still on the school committee. If it was me I’d be in jail.
    They come after me for Holocaust denial yet they allow the special people to get away with their illegal activities scott free.
    Interesting town I live in.

    Framingham Mass the most liberal corrupt town in the country. A town that is considered a sanctuary city that the leaders and the lawmakers support the lawbreakers. The police actually protect the illegal immigrants.
    My first page of my website deals with these issues if you are interested.

    Jim Rizoli

    Comment by Jim Rizoli — October 30, 2017 @ 1:17 pm

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