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November 8, 2017

Sturm, Sturm, Sturm

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German original English translation
Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm!
Läutet die Glocken von Turm zu Turm!
Läutet, daß Funken zu sprühen beginnen,
Judas erscheint, das Reich zu gewinnen,
Läutet, daß blutig die Seile sich röten,
Rings lauter Brennen und Martern und Töten,
Läutet Sturm, daß die Erde sich bäumt
Unter dem Donner der rettenden Rache!
Wehe dem Volk, das heute noch träumt!
Deutschland, erwache! Erwache!
Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm!
Läutet die Glocken von Turm zu Turm,
Läutet die Männer, die Greise, die Buben,
Läutet die Schläfer, aus ihren Stuben,
Läutet die Mädchen herunter die Stiegen,
Läutet die Mütter hinweg von den Wiegen.
Dröhnen soll sie und gellen die Luft,
Rasen, rasen im Donner der Rache,
Läutet die Toten aus ihrer Gruft!
Deutschland, erwache! Erwache!
Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm! Sturm!
Läutet die Glocken von Turm zu Turm,
Los ist die Schlange, der Höllenwurm!
Torheit und Lüge zerbrach seine Kette,
Gier nach dem Gold im scheußlichen Bette!
Rot wie von Blut stehet der Himmel in Flammen,
Schauerlich krachen die Giebel zusammen.
Schlag auf Schlag, die Kapelle, auf sie!
Heulend peitscht sie in Trümmer der Drache!
Läutet zum Sturme jetzt oder nie!
Deutschland, erwache! Erwache!
Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm!
Ring the bells from tower to tower!
Ring until sparks begin to fly,
Judas appears to win the Reich!
Ring until the ropes turn red from blood,
With only burning, torture and murder around,
Ring the storm until the earth rises,
Under the thunder of liberating vengeance!
Woe to the people that is still dreaming today!
Germany, awaken! Awaken!
Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm!
Ring the bells from tower to tower!
Ring the men, the old and the young,
Ring the sleepers out of their parlours,
Ring the girls down the stairs,
Ring the mothers away from the cradles!
The air shall clang and cannonade,
Rushing forth in the thunder of vengeance!
Ring the dead out of their grave!
Germany, awaken! Awaken!
Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm! Storm!
Ring the bells from tower to tower!
The serpent is let loose, the wyrm of hell!
Folly and lie has broken its chain,
Greed for gold in the hideous bed!
Bloody red the sky stands in flames,
Gruesomely the gables crash together,
Blow for blow on the chapel they crash!
Blustering the dragon smashs it to pieces!
Call the storm, now or never!
Germany, awaken! Awaken!

Stumbling stones stolen in Berlin

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What are “stumbling stones” you ask?

Stumbling stones are Holocaust memorial stones set into the sidewalks in German cities, as shown above.

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote

Multiple “stumbling stones” bearing names of people murdered or abducted by the Nazis were uprooted overnight in Berlin, German media report. Police are investigating, and some local politicians blame far-right extremists for the theft.

The Holocaust memorial stones were stolen from Berlin’s districts of Neukoelln and Britz, the Berliner Kurier newspaper reported on Tuesday. Local residents reported more missing stones later in the day, prompting police to launch an investigation into the thefts.

End quote

In other words, the Germans are getting sick of the Jews and it has gotten to the point that the Germans might carry out another Holocaust. Enough already!

The Jews have come back to Germany in droves because they think that they won’t be Holocausted again.

The Jews have their own country now — Israel. But they don’t want to live there; they want to live in Germany where they can lie, steal and cheat to their heart’s content and take advantage of the German people.

Here is why I never went to Sobibor

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I have visited almost every former concentration camp, except for one: Sobibor.

Years ago, I wanted to go to Sobibor, but I was warned not to go there. I was told that the former camp was inhabited by murderers and thieves, and that I would be robbed, raped and killed, with my body left beside the road to rot.

I am writing about Sobibor now because this former camp is in the news:

The following quote is from the news story:

Begin quote

JTA – In late 1943, the Germans were desperate to cover all traces of their death camp in Sobibor, Poland. They demolished buildings, bulldozed the evidence, planted trees.

More than 70 years later, archaeologists led by Yoram Haimi of the Israel Antiquities Authority set about excavating the site, uncovering gas chambers, mass graves — and, late last year, a girl’s silver pendant. It is engraved with a date, the place name “Frankfurt” and the Hebrew words “mazal tov.”

A cry from the earth, the remnant from a killing ground has opened up a tragic past to a family that knew little about it.

End quote from news story

Train station at Sobibor is shown on the right

Sobibor was a death camp, allegedly built by the Nazis in March 1942 for the sole purpose of killing European Jews in gas chambers. An estimated 250,000 Jews were murdered at Sobibor during a period of only 18 months, according to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The old train station at the village of Sobibor is shown on the right side of the photograph above; train service to Sobibor was discontinued in 1999. Also on the right side of the photo is the house where the Commandant of the camp formerly lived.

Franz Stangl was the first Commandant of the camp. Stangl had previously headed the euthanasia center at Hartheim Castle in Austria where physically and mentally disabled Germans were killed with carbon monoxide in a gas chamber. After six months at Sobibor, Stangl was transferred to the Treblinka death camp where he served as the Commandant.