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November 10, 2017

Young students can learn about the Holocaust by playing video games

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You can read all about it in this news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Released last week, the game, a first-person shooter set in Europe’s killing fields, goes to great lengths to give players the feeling that they’re experiencing a slightly quicker-paced interactive version of a Ken Burns documentary. From D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge, a small band of brothers, American soldiers all, bond as they shoot Nazis by the dozens, making for a game that prides itself as much on its character development and attention to detail as it does its smooth mechanics and great graphics.

Which leaves us, alas, with the question of the Holocaust.

As a serious-minded game, Call of Duty: WWII cannot afford to skip the question of Nazi atrocities. Previous games, although not too many, have tackled the same subject, usually making the horror more palatable by adding fantastical elements to the plot. Cruelty, as titles like 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order proved, is easier to stomach when perpetrated by Nazi robots that remind you with every overwrought metallic movement that you’re only playing a silly game. The new Call of Duty is made of sturdier stuff, and as it heads to its conclusion, it enters a concentration camp, determined to keep the same somber and realistic tone it has sustained from the start.

End quote

I wrote about Auschwitz on my website BEFORE I became a Holocaust denier, which means that my website is kosher, and completely devoid of Holocaust denial.

You can read the kosher version of the Holocaust on my website at

It was only after I began visiting the Holocaust sites that I became a Holocaust denier. One of the reasons that I became a denier is that I had actually seen a gas chamber in Jefferson City, Missouri, when I was 11 years old, so I knew what a gas chamber was supposed to look like.

I knew that a gas chamber could not have a door with a glass window in it, which could easily be broken by the victims who were being gassed.

Gas pellets were allegedly put into Dachau gas chamber through this opening

The news article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

What if Call of Duty had allowed us, instead of shooting mindlessly at every German soldier we see, to capture a few of the concentration camp’s guards and then decide whether they deserved fair treatment as prisoners of war or brisk and violent retribution for their hideous crimes? And what if the game took just a bit more of a risk and infused its narrative with, say, interviews with witnesses and survivors? Another stellar indie game, recently released, does just that: Called Attentat 1942, it looks at the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia by weaving together archival footage, testimonies from civilians who lived under German occupation, interactive comics, and other innovative forms that make gameplay not only entertaining but edifying.

In video games, then, like in cinema, the future seems bittersweet, with a glut of big and loud titles that numb the eye, the mind, and the soul interspersed with a few daring exceptions that help us ponder the question great art has always addressed, which is: What does it mean to be human?

End quote



  1. What was that one FG wrote about,that 2,000 (somewhere in that range) stiffs were examined. Cause of death was typhus. Let them mention that . Maybe then “some” people will see the proverbial “two sides”.

    Comment by Tim — November 17, 2017 @ 11:08 am

    • But it is known today that, very soon after the liberation of the camps, American authorities were aware that the real story of the camps was quite different from the one in which they were coaching military public information officers, government spokesmen, politicians, journalists, and other mouthpieces. When American and British forces overran western and central Germany in the spring of 1945, they were followed by troops charged with discovering and securing any evidence of German war crimes. Among them was Dr. Charles Larson, one of America’s leading forensic pathologists, who was assigned to the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Department. As part of a US War Crimes Investigation Team, Dr. Larson performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other German camps, examining on some days more than 100 corpses. After his grim work at Dachau, he was questioned for three days by US Army prosecutors. (note 1) Dr. Larson’s findings? In an 1980 newspaper interview he said: “What we’ve heard is that six million Jews were exterminated. Part of that is a hoax.” (note 2) And what part was the hoax? Dr. Larson, who told his biographer that to his knowledge he “was the only forensic pathologist on duty in the entire European Theater” of Allied military operations, (note 3) confirmed that “never was a case of poison gas uncovered.”

      He did examine around 1000 total….Wonder why our resident HoloHuxsters don’t quote him.
      They like quoting the liars….


      Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 17, 2017 @ 11:35 am

      • That’s why everyone likes liberals. A lie is more comfortable . Fighting for the truth would mean too much work. “Coaching military public information officers”?

        Comment by Tim — November 17, 2017 @ 12:41 pm

  2. If there was compelling evidence, such as contemporaneous documentary or autopsy and forensic evidence supporting the contention that there were homicidal gas chambers and an official extermination policy, the holocaust lobby would have presented it years ago. That would have been the end of the debate. Seeing that they don’t have such compelling evidence they have to rely on nitpicking, obfuscation, bribery, intimidation, censorship,false claims and keeping alive the anti German hate propaganda of the second world war. Then after fomenting such bigotry these racists have the chutzpa to shriek anti Semite at anyone pointing this out.

    Comment by John mortl — November 17, 2017 @ 10:42 am

  3. Wolfenstein sucks big time. You get locked in a room with this Nazi robot in one part. You and a few other guys. Yeah you can figure. They get rubbed out and it’s just you and the robot. Call of Duty;World at War is the best one. It don’t funk around. They’re being objective here. You jump back and forth from Germany to the South Pacific . You’re fighting Germans one minute and Nips the next. However if you’re gonna play fictional Nazi games,Sniper Elite: V2. With V2 I’m sure you can figure out the objective . Destroy V2 rockets. The good thing about this game,it’s truthful about the Ruskies. Every time the lone sniper runs into Ruskies,they try to kill him. At least the game shows the Ruskies were backstabbers towards us during the war. That World at War game sounds interesting for one reason only . Entering the Jew prison . Get through the whole game. When you enter the prison at the end,start shooting Jews . Yeah it’s not part of the game,but it can be done. Just find the cheat for it. Then the Jews will really have something to bitch about

    Comment by Tim — November 10, 2017 @ 2:25 pm

  4. For our Holohuxsters who post here from time to time when they have the courage to show themselves as true blue HoloHuxsters

    GERMAR RUDOLF (ED.) · DISSECTING THE HOLOCAUST book p84 and restated in another article about Luftl that I read today….

    Talking about Walter Luftl Austrian engineer who went on trial for Holocaust denial…..
    and believe it or not vindicated by the District Criminal Court of Vienna, could state with impunity:

    1. In light of natural laws and technical possibilities vs. impossibilities, the mass gassings with
    Zyklon B, as they are described by ‘contemporaneous witnesses’ and ‘perpetrators who confessed’,
    cannot have taken place.
    2. The Kurt Gerstein Statement is (verbatim) “a whopping lie”.
    3. By virtue of the composition of the exhaust gases, mass gassings with Diesel exhaust fumes
    cannot have taken place. Had there really been execution chambers or ‘gas vans’ operating
    with exhaust gas, the Germans would have used the more efficient internal combustion engines,
    or the even more efficient wood-gas generators.
    4. Crematoria chimneys do not spew flames during the cremation process. All ‘eyewitness’ testimonies
    asserting such a phenomenon are false.
    5. The number of cremated victims is considerably exaggerated since the capacity of the crematoria
    would have been insufficient to handle mass gassings. The quantity of fuel actually used
    delimits the true number of bodies cremated.
    6. No homicidal mass gassings took place in the concentration camp Mauthausen. The method of
    gassing described by witnesses is nonsense and would have been fatal for the executioners.
    7. Homicidal mass gassing using bottled carbon monoxide is technically impossible nonsense.
    8. Auerbach’s attempt at discrediting the Leuchter Report can easily be refuted by experiment.
    9. Zyklon B and Diesel exhaust fumes have lost all credibility as alleged ‘murder weapons’ used
    in the “planned extermination of millions of human beings, especially Jews, as part of a program
    of planned genocide.”
    10. Natural laws hold true for ‘Nazis’ no less than for anti-Fascists.
    11. Material evidence will refute the testimony of perjured ‘eyewitnesses’ and the confessions of
    12. Should the objective and scientific investigation of the Holocaust nevertheless prove the
    “planned genocide by means of gas chambers”, then the Revisionists too will have to accept
    13. Who is it that wants to stifle any and all discussion of this topic by means of criminal laws, and
    for what reasons?
    14. Are we entering an era of 1984 totalitarianism after all, albeit through the back door?


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 10, 2017 @ 2:12 pm

    • But they’ll make for pretty cool games for the ol PS3 Jimbo

      Comment by Tim — November 10, 2017 @ 2:26 pm

    • Anyone can “state with impunity” that one plus one equals three.

      As stated in your source, those things on your list can no longer be stated with impunity, though. Why didn’t you include that part of the source? You appear to have missed the point of your source.

      Comment by blake121666 — November 11, 2017 @ 9:00 am

      • Blake

        Sources are solid you’re the problem.

        You’re a lost cause…people with the right heart condition will get it people like you that want to back up the HoloHuxsters views won’t no matter how hard I try.
        I don’t waste my time explaining things to folks like you because your mind and heart condition is not acceptable.
        You can hang with the other HoloHuxsters and wallow in your lies. You really can say you didn’t get the point? Yikes!

        I personally don’t believe 6 million Jews or whatever million were killed in homicidal “gas” chambers using bug spray or whatever other silly thing they say was used. This all comes down to common sense and physics which you seem to be lacking in.
        I’m reading the book Tell the Truth Shame the Devil by Gerard Minuhin in between everything else I’m reading, great book written by suprisingly a JEW….LOL
        There are some Jews out there that get it.


        Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 11, 2017 @ 9:21 am

        • The point of your source was that Walter Luftl could at one time state those things on your list with impunity. But not NOW after the law was changed. You left out this from your source:

          “However, considering the new revised paragraph 3h) of Austria’s Prohibition Order, it seems to be necessary to advise others not to make similar claims today, since the above statements were made before the new law came into effect.”

          That statement is the point made in your source. You left out the point of your source.

          Do you deny that you can say one plus one equals three with impunity? Does stating something with impunity make that something true? Are you aware that number 7 on your list is done to feral animals (illegally)? That statement as written is clearly untrue.

          Comment by blake121666 — November 13, 2017 @ 8:29 pm

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