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November 11, 2017

Holocaust survivor Steve Ross is back in the news

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You can read about Holocaust survivor Steve Ross in this recent news article:

Begin quote from news article:

Steve Ross was just 9 years old when he was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp.

Over the next five years, he was starved, beaten, experimented on, forced into labor, and terrorized at 10 different death camps. He escaped death by hiding in human waste in an outhouse and by holding onto the axle of a train as it went to another death camp.

On April 29, 1945, American soldiers liberated Dachau. Some 30,000 Holocaust survivors were freed. Ross was among them. As he walked away from the camp, he came upon a U.S. army lieutenant, sitting on a tank, eating food. What happened next transformed Ross’ life.

“After I was rescued from hell, in the valley of death, I came upon a soldier on a tank that showed me compassion for the first time, concern, and took me back to God to civilization and mankind,” Ross often tells people. “He gave me his food, he puts his arm around me, and he he gave me a flag.”

That encounter also set Ross on a path that eventually lead to Dorchester, and his work with at-risk youth in Boston, trying to ensure that such evil was never forgotten.

His story is told in a new documentary, “Etched in Glass: The Legacy of Steve Ross,” which premiers Friday at Coolidge Corner Theatre.

End quote from news article

I wrote about Steve Ross on my website several years ago.

The following information is from my website:

Steve Ross is allegedly the boy on the far left in the photo above

The young boy on the far left in the photograph above is Stephen Ross, a 14-year-old Jewish orphan from Poland, who said that he had survived 10 different concentration camps in 5 years before he was liberated at Dachau by American soldiers. Standing next to Steve Ross is Juda Kukieda, the son of Mordcha Mendel and Ruchla Sta.

According to the book “Dachau 29 April 1945, the Rainbow Liberation Memoirs,” edited by Sam Dann, Stephen Ross (real name Szmulek Rozental) was one of the lucky few who was rescued in the nick of time when Dachau was liberated. Ross was interviewed for the book and according to his own story, he was one of the 1,800 prisoners who were crowded into one quarantine barrack, which was designed to hold only about a hundred prisoners.

Ross said that the prisoners in the quarantine barrack had not been fed for two weeks before the Seventh Army arrived. Food was scarce, and according to Ross, the prisoners were fed only occasionally when they were given “a biscuit, hard as a rock and covered with mold.”

From the quarantine block, Ross said that 80 to 100 prisoners a day were carried out and put on the pile of dead bodies near the barbed wire fence, from where they were taken to the crematory.

According to Ross, the quarantine block was where the German SS Doctors Sigmund Rascher and Klaus Schilling selected prisoners for their ghastly experiments. The doctors “removed thirty to forty prisoners on a daily basis for experiments” according to Ross.

Ross said that he “had been isolated in quarantine for experiments since 1944.” On the day of liberation, Ross made his way to the main gate, although he “was very weak and hardly able to walk.” With the help of his brother, who was also in the camp, Ross made it to the front of the crowd and was included in one of the most famous photographs of the liberation, shown at the top of this page.

After the liberation of Dachau, Ross had to stay in the camp until the typhus epidemic was brought under control. When he was released, he made his way to Munich where he was hospitalized for 6 months and treated for tuberculosis. He was then sent to a Displaced Persons camp for orphans at a former forced labor camp in Landsberg am Lech, near Munich. Finally, he was brought to America where he was able to recover his health.

Stephen Ross is the founder of The New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston.



  1. From my Brother Joe
    Steven Ross LIAR!

    Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 24, 2017 @ 8:30 am

  2. Britain’s Rumour FactoryOrigins of the Gas Chamber Story An essay published in tribute to Prof. Robert Faurisson on his 88th birthday25th January 2017 

    Comment by who dares wings — November 12, 2017 @ 9:30 am

  3. “”””””by holding onto the axle of a train as it went to another death camp.””””

    You cannot hold onto a train axle when its moving since the axle and the wheels rotate together.

    Comment by DJF — November 11, 2017 @ 3:52 pm

    • He also said that his back was broken and he walked quite a ways with a broken back. I don’t know too many people that can walk with a broken back do you?


      Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 11, 2017 @ 4:13 pm

  4. Stephen Ross is the founder of The New England Holocaust (LIARS) Memorial in Boston.
    He along with his millions of Holohuxsters around the world and some who post on this site continue to spread their lies that millions of Jews were killed in Fake Homicidal “gas” chambers using the well known Zyclon B bug spray and a plethora of other silly and ridiculous elements that couldn’t kill people unless used in special circumstances. Thier motto is, tell a lie often enough until the lie becomes the excepted as truth.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 11, 2017 @ 11:25 am

  5. Seriously? TEN DIFFERENT CAMPS? It appears he had no problem moving from place to place – hiding out? Looks like he got his ‘cues’ from Spielberg’s SCHINDLER’S LIST. Typhus was a problem in ALL OF EUROPE – particuarly with the breakdown as the wretched Allies destroyed the transportation of food and medicine to the camps – EVERYONE was in crisis. By the way, I thought the kids were killed. This story is so FRAUGHT with error, I don’t know where to begin.

    The bottom line, though, if the Germans HAD a designed extermination plan, THERE WOULD BE NO SURVIVORS. Also: Classic BOTTOM LINE: “So essentially, the myth is summarized as 6 million jews being shipped to Poland to be killed with bug spray.” (Jim Rizoli)

    HOLOCOSTOMANIA – Subscribing to the politically correct view of the holocost without question or discussion – rots the brain, corrupts the morals and creates a psychopath. The only cure is the truth provided by those who oppose and contend against the wholesale force feeding and consequent perversion of the myth of the holocost. (Diane King)

    Comment by dianekayking — November 11, 2017 @ 11:11 am

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