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November 18, 2017

“We live in a post 9-11 world”

Filed under: True Crime — furtherglory @ 9:13 am

The title of my blog post today [“we live in a post 911 world”] is the words spoken by a news caster on TV this morning.

I interpret these words to mean that you never know when a foreign government will fly planes over buildings in New York city, for no reason at all, and destroy these buildings, killing hundreds of innocent people in the process.

Fortunately, this has happened only once in America, and will probably never happen again.

On that September day, I remember “the dancing Israelis” who were watching the planes hit the buildings, while laughing  and dancing around.

On that day, I had just gotten up at 6 0’clock in the morning, as usual, and turned on the TV set in my bedroom. I called my daughter and told her not to go out of the house because America was under attack. What else could it be? No one attacks his own buildings unless that person wants to build newer, better buildings.

So now “we live in a post 911 world” where anything could happen.


  1. Furtherglory wrote: “you never know when a foreign government will fly planes over buildings in New York city, for no reason at all”

    For no reason at all?!? Wow !! Americans are really the most self-delusional people in this world ! Even if the U.S. Government’s ludicrous conspiracy theory of an Islamic terror attack was true, the belief that the 9/11 attack would have been “for no reason at all,” is amazing, to say the least. Really don’t know why more than half of this world wants to see some American people dead???

    Furtherglory wrote: “and destroy these buildings, killing hundreds of innocent people in the process.”

    There are no innocent people. No civilians and soldiers. As the Allied leaders instated it during WW2, there are only enemies and friends. The Democratic aerial “zero death” wars (i.e. no deaths among the “freedom fighters” and deaths that count for zero on the enemy side) have abolished the distinction between civilians and soldiers. You can’t blame anybody for learning the lessons of the victors of WW2. Their world, their rules…

    Comment by hermie — November 18, 2017 @ 4:53 pm

  2. You must admit the downing of those buildings was a masterpiece of work.
    What makes it a masterpiece is we know they came down just can’t come to terms how it all came together and by whom.
    So now we all fight on the in-betweens….people waste their time debating and arguing overlooking the real controlling issues facing us.

    The great thing about the HoloHoax is we know who is responsible and how the whole thing is a big lie.
    It’s sort of a reverse of 911…..but it’s the one that gets people jailed in around 24 countries for even speaking about it….let’s see the 911 truthers top that! Most of the 911 truthers believe the HoloHoax story and that’s why dealing honestly with the topic is a big waste of time.
    If people can’t view all these happenings as one controlled hoax then there will be no getting to the bottom of any of them.
    That’s the way the Jews want it…..As long as the attention is not brought upon them they are happy campers.
    My only topic is the HoloHoax….much cleaner topic to deal with…problem is most people believe in the official Jewish Version, and getting them to see the truth is a pretty hard thing to do. But I’m noticing especially with all the videos I produce on youtube the comments are most encouraging. People see the Jews for what they are in all these events….LIARS!


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 18, 2017 @ 9:30 am

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