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November 29, 2017

“Nazi Grandmother” gets jail term

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You can read the latest about “the Nazi grandmother” in today’s [November 29th 2017] BBC news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Ursula Haverbeck, dubbed the “Nazi Grandma”, has been convicted several times but is yet to spend time in jail.

She was first given a jail term last year but received additional punishment for handing out pamphlets repeating her beliefs to those attending court.

Under German law, Holocaust denial constitutes a crime and carries a sentence of up to five years in jail.

Haverbeck and her late husband were members of the Nazi party during the Second World War.

The pair founded a now-banned education centre and she has written for a right-wing magazine where she has argued that the Holocaust never happened.

Haverbeck was initially sentenced to eight months in jail in 2016 after she claimed Auschwitz was not a concentration camp, in a letter to the mayor of the German town of Detmold.

But after giving the judge and prosecutors leaflets entitled “Only the truth will set you free” during the appeal session she was given ten additional months of imprisonment. Her overall sentence was reduced to 14 months.

She has been convicted on five other occasions for similar charges of incitement of racial hatred, but she has remained free as her lawyers appealed.

Her lawyers plan on taking the case to a top regional court for a final appeal against the jail term.

End quote

I admire this woman for writing the truth, even though it caused her to be sent to prison. Thank God that I live in the USA and not in Germany — I would be right there in a prison cell beside her, if I lived in Germany.

Don’t worry — my blog can not be read in Germany.  I have blogged about Ursula in many other posts which you can read by following the link below.

My most recent post about her was on November 27th.  The BBC does not mention that Ursula’s appeal was recently postponed according that earlier article.

The first complaint agains Matt Lauer was 20 yers ago

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You can read about Matt Lauer being fired for “sexual misconduct in the work place” at

The first complaint against him was 20 years ago. Why didn’t someone do something about these complaints before now?

I think that I can answer this question. Years ago,  I worked in a company which placed people in jobs. When an applicant would come into my office, and hand me a resume, the first thing that I would do is turn the application over and read the references on the back. If the applicant had not listed his or her most recent employer as a reference, I would say to myself: “Something Wrong!”

I would ask the applicant [almost always a young girl] why she had not listed her most recent employer as a reference. The answer was always that her employer had molested her and that is why she quit. She had been told to tell future employers that she had not quit, but had been fired for not doing a good job.

Matt Lauer was known as “the Face of NBC news”.

Matt Lauer is 59 years old, and was making 25 million dollars per year. There had been rumors for years, but no one did anything about the rumors. You don’t fire a man who is “the Face of NBC news” especially not for molesting women. Who in the Hell cares about women!  Hopefully, that is changing now.