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November 29, 2017

The first complaint agains Matt Lauer was 20 yers ago

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You can read about Matt Lauer being fired for “sexual misconduct in the work place” at

The first complaint against him was 20 years ago. Why didn’t someone do something about these complaints before now?

I think that I can answer this question. Years ago,  I worked in a company which placed people in jobs. When an applicant would come into my office, and hand me a resume, the first thing that I would do is turn the application over and read the references on the back. If the applicant had not listed his or her most recent employer as a reference, I would say to myself: “Something Wrong!”

I would ask the applicant [almost always a young girl] why she had not listed her most recent employer as a reference. The answer was always that her employer had molested her and that is why she quit. She had been told to tell future employers that she had not quit, but had been fired for not doing a good job.

Matt Lauer was known as “the Face of NBC news”.

Matt Lauer is 59 years old, and was making 25 million dollars per year. There had been rumors for years, but no one did anything about the rumors. You don’t fire a man who is “the Face of NBC news” especially not for molesting women. Who in the Hell cares about women!  Hopefully, that is changing now.

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  1. Lets not jump to conclusions here. There are two sides of a story….
    Good point about men who have had some women do the nastys against them, but no one is talking, why’s that.
    Men rarely complain about women who abuse men, I mean really now NONE?
    Women are just jumping on the bandwagon now, it’s a witch hunt gone wild.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — November 29, 2017 @ 11:11 am

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