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November 30, 2017

Nazi criminal will be 100 years old when he gets out of prison

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Oskar Groening

You can read about this vicious Nazi criminal in this recent [November 29, 2017] news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Oskar Groening, known as the ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’, was found guilty in July 2015 of being an accessory to the murders of 300,000 people at the Nazi death camp in occupied Poland.  [He should have known that it was a crime to be a bookkeeper in a Nazi concentration camp.]
Groening has not yet begun his sentence after filing an appeal for the sentence to be suspended because of health concerns.Despite protestations from Groening’s lawyers, the court insisted  “appropriate precautionary measures” would be taken to meet any special needs he has in prison.The court in Celle in northern Germany ruled: ‘Based on expert opinion, the superior regional court finds that the convicted individual is fit to serve out the term despite his advanced age.” 
Groening had been living at home despite being convicted and it had been unclear whether the former Auschwitz guard would be jailed.
End quote from news article.
I have blogged about Oskar many times before.  You can read my earlier posts by clicking the link above.


  1. The real deal?

    Cheap Globalist-Zionist Holohoax propaganda on a worldwide scale…

    and also

    Comment by hermie — February 20, 2018 @ 4:13 am

  2. Inconsistencies in Groening’s Account.

    1. Groening’s claim of a gassing facility “in a farmhouse in the forest” being operated in the middle of the night is completely unsubstantiated by any other evidence, even that put forward by the official Holocaust Storytellers;
    2. Groening’s claim in the 2005 Der Spiegel interview that the burning male corpses had erections while they were being cremated confirms that the entire story is an outrageous fantasy;
    3. Groening’s claim in the 2005 Der Spiegel interview that the cremations took place on “grates in the forest at night” is in complete contradiction to the Holocaust Storytellers’ claim that the “gassing victims” were cremated in the crematoria which could “dispose of” 5000 people every day.
    4. Groening only came forward with these bizarre claims 40 years after the end of the war—until then, he had never said a word about this mysterious, and until then, completely unknown gassing facility “in a farmhouse in the forest.”
    5. Groening said the Red Cross visited Auschwitz and were shown around Camp 1 despite the Holocaust storytellers claiming that there was a “gas chamber’ at the entrance gates to that camp (the one still shown to tourists today);
    6. He did confirm that there was a brothel for prisoner use in Auschwitz Camp 1.
    7. In his recent trial Groening freely admitted that what he knew about Auschwitz was limited to what “other people had told him.” This included his claim that the camp could “dispose’ of 5000 people every 24 hours, which he specifically said other people had told him.
    8. He claims that the Red Cross assisted in the killings by transporting the victims in Red Cross lorries.
    9. In the BBC documentary on Groening, “I saw the Gas Chambers” was fraudulently added to the script. He actually said “I saw the crematoria, I saw the burning pits”.(Impossible due to water level). This can be confirmed easily by even a little research.
    10. In the recent trial Groening was obviously reading from his 2005 der Spiegel interview but so nonsensical was it that the whole trial descended into farce.

    ( Holocaust Storytellers will doubtless try and claim that this “farmhouse in the forest” was one of the so-called “provisional gas chambers,’ also known in Holocaust legend as the “red” and “blue” houses, or “bunker 1” and “bunker 2.” As can be seen from the “official’ map of the Auschwitz camp, which claims to show all the “gassing locations,” the “bunker 1” and “bunker 2” (“g” and “h” on that map ) are located at the northern boundary at the western end of the Birkenau camp, and right up against the camp perimeter. Groening’s claim that the farmhouse gassing was “hidden in the forest” is therefore clearly inconsistent even with the official Auschwitz Holocaust story.).

    Comment by herebysayi — December 2, 2017 @ 2:51 am

    • Holocaust Jew accused of war crimes

      An old Jewish man who took his own cold-blooded revenge against Germans for the Holocaust will not be extradited back to Poland from Israel to answer charges of genocide.

      The case of Solomon Morel, 86,(in 2005) is the only one in Holocaust history where a Jew stands accused of war crimes against Germans.

      It has perplexed legal minds in both countries. Poland says genocide is genocide whether a Jew or a Nazi committed it, while many Israelis see rough justice in the 1500 German deaths for which Mr Morel is alleged to be responsible.

      Now the Israeli Government has said that Mr Morel will not be sent back to stand trial in Poland under any circumstances.

      Mr Morel, who came from the little Polish town of Grabowo, claims he was an Auschwitz survivor whose family was murdered by the Nazis during World War II. A book, An Eye for an Eye, which documents his strange life, claims his family was indeed liquidated, but by Poles who collaborated with the Nazis. It also says that he was never imprisoned by the Germans.

      By 1943 he was employed peeling potatoes for a Jewish partisan brigade before escaping to the Soviet Union, where he trained in the gruesome interrogation methods of the NKVD, Stalin’s political police, before returning to Poland in 1945. He was then put in charge by the communists of a camp containing thousands of German prisoners including SS men, soldiers and civilians.

      John Sack, the Jewish-American author of An Eye for an Eye, claims Mr Morel, as commandant of Swietochlowice Camp, morphed into the kind of monster that would have been welcomed by the Gestapo.

      “His favourite method of killing prisoners was hacking the skull of his victims with a wooden leg of a chair,” according to the book. “It is quite possible that in Swietochlowice several thousand persons were murdered by Morel and his men.”

      Sack’s book, and a score of Polish books and newspaper articles, said he beat, shot, starved, tortured and killed with gusto in the camp.

      “I knew Morel in the camp. He was a very brutal man,” survivor Dorota Boriczek said. “He was young then. He would come in at night. We could hear the cries of the men then. They would beat them and throw the bodies out of the window.”

      In 1989, a Polish reporter found Mr Morel living in a part of Katowice assigned for former uniformed functionaries of communist terror.

      In the early 1990s, the Main Commission for the Investigations of Crimes Against the Polish Nation started an official investigation of Mr Morel’s activities in the Swietochlowice Camp after witness articles appeared in the press.

      In 1994, Mr Morel sought political asylum in Sweden. This was refused. He then successfully sought sanctuary in Israel.

      Poland tried to extradite him seven years ago on torture charges. Israel refused. So prosecutors began preparing a genocide case, for which there is no statute of limitations.

      Last week, they received a blank refusal from Israel saying “there was no basis whatsoever” to extradite Mr Morel.

      A Polish prosecutor said testimony from former inmates documented Mr Morel’s torture of at least 13 prisoners.

      “There should be one measure for judging war criminals, irrespective whether they are German, Israeli, or any other nationality,” the prosecutor said.

      Comment by herebysayi — February 20, 2018 @ 4:41 am

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