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December 5, 2017

Adolf Hitler’s Jewish neighbor

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The story of Adolf Hitler’s Jewish neighbor is in the news:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Edgar Feuchtwanger was 5 years old when Adolf Hitler looked at him for the first time.

It was 1929. The child peered out of his window in Munich and watched the future chancellor of Germany step out of a black automobile. Hitler glanced up and made eye contact with the boy. That was when the boy’s nanny, Rosie, slammed the window shut and made him go to bed.

Some time later, Feuchtwanger was taking a walk with Rosie in his neighborhood when the same man [Hitler] emerged from a building and entered a vehicle. “He looked at me quite benevolently, because he had no clue who I was,” says Feuchtwanger. “People in the street shouted immediately, ‘Heil Hitler!’ But he didn’t salute back. He just lifted his hat a little bit. And then he got into the car.”

Every kid grows up with a mean neighbor. For Feuchtwanger, that neighbor would eventually be responsible for the systematic genocide of six million Jews. [now down to 1.1 million] And Feuchtwanger’s prominent literary family was Jewish.

In 1929, Hitler was on the rise, his power growing; he took up residence at Prinzregentenplatz 16, in a luxurious nine-room apartment visible from the boy’s childhood window. “I knew he wasn’t a good thing,” Feuchtwanger says, speaking via Skype in his German-British accent. His parents were politically engaged; they read the papers and paid close attention to their neighbor’s virulent anti-semitism.

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The Jews had plenty of time to get out of Germany before they were Holocausted, and many of them did. Now the Jews are back in Germany and it seems that they are now safe there. The Germans have learned their lesson.

This 99-year-old Holocaust survivor who was imprisoned for being gay ‘doesn’t deserve compensation’

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The following is a quote from a Pink News article which you can read by following the link above, dated December 5th, 2017.

Begin Quote

He survived the Holocaust, only to spend months in prison for being gay when he returned home.

And now, 99-year-old Wolfgang Lauinger has been denied compensation by Germany.

End Quote

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Wolfgang Lauinger  wants money from the German Government.

The article is a little vague, but apparently Lauinger “survived” the Holocaust by moving to America, but when he got back to Germany in 1950, he was locked up in Germany for being gay in public.  Now he wants money.

It is unclear in the article why the Germans don’t want to pay him , but apparently, he was never actually convicted.  He just spent 5 months in jail while awaiting trial.