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December 12, 2017

Everything that you need to know about the movie entitled “Schindler’s List”

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A scene from Schindler’s List – the Movie

The photo above shows a scene from the movie entitled Schindler’s List, in which Oskar Schindler is dictating, from memory, the names of his factory workers whom he wants to take with him to his new factory in Brünnlitz, near his home town in Moravia, which is now in the Czech Republic.

His factory manager, Itzhak Stern, a prisoner who works for Schindler, is typing the names.

When all the names are listed, Stern asked Schindler if he was buying the names from the camp Commandant Amon Goeth.  Schindler answers that the list is costing him a fortune.

The Nazis did not want to send Jewish prisoners to Moravia, which was part of the former country of Czechoslovakia, that had become a German mandate. Schindler had to resort to bribes in order to move the munitions part of his Krakow factory to Brünnlitz.

In the movie, Schindler then shows the list to Amon Goeth, who tells him that there is a clerical error: Helen Hirsch, a prisoner who works as a servant in Goeth’s villa, is on the list. Goeth tells Schindler that he wants to take Helen Hirsch with him back to Vienna after the war.

Schindler offers to play a game of cards with Goeth to win Helen’s freedom, suggesting that they play double or nothing. If Goeth wins, Oskar will give him 7,400 Zloty ($2,312.50) but if Goeth’s winning hand is a “natural,” Schindler will pay him 14,800 Zl ($4,625). If Schindler
wins, he can put Helen Hirsch on his list of prisoners to be transferred to his Brünnlitz camp.

In his book entitled “Oskar Schindler,” David Crowe wrote that this scene was pure fiction.

According to Crowe, Oskar Schindler had no role in preparing the famous list, other than giving SS-Hauptscharführer Franz Josef Müller some general guidelines for the type of workers he wanted on the list. Amon Göth had been arrested by the SS on September 13, 1944 and was in prison in Breslau when the list was being prepared.

David Crowe wrote that the person responsible for the preparation of Schindler’s List was Marcel Goldberg, a corrupt Jewish prisoner, who was a member of the Ordnungdienst, the Jewish police force in the camp. Goldberg was the assistant of SS-Hauptscharführer Franz Josef Müller, the SS man responsible for the transport lists.

Only about one third of the Jews on the list had previously worked in Schindler’s factory in Krakow. The novel, “Schindler’s Ark” tells about how Goldberg accepted bribes from the prisoners who wanted on the list.

In his book “Oskar Schindler,” David Crowe wrote: “… watch how Steven Spielberg traces the story of Marcel Goldberg, the real author of Schindler’s List, in his film. He begins in the early part of the film with Goldberg sitting near Leopold “Poldek” Page and other Jewish black marketeers in Krakow’s Marjacki Bazylika (church) as Oskar Schindler tries to interest them in doing business with a German.

What follows throughout the rest of the film is the subtle tale of Goldberg’s gradual moral degeneration. Schindler, for example, gives Itzhak Stern first a lighter, then a cigarette case, and finally a watch to bribe Goldberg to send more Jews to his factory from Plaszow.”

Commandant Amon Goeth had two Jewish housemaids who lived in the basement of his villa: Helen Hirsch and Helen Sternlicht. Helen Hirsch is now Helen Horowitz and Helen Sternlicht is now Helen Jonas, formerly Helen Rosenzweig.

According to David Crowe’s book, Goeth differentiated between the two Helens by calling Helen Hirsch by the nickname Lena and renaming Helen Sternlicht with the name Susanna. In the movie, the two Helens are a composite of the two real life Helens, although both appear together briefly in one scene.

Helen Hirsch moved to Israel after World War II ended, and became part of the close-knit circle of the “Schindler Jews” in Israel who provided the information that became the basis for Thomas Keneally’s novel Schindler’s Ark and Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List.

According to author David Crowe, Helen Hirsch was the older of the two Jewish maids who worked for Goeth. She had originally worked in the camp’s Jewish kitchen and was chosen by her superior, Leon Myer, to work for Goeth.

Myer took several weeks to acquaint her with the commandant’s personal likes and dislikes. Initially, Helen lived in a special barracks for Jewish workers, but eventually moved into the maid’s quarters in the cold, damp cellar of Goeth’s villa.

Living with Goeth, she said after the war, “was almost like living under the gallows twenty-four hours a day.”

David Crowe wrote that Helen Hirsch Horowitz told Martin Gosch and Howard Koch in 1964 that “insofar as she was concerned, he (Goeth) had made some attempts physically and sexually upon her.” Gosch and Koch decided not to put this in the film script because “she might be accused even today of having acceded to his physical demands in order to preserve her life, and this does not happen to be true.”

The story that is told in the movie about how Amon Goeth chose his housemaid is actually closer to the story of how Helen Sternlicht was selected by Goeth.

According to David Crowe’s book, the true story is as follows:

When the Germans began the construction of Plaszow in late 1942, Helen Sternlicht’s mother, Lola, and one of her older sisters, Sydel (Sydonia), were sent there to work. As the Krakow ghetto was being liquidated, Helen Sternlicht decided to try to sneak into Plaszow because she did not have the blue Kennkarte which was necessary for identification. Helen had already learned about the death trains to Belzec and was desperate to join her sister and mother at Plaszow. She hid in a milk wagon going to Plaszow but was discovered by the driver just before he arrived at the camp. She managed to escape his grasp and made it into the camp, where she was given a job cleaning barracks. One day while she was cleaning windows, Amon Goeth walked in and said, “I want this girl in my house. If she is smart enough to clean windows in the sunshine, I want her.”

When Plaszow was being closed in the fall of 1944, Oskar Schindler requested that Helen Sternlicht and her sister, Anna, be put on the female “Schindler’s List.”

In his book “Oskar Schindler,” David Crowe wrote that Helen Sternlicht never mentioned sexual advances toward her from Goeth.

The sex scenes in the movie Schindler’s List involved Helen Hirsch, as shown in this YouTube video.

The following quote is from the book “Oskar Schindler,” by David Crowe:

Mietek Pemper told me that Goeth, who had liver and kidney problems, was not attracted to women. In fact, he found the idea that Goeth was somehow sexually attracted to Helen Hirsch Horowitz pure “baloney.” She was not, he added, “Miss Krakow or Miss Poland.” Helen Rosenzweig added that Goeth was also a diabetic who drank heavily. He believed firmly in Nazi racial laws and would not have had relations with a Jew. This does not contradict Helen Hirsch’s claim that Goeth tried to sexually abuse her when he was drunk. However, the idea, as depicted in Steven Spielberg’s film, that Goeth was somehow infatuated with Helen Hirsch and even toyed with the idea of kissing her is totally fictitious.

In February 2009, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum did a series of interviews with Holocaust survivors called Voices on Antisemitism. As part of this project, Helen Sternlicht Jonas was interviewed by Aleisa Fishman.

The following quote is the words of Helen Sternlicht Jonas in her interview with Aleisa Fishman:

When I arrived in Camp Plaszow, I was assigned to clean barracks. At the third day, a tall SS walked in the room, and he was Amon Goeth. At the time, I didn’t know who he was. But he looked around and he said to the woman that was in charge of us to send me to his house. And I really didn’t know what a brutal man he is, but he was a madman. He was a madman. He always, from the balcony he watched the camp, and he’s standing with the little machine gun through the window. He said, “You see those dumb heads? They’re standing, doing nothing.” He says, “I’m going to shoot.” And you could hear shooting like hell. And I could hear him whistling a happy tune, like he did so well. And this face with such satisfaction! I can’t forget that. The dreams after so many years he’s chasing me, I’m hiding. Because I lived in constant fear, constant fear, just looking at him. He was barbaric.

Amon Goeth with his rifle on the balcony of his villa

The most famous scenes in Schindler’s List show Commandant Amon Goeth shooting prisoners in the camp from the balcony of his villa. The photo above shows the real life Amon Goeth.

The photo below is a still photo from the movie entitled Schindler’s List. In the movie, the balcony of Goeth’s house is only a few yards from the camp. Visitors to Goeth’s villa today can see that the house was behind a hill and the camp was not visible from the balcony.

Amon Goeth shooting from his balcony in the movie Schindler’s List

In 1943, SS Judge Georg Konrad Morgen of the Haupt Amt Gericht (SS-HAG) was given an assignment to investigate and prosecute corruption and unauthorized murder at the Buchenwald concentration camp. His next assignment was to investigate the Plaszow camp.

As a result of his investigation, which involved interviewing the prisoners, Amon Goeth was arrested by the Central Office of the SS Judiciary and imprisoned.

Goeth was charged with stealing from the warehouses and factories at Plaszow, but not with shooting prisoners from the balcony of his home.

Amon Goeth at the Plaszow camp

In the photo above, taken at the Plaszow camp, Commandant Amon Goeth is shown on his white horse. The groom for Goeth’s horse was 14-year-old Irwin Gotfried, who managed to survive the Holocaust.

After the war, Gotfried emigrated to the San Francisco bay area where he lived in a community that included 2,000 other Holocaust survivors.

In an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 16, 2005, staff writer Charles Burress wrote the following:

“That was me in the movie,” Gotfried said, referring to a scene from “Schindler’s List,” where the young groom is shot and killed by the commander. In real life, Gotfried was not shot and lived to become president of AGI Shower Door and Mirror Co. in Redwood City.

In the movie scene, where Gotfried is shot by Amon Goeth, Spielberg deviated from the real life story in order to make a point that is essential to the theme of the movie: Oskar Schindler was an exception. For the most part, the Nazis were depraved degenerates who were incapable of changing their ways.

In a key scene in Schindler’s List, Oskar Schindler attempts to teach Goeth that he would have “real power” if he would choose to pardon prisoners for minor infractions instead of summarily executing them. Goeth tries this suggestion, and even practices his pardon demeanor in a mirror, but he cannot overcome his intrinsic evilness. He pardons his 14-year-old groom when his work performance does not meet his standards, but then shoots him in the back with his high-powered rifle.

In the movie Schindler’s List, the Germans are always portrayed as not only brutal, but stupid and inept. There is a famous scene where three German SS officers attempt to execute a Jew, but their pistols won’t fire.

The German Luger pistol was highly prized by Allied soldiers in both World War I and World War II; thousands of them were taken from dead or captured German soldiers because the Luger was considered the best pistol in the world. This scene attempts to show that even the best that the Germans could do wasn’t good enough.

Remember that Schindler’s List is a fictional story, based on a fictional novel entitled Schindler’s Ark; it is neither objective nor true history.



  1. Here’s a little background on how I found your joke of a blog. If you type Helen Horowitz Schindler in Google and scroll down you’ll get this morons webpage. I just read your doozy way back in 2010 about your visit in 1998 to Plaszow. Your whole pictures don’t lie bullshit well guess what? Pictures don’t tell the whole story either pal. Just because there’s a picture of him with a rifle in his hand on the bottom floor doesn’t mean a damn thing. It means there’s a picture of him holding a rifle get it? You disregard all eyewitness accounts for your own narrative when you werent there and you didnt know Amon Goeth. Ive seen dozens of people tell you quoting eyewitness accounts that jews were walked in front of his house but you ignore them and rant on with your redundant magic bullet remark around a hill. Also love your closing argument about how Holocaust exaggeration gets you recognized blah blah (as if Spielberg needed recognition not to mention he donated the money he would normally make to charity) just what exactly did Spielberg exaggerate? He didn’t show anyone getting gassed, if anything the brutality of the Holocaust was toned way down in that movie. But all because your beloved Amon Goeth was shown TO JUST YOU in a bad light, the whole movie is an exaggeration. But none of this is the most pathetic part, the FACT that you can’t answer people that call you on your bullshit with anything other than your long winded redundant balcony shit or how Goeth was never charged with murder himself. Spare me. Or how about the one where you say a supposed Holocaust survivor saw someone leave Plaszow and couldn’t fit into his clothes because he gained that much weight, as if the Nazi’s were giving their prisoners 3 course meals, and then someone asks you to name the book it was from and you conveniently don’t remember, don’t have it, whatever other bs excuse. Oh and by the way, from reading replies of others who have called you out and your responses, I don’t care what sort of stupid reply I get back, because most likely it will be a complete fabrication anyway. This is more for the people like me that stumbled onto this pathetic page by accident and find it hilarious that someone would blog for 7 years about Amon fuckin Goeth. The fact that you made a comment that you didnt like how the majority of Nazi’s involved in the Holocaust were shown as being bad people in the movie Schindler’s List tells me everything. BECAUSE THEY WERE.

    Comment by Scott — December 15, 2017 @ 10:22 pm

    • Wow !! Very funny raving from an enraged Zio-zealot. A great piece of Holo-comedy.

      Annoying damn physical world ! Always making the Holy Holo-witnesses lie…

      Comment by hermie — December 16, 2017 @ 7:36 am

      • I’ve got nothing to say to you all of you deniers say the same thing the Nazi’s did nothing wrong and the Jews are liars blah blah blah. In fact your whole world revolves around your Jew hating bullshit. I’ve seen your posts on the other blogs, the ones where furtherglory admits he tries to be impartial on this blog, but really he is a denier talking shit daily about Jews. He said he was a believer before he went to Plaszow, but apparently all it took for him to change his mind about the entire Holocaust was a fucking villa and a hill.

        Comment by Scott — December 16, 2017 @ 10:19 am

  2. Oh by the way, since I’ve read some of your other crap about how Schindler was only trying to save his was, here is an article quoting the little Jewish girl he kissed and was in trouble for and how he saved her, and other children and old people that had no real industrial experience or benefit.

    Comment by Scott — December 15, 2017 @ 8:43 pm

    • Save his ass, not was.

      Comment by Scott — December 15, 2017 @ 8:45 pm

  3. Not that this matters because you are a Goeth loving idiot, but the groom doesn’t die in Schindlers List. I’m watching the movie right now while reading this ridiculous blog. The kid that fails to clean his bathtub is not the same kid that groom’s his horse. Keep in mind you don’t even remember your lover boy being hung at the end of the movie(I’ve read the replys). As far as your idiotic opinion about this movie not being shown to kids in school, ok genius, what’s more important for kids to know.. Goeth possibly not being shown accurately(he was) or the slaughter of Jews and many others?Spielberg could’ve shown alot more (like people being gassed) and you don’t seem to comprehend that it was a movie not a documentary. So of course there’s going to be dialogue that might not be 100 percent accurate.

    Comment by Scott — December 15, 2017 @ 8:26 pm

  4. The official Jewish version of the story is obviously way off.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — December 12, 2017 @ 4:49 pm

    • You people need real help. I’m not Jewish by the way you idiot I’m a blonde haired blue eyed white American. Here’s a website I want you morons to just read and try to keep an open/unbiased mind. (Yea right) You will notice that it’s a Jewish based website but I encourage you to read it thoroughly. I figure im wasting my time because most of you are basically Nazi shitheads. But alot of these facts presented on this website are from Nazi diaries, documents in Germany etc, so you see its not Jewish lies that are presented.

      Comment by Scott — December 16, 2017 @ 4:16 pm

      • Scott

        Since you’re so unhappy here you might want to troll somewhere else.
        You are so dense you’re not even worth talking to.


        Comment by Jim Rizoli — December 16, 2017 @ 4:23 pm

        • Ya I’m so dense because I’m not brainwashed by Nazi bullshit like you are.

          Comment by Scott — December 16, 2017 @ 7:18 pm

          • Scott

            You refuse to look at any revisionist information.. videos etc…you have no knowledge of the Holohoax issue and you come here thinking that you can smart talk us. You are so stupid I’m ashamed that I even have to even address you in a comment. You have no Insight on anything about World War II the Germans and what really happened…. but you’re happy to believe your nonsense like most of the other Holohucksters that post here.
            You might want to try to start posting information that you can prove your points with but you are happy with your ad hominem attacks on people without presenting any facts and that’s one thing I can’t stand in dealing with people is when they attack and present no facts to back up what they say except the stupid information that they’ve been told by the other Holohuxsters who have done no quality research on the topic.

            Unless you can come back with something of substance I will not deal with you anymore I don’t waste my time kicking stray dog’s that come after me…
            if I did that I wouldn’t get anywhere.
            I don’t have the time to waste with imbeciles like you.

            If you are happy to believe that 6 million Jews died in homicidal gas chambers using bug spray or whatever other silly concoction they say was use good for you….In about 2 years yeah right!

            Try this to expand you horizons…
            MY YouTube videos
            J Rizoli

            If not not enjoy your coma.
            You just wasting our time here.


            Comment by Jim Rizoli — December 16, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

            • Says the guy that thinks prisoners died of natural causes when they probably weighed all of 40 or 50 pounds. You have no common sense.

              Comment by Scott — December 17, 2017 @ 1:08 pm

              • You wrote: “they probably weighed all of 40 or 50 pounds.”

                The bones in the body of a grown man would weight that much.

                Comment by furtherglory — December 17, 2017 @ 2:40 pm

                • Ya exactly skin and bones. That’s being starved to death not dying by “natural causes”.

                  Comment by Scott — December 17, 2017 @ 6:06 pm

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