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December 26, 2017

News article about Theresienstadt gets it all wrong

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You can read a recent news article about Theresienstadt at

You can read what I have written about Theresienstadt on my website at

The following quote is from my website:

Begin quote

Americans normally think of a “ghetto” as a section of a large city that is a rundown, dilapidated, rat-infested slum inhabited by one ethnic group that has been forced to live there because of discrimination or institutionalized racism. In former times in Europe, “ghetto” was the term for a walled section of a city where the Jews were forced, according to the laws of the city, to live separately from the Christians. Because of over-crowding and isolation, these ghettos usually turned into slums. So when the Germans turned the town of Theresienstadt into a Jewish ghetto in November 1941, this was not by any means a Nazi innovation. Even before the word ghetto came into use, and long before the Nazis came upon the scene, the Jews were eventually segregated into a ghetto in almost every city where they settled. Usually they were already living in a separate part of the city, known as the Jewish quarter. These segregated quarters became ghettos only after walls were erected, a curfew for the Jews was established, and the Jews were forced to wear distinctive clothing to instantly identify themselves to non-Jews.

The word “ghetto” derives from the name of an area of the city of Venice where the city’s foundries were located. In the Venetian dialect, a foundry was known as a “geto” which meant a workshop or a factory. The word “geto” was derived from the verb “gettare” which means “to cast” as in to cast iron in a foundry.

End quote from my website

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  1. This is just part of the ongoing effort to rationalize anything that contradicts the cleverly fabricated image of horror. A few months ago I came across another article explaining away inconvenient facts. The article was in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency by Cnaan Liphshitz and was titled “In Holland the Nazis built a luxury camp to lull the Jews before murdering them”. Similar excuses are put forth for the fact that the (ICRC) International Committee of the Red Cross never saw any signs of brutality let alone extermination facilities.

    Comment by John mortl — December 29, 2017 @ 1:33 pm

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