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December 29, 2017

How did Anne Frank die?

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The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote from news article:

Through her famous diary, Anne Frank has become one of the most well known voices of the atrocities of the Holocaust. The diary was written while Frank was hiding in Amsterdam, but she ultimately died in the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. While her diary shed light upon much of her life, the reason for her death remains a mystery.

Someone must have reported her, but who ultimately made the anonymous phone call that led to the capture and execution of Anne Frank and her family?

End quote

Anne Frank was not executed, as this news article claims. Anne and her older sister, Margot, both died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen camp shortly before the liberation of the camp.

A tombstone for Anne and Margo has been placed at the site of the former camp, but Anne and her sister are actually buried in one of the mass graves. No one knows the exact location of their remains. In the background of the photo below is one of the mass graves.

My photo of the stone in honor of Anne Frank at Bergen-Belsen


  1. As you wrote, Anne Frank was not executed – not by bullets or not by gas.
    Apparently Anne wasn’t gassed or fumigated at all, as she died after contracting typhus.
    Some people still seem to believe that there was gas chambers at Bergen-Belsen. After all, Moshe Peer was gassed at six times.
    She was treated at the Birkenau infirmary (and not gassed as some would assume because she was a sick prisoner) because of some infection.
    Wikipedia says she was “infected by scabies”.
    She was transferred to Bergen-Belsen which was already overcrowded and falling apart in every way.
    She died because the Allied forces had bombed the German supply lines and there wasn’t enough medical supplies or food. Not even for the SS troops.
    If she would have survived til the liberation, she would have been gassed/fumigated by the Allied forces like many others to get rid of the diseases like typhus.

    Comment by Mikael — December 30, 2017 @ 7:36 am

  2. Hey. Instead of talking about Annie,how about a bigger travesty ? I see where they said ,”Groning must serve his sentence”. I’m sorry,but that’s piss ignorant. The man was a bean counter for cryin out loud . That would be like holding Al Capones accountant accountable for all the hits he ordered. We ain’t even that big of assholes towards people that are knocking on deaths door,in our justice system. So what. He kept the books on all the scratch the inmates had when they arrived. I hardly see how that even makes the man an accessory.

    Comment by Tim — December 30, 2017 @ 1:49 am

  3. Clearly the other headstone marking the mass grave,is not as important as Anne’s . Well Anne’s is Hollywood compared to the other one. The other one is ghetto. “Ghetto” as in the Bronx. Not Jew ghetto.

    Comment by Tim — December 30, 2017 @ 1:34 am

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