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December 31, 2017

Roma and Sinti victims in the Holocaust

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You can read about the Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust in this news article:

I wrote about the Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust on my website at

A permanent exhibition entitled “The National Socialist Genocide of the Sinti and Roma” is shown in the main western building of the SS workshops in the former Industrial Yard, outside the former prison enclosure at Sachsenhausen.

The building was constructed in 1937-38 and was converted into museum space in 2001. A sign at the entrance to the Sachsenhausen Memorial site directs visitors to the left where a road leads through the Industrial Yard to the Museum.

The exhibits in the Sinti and Roma Museum consist of photographs and text which tell the history of the Nazi genocide of the Gypsies.

All of the text is in the German language with no translations into other languages. When I visited the display, there were no artifacts, only photographs on large display boards, such as the one shown below.

photo of Gypsy girl who was put into Nazi camp

One of the displays at Sachsenhausen tells about the Gypsies who were transported from Westerbork, a transit camp in the Netherlands, to Auschwitz on May 19, 1944. The photograph above shows a photo from the display which features a girl who is sometimes erroneously identified as being a Jewish girl from Poland.

The girl in the picture is not Jewish, but rather a Gypsy girl named Settela Steinbach, who was on a transport to Auschwitz.


One of my old blog posts, that is one of my best

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This old blog post is about Primo Levi, a famous Holocaust survivor who wrote about what happened to him when he was a prisoner of the Germans.

Oskar Groening is back in the news!

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Oskar Groening

Poor Oskar looks to old to go to jail.

You can read about Oskar in this 12/31/2017 news article:

Begin Quote from news article:

He came to attention in 2005 after giving interviews about his work in the camp in an attempt to persuade Holocaust deniers that the genocide had taken place.

End Quote

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