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January 10, 2018

possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia…

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Latest update: There was no collusion with Russia.

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Oh no! Say it isn’t so! Would The Donald really conclude with the Russians to rig the election?

This recent news article has some interesting information:

Begin quote from news article:

WASHINGTON — By the time the FBI sat down in September 2016 for a full interview with the ex-British spy who had been researching Donald Trump’s Russia connections, the bureau had already received information raising concerns about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to a transcript made public Tuesday.

Glenn Simpson, a former newspaper reporter and the founder of a research firm called Fusion GPS, spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee for more than 10 hours in August about his research into Trump, and on Tuesday more than 300 pages of his testimony were released by the committee’s ranking Democrat, Dianne Feinstein of California.

Simpson told the committee that his associate, the former British intelligence operative Christopher Steele, sat down for a “full debriefing” with an FBI contact in Rome in September 2016. During the debriefing, Steele shared information from his Russian sources, who said Trump had been coordinating with the Russian election-interference campaign of hacking and leaking.

End quote

So that’s what happened! I went to bed on the night of the election when Hillary was 3 million votes ahead. I awoke the next morning to find that Trump had won the election. How much did Trump have to pay the Russians for his victory over Hillary? It doesn’t matter. Trump has enough money to do anything that he wants to do.


  1. Comment by hermie — January 11, 2018 @ 12:31 am

  2. The words “rig the election” is a tautology.

    Comment by hermie — January 10, 2018 @ 9:58 pm

  3. Who stated that she was leading with 3 million votes? There is a proven conspiracy by the Deepstate to get Killary elected. Comey et al. will go to prison.
    Why would you then believe such a statement?

    Russians hacked voter machines not connected to the internet?
    World class hacker and anti-virus software founder John McAffe says it cannot be done, that Russia didn’t do it.
    Rigged gallups in favor of Killary, democrat commisars admitting on hidden camera that they are shipping people around in busses for voting multiple times. Obama in an interview stating that illegals can vote.

    Russia gate is a hoax according to former deputy secretary of Treasury

    The reason the deep state could not hack the election in favor of Killary was because Trump the Great really won with a landslide and there were patriots within DHS, CIA, etc.
    At least one voting official was reported to have refused to connect the voting machine to be accessed by DHS.

    The followers of the criminal religion aka “Jews” own the Media (96% according to Prof. Johan Galtung) and have been bashing Trump from day 1.

    Why? Because Trump cannot be controlled.

    “Jews” don’t like Trump and Trump knows Israel did JFK (- released docs). He knows they did 911, the USS Liberty.
    There is a war between Jews and Non-Jews in the White House

    Trump is aware of who is Israel first

    Trump is now cutting off the feets and the hands of the Jewish mafia. Podesta and many high level pedophiles in Gitmo

    Check also Robert David Steele

    Comment by Lasse Karagiannis — January 10, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

  4. FG

    If anyone “rigged” the election it was the Democrats!
    Like I said before, Trump was ahead by almost 2 million votes late that night and then he wins, and believe it or not loses the popular vote by two million. How can that be?
    The Democrats wanted a recount in Michigan and when they started there was so much voter fraud in the Hilliary camp that they stopped doing the recount which was going in Trumps favor. Nothing wrong with that picture….LOL
    The deeper you look into this the more you will see the Democrats were the bad guys.
    Oh, by the way FG, those lovable Democrats will be the first one to take down your websites/blogs etc and jail you for HoloHoax denial….with friends like these who needs enemies. Let’s not forget Hilliary’s medical plan would have restricted medical care for Americans over 55….What a nice psychopath she is, she was all for us older folks….LOL


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — January 10, 2018 @ 12:49 pm

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