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January 20, 2018

President Donald Trump has way surpassed Richard Nixon in evil deeds, and in the danger he presents to democracy….

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The title of my blog post today is a quote from this news article:

The news article starts off with this quote:

Begin quote

Donald Trump has been a nightmare, and as the Robert Mueller investigation moves forward, the nation is endangered by the unpredictability of the 45th President, and the refusal of his party to face its responsibility to the nation at large.

We are in a constitutional and foreign policy crisis far greater than even Richard Nixon presented us 45 years ago. The most unpopular President in his first year in office since public opinion polls began 80 years ago, Donald Trump, the popular vote loser by a massive margin of nearly 3 million votes, governs outside of the party structure much of the time, and displays clear authoritarian leanings that endanger all Americans and their basic freedoms and national security. That includes the one third of the nation which adores him.

To try to summarize the damage Donald Trump has done cannot easily be accomplished in one essay, but as best as this author can do, here is an attempt, with the understanding that so much that is detrimental has occurred that even seasoned journalists have trouble keeping up with it all.

Donald Trump has undermined the judicial branch with his attacks on federal judges and his selection of incompetent and unqualified nominees for lifetime positions on the district and circuit courts.


Donald Trump has assaulted the Bill of Rights and is a threat to the civil liberties and civil rights of African Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans, women, gay and transgender Americans, and to members of the news media who dare to investigate and question his white supremacist, nativist, racist, and misogynistic utterances and policies.

Calling the free press “the enemy of the American people” puts him in league with dictators and authoritarians in nations like Russia, China, Turkey, Egypt, and the Philippines and in the tradition of such past regimes as Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Soviet Union.

End quote


  1. I’m still trying to figure out how to post pics here….

    Email me or post here

    Comment by Jim Rizoli — January 21, 2018 @ 11:00 am

  2. Whoever the heroes are it’s just the opposite…. Heroes are villainous and the villains are the good guys.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — January 21, 2018 @ 10:53 am

  3. Here’s an ABC report on the NYPD raid last week on Newsweek. it escape you that Newsweek was raided last. And here’s the reason why after reading the ABC report on the raid you’re left scratching your head. The MSM’s reporting on Trump has been 99.9% wrong since before his election. A soft coup d’etat has been going on in which the MSM has been complicit. People who read the old standy weeklies like Time and Newsweek are being propagandized to hate the president. I didn’t vote for Trump, but it’s becoming plainr than ever to that see he’s the victim of unfounded, deceptive and illegal smear campaigns which may be exposed soon. That said, I suspect he’s owned by the Chabad Lubavitch mafia with whom he got into bed to build his failed Atlantic City casino-hotel.

    Comment by who dares wings — January 21, 2018 @ 8:31 am

  4. Anyone who actually believes that Trump is pro-white or gives a damn about anything other what the jew furnishes him next is clueless.

    Trump will be the antisemitism Hammer. Mark my words. When the crime is codified, Trump will be the ring-leader who pushes the hardest for Holocaust Laws. Within 2 years.

    Comment by BMan — January 21, 2018 @ 3:34 am

    • You’re right. Already very clear. A repugnant full-time Shabbos goy.

      Jew-Raus-Salem, capital of my ass…

      Comment by hermie — January 21, 2018 @ 6:45 am

    • You wrote: “When the crime is codified, Trump will be the ring-leader who pushes the hardest for Holocaust Laws. Within 2 years.”

      When Holocaust laws are passed in America, what will we be required to believe? Is there a book that you could recommend so that I can study what I will be required to believe?

      Comment by furtherglory — January 21, 2018 @ 10:22 am

      • Any official Jewish version of the Holohoax site will give you their views on the Holohoax….
        Like this one below ….I’m sure they will not all be 100% the same but then again when it comes to the Holohoax, a variety of fiction makes for good reading….


        Comment by Jim Rizoli — January 21, 2018 @ 10:50 am

      • What you believe isn’t near as important as what you say or write out loud.

        Comment by BMan — January 21, 2018 @ 1:44 pm

  5. “the free press”… Lol !!!

    Comment by hermie — January 20, 2018 @ 10:15 pm

  6. What next? Honor the darkies in the nfl? F—k them. I lost good people in Nam. Couple months after being in country,we wised up and realized it was BS. Even though we were stuck in a BS,f—ked up situation,we never once shit on the flag. If we’re gonna talk about criminals,let’s talk about Barry . Have you forgotten one of circle jerk pals was that piece of shit Bill Ayers? That cocksucker is a home grown terrorist . Barry had ties to him. So how did he get cleared for security to be president. I’m so damn sick of people crying about Trump. He was elected. Get over it. That’s why we can’t move forward . People too busy crying. You wanna write something. Write something about that darkie bitch Maxine Waters. She threatened our presidents life. I guess that don’t count anymore. If somebody would’ve taken that attitude towards Barry’s black ass,they’d be pulling Time right now.

    Comment by Tim — January 20, 2018 @ 9:55 pm

  7. Like things around here when dealing with HoloHoax issues was the topic at hand…

    So here is a change of pace….Something you don’t see every day….An Honorable Jew defending two Holocuast Revisionist at a City Council meeting.

    Not many Jews would go to bat for a Holocaust Revisionist never mind two of them. Kudos to Henry!

    Comment by Jim Rizoli — January 20, 2018 @ 4:25 pm

  8. This is the type of hysteria that can be expected from a rag like Newsweek. No doubt the editors at Newsweek would consider the tyrant Lincoln a great President although he committed numerous unconstitutional acts and waged war on some of the states – the very definition of treason as stated in the Constitution.

    Comment by S. Lambert — January 20, 2018 @ 3:29 pm

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