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February 1, 2018

Should there be a Holocaust forgetting day?

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There are many days of Holocaust remembrance when everyone must remember the Holocaust. But can we ever have one day in which we completely forget the Holocaust?

Can Germany ever be forgiven for killing Jews?

You can read about Holocaust Remembrance here:,7340,L-5079151,00.html

The following quote is from the article cited above:

UN marks Holocaust Remembrance Day
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres: ‘Holocaust did not occur in a vacuum,’ during speech on Holocaust, anti-Semitism; Danny Danon denounced UN Human Rights Council’s report that calls for settlement boycott; Eva Lavi, youngest Schindler’s List survivor, spoke.
End quote
Can the German people ever be forgiven for killing Jews?
I don’t think so. Long after you and I are dead, there will still be many days of Holocaust remembrance.