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February 2, 2018

Alison Chabloz is accused of posting an antisemitic song online

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You can read all about it in this recent news article:

Begin quote from news article cited above:

A blogger sang along with her songs that describe Auschwitz as a theme park and the Holocaust as the “Holohoax” as she faced trial today for broadcasting antisemitic material.

Alison Chabloz, who calls herself a “Holocaust revisionist”, mocked Anne Frank and Holocaust survivors including a Nobel prizewinner in songs she first performed at an upmarket London hotel before uploading them to the internet.

She questioned whether the Holocaust took place and described the most notorious concentration camp run by the Nazis as a “theme park for fools”.

Ms Chabloz, 53, mouthed along in the dock when a video was shown to Westminster magistrates’ court, as her supporters in the packed public gallery laughed and applauded.

End quote

The moral of this story is “Don’t make fun of the Holocaust.”

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  1. Old news….

    Her trial has been moved a few months up because the night before trial as she said, she got sick from eating seafood.
    So we have two women in Europe who have dared to question the HolyCost.
    Monika Schaefer is the other one who is now in jail in Germany.
    The fact that the Jews allow this to happen shows how they are losing the battle because the only thing they can do now is make laws that put you in jail for questioning the HoloHoax. If they were telling the truth they wouldn’t have to do this because the truth stands on its own merits but lies are easily exposed and thats what the Jews are protecting, their lies.
    Jews are despicable people and have no shame, especially when promoting their HoloHoax lies.
    I would bet that even if their HolyHoax was proven to be a lie and they knew it, they would still believe it.
    Here is a good exampe of it with the Rosenblats who lied their way into millions of peoples hearts when on the Oprah Winfrey show some time ago. Even knowing he was lying he still believed it…it’s called cognitive dissonance.


    Comment by Jim Rizoli — February 2, 2018 @ 1:59 pm

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