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February 9, 2018

Did the prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps have toilet paper?

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In the comments section of my blog, someone asked if the prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps had toilet paper to wipe their ass after shitting.

Good question. I know the answer to this question. When I went to visit the location of the former Majdanek concentration camp, there were signs that pointed to the toilets, which were claimed to have been there when the camp was filled with prisoners.

Dome at Majdanek camp

After I visited the former Majanek camp, I wrote the following on my website:

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Also to the left, as you face the dome, is the very inappropriate location of the toilets, which are underground but have air vents sticking up, that look like some weird sculpture. The first thing that the tour guides explain to Americans is the toilet etiquette in Poland. In many places, including the camp at Majdanek, one must pay the attendant on duty to use the toilets. Bring your own toilet paper because there is usually none available, even though the charges are supposed to pay for the cost of the paper. The toilets are for both sexes and there is no door on the men’s facility. When I visited the camp, the toilets were unbelievably filthy, just like at the Auschwitz II camp at Birkenau.

The photograph above shows the Mausoleum. To the right of it is located the reconstructed crematorium building. Standing on this spot, you have a panoramic view of the camp below you. Behind the Mausoleum are new modern apartment houses, their balconies painted red, yellow and blue, resembling buildings made with children’s colorful building blocks.

As you are standing in front of the Mausoleum facing the camp area, to the left there are more apartment buildings in the city of Lublin. To the right, as you face the camp area, is Lublin’s main Catholic cemetery which borders the camp; this cemetery was being used when the concentration camp was in operation.

There are noisy black crows flying overhead, which the tour guide says are always present here, as if to give further warning to visitors.

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